Looking to hit the pool? The clothes and equipment you need

Looking to hit the pool? The clothes and equipment you need

11 December 2018

When you’ve been working on that summer body all year around it’s vital that you have the clothes and equipment to match. Whether you’re about to embark on a holiday of relaxation or you’re looking to purchase all the correct equipment for a fitness retreat in the sun, this guide will give you the low down on all those essential items that will help you feel amazing this summer. From swimming trunks to goggles, you’ll have everything you need to complete your fitness adventure.


A good pair of swimming shorts or a one-piece

It’s important that before you embark on a holiday that will involve a lot of swimming and poolside activity that you have all the correct swimming equipment you need to feel good and exercise at your best. There’s no use turning up in those speedos that you used to wear in the 80s, just as there’s no need to bring out those surfer board shorts you’ve been hiding.

For the men out there, purchase a pair of lightweight swimming shorts that fit well and have a drawstring and internal netting to help ensure everything stays where it should be. Many reputable sports brands stock a selection of swimming shorts perfect for a Fitness Retreat and other specialist boot camps abroad. Their lightweight nature means that they are suited to water activity like swimming or aerobics and dry quick enough to allow you to take part in activities like running, cycling and more.

For the ladies, it’s a good idea to invest in a solid one piece for your holiday. Not only will you be like a streamlined dolphin in your lane, but you’ll also look like you know what you’re doing too. A well-fitted one piece can do wonders for your figure and enable you to feel confident during exercise activity without the worry of bikini straps coming loose and revealing all, in true Carry On fashion.


Goggles are Important

Although swimming goggles make the best of us look like an insect, they are great for protecting our eyes while underwater from chlorine. Spending a lot of time in the pool can mean our eyes are susceptible to chlorine contamination causing tired, stinging eyes as well as eye strain. In addition to the health benefits involved they also allow you to see underwater, meaning that you can take part in the underwater swimming activities that involve collecting items from the floor. Visit your local sportswear store today and find a pair of goggles that are the correct size for you. On a side note, we’re referring to eye goggles, not the scuba goggles and flippers sets that are sometimes available on the market.

The perfect thing about the swimming pool is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to ensure that you’re ready and able to exercise. Once you’ve got your swimming costume and your sporty goggles, you’re more than ready to take part in the amazing activities laid out by Prestige Boot Camp.