Boot Camp Reviews & Testimonials


  • 1st class in every way..................

    I am just home from my one week bootcamp in Portugal. I have to say I feel like a different person! It is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but at the same time one of the most amazing things too. The team who consisted of Staff W, Staff K and the owners, Ian and Frankie, are absolutely brilliant. They really understand how to motivate and get the best out of you, push you when they think you still have more to give and generally really help you get 100% out of every day you are there. The food is amazing, I was never hungry once, a huge thanks to the amazing chef. The Villas were stunning with beautiful views, pools, chill areas. I could go on and on but I think the thing that stands out the most is the chats with the owners and PTs - they really do understand life gets in the way sometimes of good intentions of eating well, exercising enough etc but they don't patronise they just give you tips on how to pick yourself up and get back on it. I would recommend these guys in a heartbeat, if you need some help getting healthy and fit and dropping some weight too don'l look any further!!! Thanks again to Team Prestige - you are awesome!!*

    1 October 2018     Donna Hardy
  • Second time at the Portugal camp and I…

    Second time at the Portugal camp and I have come back, lighter, fitter, healthier and most importantly happier. The team are amazing, so supportive and the venue is amazing! I will be back!*

    1 October 2018     Kirsty McColl
  • In the words of Nike, Just Do It!

    I've thought of going on a boot camp for years but like most of us, always found an excuse. I finally took the plunge and it was the best decision of my life. The week spent in Portugal was the most challenging of my life, physically and mentally but just proves that anything is possible. The structure of the week was fantastic, the staff were super friendly, supportive and enthusiastic throughout and the food was just amazing! You have to be in the right mindset when arriving for your boot camp as this will promote the best results possible. Self-application is the most important factor, if you don't push yourself, you will be disappointed with your outcomes. I gave 100% throughout and yes, there were times that I wanted to give up, but I didn't. I plugged away and my word it was worth it in the end. To sum up, in 5 days, I lost 17lbs (7.7kg) and 12.5 inches from my body. Anything is possible if you push yourself!*

    1 October 2018     Oliver Beeston
  • A great way to reset yourself in just a week.

    Feeling rather ‘blurgh’ following weeks of living life rather too freely, I wanted to get into clothes that didn’t fit in anymore, and also feel better about myself in general. So it was with trepidation that I drove to the darkest depths of Wales in July 2018 for a week long fitness bootcamp. I need not have worried. It was such a warm welcome, making friends instantly. We are all in touch still, motivating each other on. The ‘staff’ were amazingly encouraging, helping you motivate yourself so that you get as much as you can out of the week. Staff W led the group for the week so professionally, he was approachable and hugely motivational from beginning to end. He was backed up by Staff F. Always on the lookout for when you are not giving 100% – he would be there to push you that little bit further. Chef Jay – incredible food. No it’s not just salad leaves and celery. Of course you eat less but as you eat regularly you don’t feel like you are starving yourself. You start to appreciate the little things and realise you don’t need so much fuel to keep you going in everyday life. His creations were mind boggling and I try and recreate them in my own kitchen – with some success, some not so much. If you are reading this review for the numbers well I lost 11.5lbs and 10 inches in the week. High 5 to Staff W and F. A month on and I still feel good and haven’t fallen off the wagon. I continue to do circuits and walking in London to keep things going. Thank you for a hilarious and memorable week.*

    22 August 2018     Georgiana Cecil
  • I couldn’t rate Prestige Boot Camp more…

    I couldn’t rate Prestige Boot Camp more highly. I arrived with three goals, to kickstart getting back into shape, to leave injury free and to rediscover my exercise Mojo. I achieved all three and heaps more including 11 new friends, my Bootcamp Buddies, an ecclectic group of fabulous men & women from around the world. The staff team were brilliant, magnificently led my the awesome Staff W. He lifted our spirits as well as our fitness and always went the extra mile - and not just up the Welsh hills! The food was delicious and painstakingly prepared and the accommodation was fabulous. Thank you for an exhilarating and exhausting week!*

    16 August 2018     Alison Baum
  • Wales bootcamp.

    I’ve recently returned from the Wales camp. What a fantastic week, beautiful venue & accommodation, helped massively by the fabulous weather we were lucky enough to have whilst we were there. Staff W & F as always, were hugely motivational & supportive and put together a week of varied activities that challenged & entertained us in equal measure. They always seem to know when to push you & when you perhaps need to drop back & recover. The food was delicious & I’ve tried a few of the recipes since returning. I didn’t go with the primary intention of losing weight but badly needed a mind & body reset after a few very busy & disruptive months at work. The added bonus on the last mornings weights & measures was a 12.5lb weight loss! I’ve been to a number of boot camps over the last few years & this was by far one of the best. The venue, staff, food & also fantastic fellow campers made it a week to remember.*

    15 August 2018     Sarah Turner
  • Outstanding Week

    Just come back from an incredible week at Prestige Camp in Wales. This location is stunning and the perfect location for a week of intense and fun and varied work out. The Chef is excellent and the food is delicious and the vegetarian offerings fabulous. Accommodation super comfortable . The group was supportive and we all had great fun and plenty laughs during the week . Staff W , alongside Staff K did an outstanding job in helping each person achieve their own personal best - there is no element of competition here. It’s about being the best you can be .. I was very happy at the weight and inch loss results at the end of the week. Don’t hesitate to book Prestige if you want to work hard, have fun with great people , eat well and achieve great results . Thank you Prestige, see you in November.*

    14 August 2018     davina rudie
  • I attended the Wales bootcamp in July…

    I attended the Wales bootcamp in July of this year and would highly recommend it. The venue was gorgeous, people lovely and the food was delicious. It was hard work and very challenging but if you put in the effort you will get results. I lost 12.5 pounds in a week and have continued to lose weight since I left. Staff W was so professional and encouraging. He really takes pride in what he does and couldn’t be more helpful. When he gave me my results at the end of the week I felt he was almost as happy as I was and it really showed how invested he is in everyone’s journey. Staff F really pushed me and kept me going when all I wanted to do was give up. One thing that would be beneficial would be a wider mix of activities. Maybe adding in some yoga or mindfulness. All in all it was a great week that really reprogrammed my attitude to food and exercise. I am now determined to change my lifestyle abs will definitely be back.*

    13 August 2018     Aoife Horgan
  • Fun week with great results

    Great week to get away from it all and do something for your well-being. Very very hard work (be ready for some serious muscle aches) but very effective (I lost 10 pounds in one week and fit all my clothes again!) The whole week was extremely fun, full of jokes, great conversations and mutual support. What really made it for me though was the staff - in particular Staff W. I've been to a few bootcamps and this was definitely the best instructor I have ever had - very knowledgeable, extremely enthusiastic, able to make the sessions fun as well as effective, and providing superb support when we had our down moments. And his cheesy music list is epic! I highly recommend this bootcamp over others i have attended. Note: the wales venue is lovely but the walls are made of plaster, so ask for a room away from dining & TV area if you're a light sleeper.*

    13 August 2018     Anna F.
  • My niece persuaded me to do this…

    My niece persuaded me to do this bootcamp under duress !!!! I hve to say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and will def do again . Went recently to Wales (lots of hills ) *

    12 August 2018     Jo
  • A wonderful week just for you...

    Fabulous food, exercise, beach, views, sunshine, massages, a guaranteed bunch of interesting people to share it with (maybe even some new friends!) and lots of laughter along the way. Thanks to the amazing prestige staff who made it so enjoyable - yes even all the exercise - I can’t imagine how you could not go back fitter, healthier and happier than when you arrived I know I certainly did :-)*

    22 May 2018     Kate Crowley
  • Absolutly amazing.

    Attended the camp in Portugal in May 2018. At 31 years old, running my own business has made me put my health and fitness to the bottom of the priory list for many years. Food is first class and was not hungry once. The location in Lagos is perfect and the walks along the cliff tops are moments you will always remember. All the staff were amazing and inspired me to push way beyond what I thought was possible. My fitnesss in only 6 days went through the roof and now faster and stronger than I have been for years. At the camp you learn your body can do so much more than you think is possible. I came back 9 lbs lighter, feeling 10 years younger. I cannot recommend this company enough. It is crazy to think a week at prestige boot camp can transform your fitness & body composition so much. To top it off, met a great bunch of people and already planning my return visit.*

    19 May 2018     Andrew Woods
  • Portugal Bootcamp

    I had a really great experience at the Prestige Bootcamp in Portugal! The staff were fantastic and constantly enthusiastic, Bridget was amazing and catered generously to everyone's needs and the chef produced delicious and exciting food. The accommodation was perfectly fine, although there was a bit of a sewage smell coming from the bathroom - ultimately, however, you spend most of your time outdoors exercising so the rooms really are only there for sleeping (of which you will do a lot!). The only minor fault I can think of is the quality of the equipment which was looking a bit shabby, but this made no difference to the exercise or fitness experience. Overall, it was a great week which produced amazing results and I would certainly return!*

    16 April 2018     Anonymous
  • I enjoyed the break

    I enjoyed the break. I would have preferred more classes and less walking so there was more variety, however it was still very enjoyable.*

    10 April 2018     Sonya Willman
  • Marvellous results of increased self belief and physicality

    1. Excellent hosting and beautiful location (beach and cliffs) 2. Clear daily activity schedule and every encouragement to participate 3. Marvellous results of increased self belief and physicality 4. Accessible and not too expensive. Sadly my arrival time was a very reasonable 8:40 a.m. but I still had to pay for a private transfer costing 70 Euros. 5. Tasty quality food with increased quantity at my request. My intolerances were catered for. One negative was some of the food in the first half of the week was served came out luke warm or cold in places when it should have been piping hot.*

    10 April 2018     Dr Stephen Warren
  • Amazingly positive experience

    Amazingly positive experience , though some of the exercise not very accessible for a 55 year old moderately obese lady. (Burpees)!! to mention just one of them. Good results losing over 14 pounds in two weeks, or to be precise 12 days. Staff are committed to making this experience work for individuals as well as the group. A great bunch of people and some truly inspirational guests too. Food - its very good - varied and full of flavour; my one complaint would be too much of it was served cold or lukewarm , when you are reducing your calorie intake so much, it really helps if what food you do have is hot and provides some much needed comfort, especially the evening meal, I would say.*

    10 April 2018     Mrs Trudy Warren
  • I have been to Prestige Boot camp…

    I have been to Prestige Boot camp several times in different locations. The locations are always great, with excellent accommodation. But best of all are the staff, the chef is fantastic with everything presented beautifully, and the trainers are fab, all having served in the services, with PT and rehabilitation backgrounds. They are highly motivational, but adapt to meet all of the needs of the group, so everyone can achieve their full potential. Wouldn't use any other boot camp Carla Gregory*

    9 April 2018     Carla Gregoru
  • Great fun and great results

    Great fun and great results*

    9 April 2018     Kevin B
  • This was the best experience having…

    This was the best experience having never booked into a boot camp before, my sister's and I had our reservations, but emailing Kate and her responses soon put us at ease. The week just flew by and before we knew it we were on a flight back home. The PTs Staff W and Staff D were excellent always pushing us that little bit with every session to get the most out of the session. Jo was super organised with the booking of massages etc. The only disappointment was that when booking it was never advertised that the week winds down on friday afternoon. We had booked our flight home for Saturday evening hoping to get the most out of the week, but then were told mid week that the camp affectively ends on friday afternoon and that we need to check out of the villa at 10am on Saturday morning, with nowhere to leave our luggage we had no choice but to take the free transfer to the airport at 10am and sit around there the whole day.*

    9 April 2018     BP
  • Awesome week

    Awesome week! This was my first bootcamp ever - definitely not my last one with Prestige :)*

    8 April 2018     sabrina
  • Twice with Prestige, finally a review!

    I have been with Prestige twice - in Portugal and UK - and enjoyed both times. My only criticism would be is that they don’t pay enough attention to friction between individuals. As an older participant this is more common as there are fewer of us oldies and therefore us oldies are thrown together more than the younger members. There is a lot of partner exercising and, let’s face it, what 20 year-old wants to be paired with a 60 year-old. In Portugal I experienced a particular hostile male participant with whom I shared a house, with no support from Prestige staff. And in Somerset there was a female participant who was also very negative in her attitude, yet nothing was said. And again because we were of a similar age we were thrown together. I also find it disappointing to see Prestige focussing on celebrity participants on social media. And follow-up support is non-existent. I sent an email after my first experience and never received a reply. Anyway, as I said, my overall experience was positive but not sure I would participate again. Particularly in light of some of the recent posts I have seen on social media. Which is what has prompted me to write this review.*

    6 April 2018     Louise Jordan
  • the team is perfect they know exactly…

    the team is perfect they know exactly what they are doing and the food as well, weather was not great the facilities is not great in term of and house keeping, there is no gym*

    2 April 2018     Hazem Zayed
  • Two weeks that brought me back to me!

    I booked for two weeks of Bootcamp as I was so unfit and wanted to not just start to feel fitter but to really believe it! They did exactly what they said they would “on the tin”. Yes it was extremely challenging and at first I struggled to not compare myself with others but the trainers are amazing. They push you just the right amount to get that little bit extra from you. Their skill, patience and humour are what got me through. Staff F, Staff W, Jo and Brigette work very hard to make each session different as well as challenging. The two chef’s cooked some amazing food and I really appreciated the chance to sit and have an “audience” with the chef to discuss all manner of healthy food choices, prep etc. The weather may of not been the best but it truly didn’t matter. I am so pleased with the results I shall be returning in September this year. Join me?*

    27 March 2018     Amanda O'Farrell
  • the staff was very friendly and…

    the staff was very friendly and competent. For me it's the only "negative thing" is that there was too much walking and running and not enough fitness exercise. The food was very good too.*

    14 March 2018     Virginie Gerhard
  • Simply Brilliant

    Simply Brilliant Everything from the transfers, the accommodation, the food and the trainers was impeccable. I have been with Prestige a number of times before and they never fail to exceed expectations. The staff are utterly brilliant, keen to educate and inspire. The food was divine, every mouthful lovingly created by the chef, tasty and nutritious meals. Just one small negative - the boxing pads and gloves have seen better days and could do with being replaced.*

    12 March 2018     Jacqui Millbank
  • Portugal 24feb-3rd March

    I had a fantastic week. The team was awesome! It was definitely hard work, and we were all pushed to the limit (literally!). I couldnt have wished for better trainers than Staff W and Staff F. They are tough, focused, attentive, kind, humorous, beautiful hearted, fun to be around. They understood our potential and pushed us to fulfil it. I can’t not mention the beautiful always-smiling Jo and Chef... the food was yummmmy.... The week had a major impact on me not only physically but also mentally... what an awesome week, bootcamp has a totally different meaning to me now. Dare i say i miss Staff F shouting at me *

    11 March 2018     Nisrin
  • Just book it!

    I think of this as a "wellness week" rather than a bootcamp that can evoke negative connotations. The team at Prestige are top of their game in instigating change to both your body & mind. They are there to support and encourage you throughout a challenging week, helping you uncover strengths and stamina you thought impossible. You are in luxury surroundings, with great people and amazing food. The learnings of how to work hard and achieve your goals, making this sustainable back home are priceless. If you are considering it, Just book! You will not regret it! I attended Portugal with my 7 month old baby in tow, the team were more supportive and accommodating than I could have imagined. They made the week transformational and enjoyable, helping me uncover that piece of me I had lost in the new mum exhausted haze. Thanks guys and see you in London soon! ❤️*

    8 March 2018     Jill
  • Just Do It!!!

    The most challenging week, mentally and physically but the most amazing experience of my life. These guys truly know what they are doing and are exactly what a boot camp should be. Pushed to your max but supported the whole way! Every challenge is supported and every success is celebrated by the entire Prestige team! It encompasses the whole package of eating and moving! Food is amazing and the sessions are hard but a lot of fun too!! Added bonus is the gorgeous location in Portugal!! I couldn't recommend it more!!*

    5 March 2018     Ailbhe Kelly
  • Tough but fun - you leave feeling great!

    I just attended a great 2 day bootcamp in Hyde Park. Saturday was cold and wet, but our instructor was fun and kept the energy high all day. I personally found Sunday really tough as was amazed how little energy I had following the first day. But again the instructor was full of motivation, keeping us going when you felt like you had nothing left with good humour and encouragement. 9 hours sleep on Sunday night showed just how exhausted I was by the end of the weekend, and that was exactly what I was wanting to get out of the weekend! I will definitely be back at some point this year and would recommend this boot camp to others.*

    14 February 2018     Zena Harris
  • Strong starts here!

    If you want to build physical and mental strength and shed a few pounds in a beautiful location - look no further than Prestige in Portugal! Fun, supportive staff, a buzzing team atmosphere and delicious nutritious food. The week is tough but empowering and leaves a lasting impression of just what your body can do! Our team are booking onto bootcamp days as we speak..*

    1 February 2018     Kate Clifford
  • What a great week

    What a great week! I highly recommend for many reasons! Great staff.. really encouraging, learnt a lot and very inspiring. Always there to listen as well as have fun. Yummy food..ok it was small but that was the point - reducing portions and knowing what your body can survive on. No caffeine, sugar and processed foods! Honestly felt so great after the week. Scenery and being near the beach was amazing. I had great results but you have to push yourself... it’s tough but worth it. If you want structure , hard work but also a place to get head space and see some great scenery then do prestige in Portugal! I needed to reboost my fitness and get back into the head space of fitness and this did it. Thanks for a great week. X*

    12 December 2017     Radhika Lamba
  • One of the greatest experineces and challenges of my life!

    For personal reasons, I almost didn't get on the plane to Faro. Had I not gone to Prestige ... hand on heart I know it would have been one of the greatest missed experiences of my life. The staff are smart and super organised, with boundless energy to ensure each one of us pushed ourselves and reached our goals - always through good humour and some great playlists. The 32 of us were from different backgrounds with varying abilities, and the atmosphere and camaraderie was just wonderful. Phenomenal cusine with all recipes emailed to us before we landed home. First thing I did when I got back: Booked Prestige for next year. To the smashing staff at Prestige, thank you for helping me smash it! Happy New Year.*

    11 December 2017     Jo Amit
  • Inspiring instructors great locations …

    Inspiring instructors great locations and good food*

    10 December 2017     Myra David
  • This bootcamp really was a life …

    This bootcamp really was a life changing experience, It got me out of the rut I had fallen into & now I feel like my old self again. I had tried various diets but nothing was working, I felt unmotivated because I wasn't able to loose any weight for so long yet after just 3 days of very hard work I lost 8lbs & I've lost a further 9lbs since the bootcamp. You won't just loose weight & feel fitter, you'll learn tricks to help you loose weight forever. Whatever your fitness level is it really doesn't matter, this is something they told us on day one.. as long as you do the best you can possibly do you'll see results. Your fellow campers will help encourage you when you feel tired & you'll do the same for them. I highly recommend going if you feel like you've tried everything else & even if you just want a great experience.*

    7 December 2017     James Calmels
  • Amaizing experience!very challenging..

    Amaizing experience!very challenging... I will do it again*

    6 December 2017     Marta Gacka
  • An amazing experience

    An amazing experience, carefully crafted to push your body and mind beyond anything you thought possible. It's a gift that keeps on giving ... 2 weeks on the fitness and commitment is still there.*

    6 December 2017     Beth Rudolf
  • If you are sitting on the fence wondering - DO IT!

    I had an amazing experience on the Portugal week long bootcamp and can not recommend it enough if you are after working hard, reflection time, support and fun along the way! I felt in safe and trusted hands from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. The staff were absolutely amazing, so helpful and knowledgable, knowing when to push you and when to support you - always up beat, happy and encouraging! The week's set up was perfect it ensured that everyone got what they wanted from the week with hard sessions and lighter sessions mixed up to provide a good balance for all. The villas were perfect for what everyone needed and the food was absolutely delicious - the new chef is a keeper!! Thank you team Prestige x*

    5 December 2017     Jo
  • Awsome in everyway wiil definitely be …

    Awsome in everyway will definitely be coming again in the future*

    5 December 2017     Donna
  • Motivating and effective

    A very positive and motivating atmosphere, great fellow bootcampers and tasty healthy food. As ever an exhilartaing exhausting experience. Will be back soon!*

    3 December 2017     Nadia Danhash
  • I had such an awesome week

    I had such an awesome week. Felt great, walked miles, met smashing people and used the week to get fit ready for an international tournament. We had superb weather and made the most of the hot tub to relax in every evening. Would recommend it highly*

    2 December 2017     Dee Webb
  • Somerset bootcamp

    Great quick boost bootcamp for those short on time who still want amazing results. 3 full days of well organised, varied activities, lovely venue & great food. Highly recommend.*

    1 December 2017     Sarah Turner
  • Great results and experience

    Great results and experience. Fabulous house - nice to be able to relax in the pool after a hard days exercise! Staff were fantastic - an equal mix of supportive and challenging.*

    30 November 2017     Debs Whitehead
  • Hard but totally worth it

    Hard but totally worth it Instructors are challenging but in a good way*

    30 November 2017     Siobhan Porter
  • I'll be booking another one soon...

    Would highly recommend to anyone seeking to change their lifestyle habits. A week of intensive exercise and calorie controlled diet helped me lose 15lbs as well as kick start my want and need for change. It is an incredibly competitive environment which can boost your success if that's what you like. With a lot of return custom (because it is so great) it means there's a lot of fit individuals: my fitness levels were the worst they have ever been and a small injury meant at times that I couldn't keep up with the group, this was frustrating. If you want to introduce positive change and healthy habits, Prestige is for you. A great bunch of people all supporting each other makes this the perfect boot camp.*

    30 November 2017     Lara Sword
  • This was my third Prestige Boot Camp in …

    This was my third Prestige Boot Camp in the past 12 months. I've lost 2.5 stone over the three boot camps, and made massive changes to my lifestyle to maintain. The staff are wonderful, the food is excellent and the locations are just superb. Fabulous chicken soup for the mind, body & soul. Thank you Prestige!! xx*

    30 November 2017     Tiffany Lathe
  • Good

    Better than decent, the venue, the staff, all wonderful. I felt the experience was let down by the food. Having been 3 years earlier, food was sublime, tasty, filling, just all around better than this time. But that would be the only drawback to the whole challenge.*

    30 November 2017     Angela O'Brien
  • New You mind and body every time.

    New You mind and body every time. A fantastic escape to find yourself and leave a better person in mind and body. All the Staff are so supportive, encouraging and professional. Excellent food from Chef!! Fabulous venues. Look forward to returning to Portugal in March and maybe even Somerset too for a top up later in the year of 2018. Seasons greetings to you all. H December 2017*

    30 November 2017     Hen
  • Would have given them 5 stars but for …

    Would have given them 5 stars but for the food. Fantastic trainers who encouraged you to reach your potential and beyond - I can not fault them on this front, I have never worked so hard in my life but throughly enjoyed it as well. The food could be SO much better, even though you are restricted on calories I have ben to camps where the food has still been outstanding, fresh, nutritional and looks amazing, sadly that wasn't the case here. I think that the main problem was the budget allocated for the food was obviously not enough and an uninspiring chef. We were in Portugal with an abundance of fresh fish and we had imported farmed salmon, twice in one day! We had a BBQ outside the villa which could have grilled chicken, sardines, squid etc but it was not used. Not many other local ingredients to be found on the menu either. An opportunity missed I think because it is such an important part of being able to maintain your weight loss and healthy life style.*

    30 November 2017     Louise
  • Its the Prestige Staff that make this …

    Its the Prestige Staff that make this an absolute 5* Bootcamp experience: the right motivation, the positiveness and guidance in moving forward are amazing. The personalities of the Staff bring enjoyment and laughter to every exercise session. Its 2 days travel for us to get to Prestige and absolutely worth it; I only wish we were closer so as to attend yearly or preferably, twice a year. Its a privilege to be part of the Prestige family.*

    30 November 2017     Jude from Canada
  • Awesome training and staff..

    Awesome training and staff... great food... smart kind motivating group of other campers*

    29 November 2017     Claire Jenkins
  • Simply the best

    One of the lost professional and well run Bootcamp’s I have ever had the pleasure of attending. There was a very diverse and demanding group of campers with lots of dietary requirements, which seemed to change on a daily basis, all the staff were so accommodating and patient. They also inspired, educated and motivated the entire week... encouraging you to take time to focus and to push yourself when you needed extra help. Awesome and amazing!!*

    29 November 2017     Jacqui Millbank
  • Second time at Prestige boot camp …

    Second time at Prestige boot camp inPortugal. Once again another fantastic experience, loved it loved it, loved it. Tough and challenging but so worth while. Staff very encouraging and supportive to us all as we strived for our own goals. Chef served up well presented tasty food. Thank you all so much. See you next year for my third session. Ruth 5 star excellent*

    29 November 2017     Ruth Wilson
  • Excellent

    Excellent! Loved it :)*

    29 November 2017     Sarah Indaco-patters
  • I got everything I was expecting and …

    I got everything I was expecting and more!! The venue was lovely and the staff were friendly and knowledgable. I will definitely be going again!!*

    29 November 2017     Theresa Hibbert
  • A fantastic Bootcamp experience!

    A fantastic Bootcamp! Idyllic location, excellent accommodation, coupled with an amazing team of staff. The experienced team ensured we were all kept motivated and encouraged to achieve our personal goals. The catering was superb. Informative talks, a varied exercise schedule and some fun activities filled the week. Suitable for all fitness levels. This was my second visit to the Portugal venue and I am already looking at dates to return!*

    29 November 2017     Jacqueline Reid
  • Portugal Boot Camp Experience

    I thoroughly enjoyed Boot Camp Top class coaches and an excellent emphasis on nutrition and life changing My only reservation on the week was the accommodation. The villas are very tired. Heating did not work and there was a strange smell in room. I would pay more for five star accommodation which I feel is important after some very hard days work*

    29 November 2017     Donna Nicol
  • Amazing staff & amazing locations

    Amazing staff & amazing locations. Great workouts!*

    29 November 2017     Wilson
  • Just brilliant

    Just brilliant*

    29 November 2017     Mary-anne Mcintyre
  • Outstanding

    another outstanding , fun and superb week with the Prestige Team in Portugal. This company excels in all areas . Where do I start? The accommodation and location are wonderful and just a step away from the beach. The food is delicious and feels like you are eating in a 5 star restaurant. The people this bootcamp attracts are also a great fun bunch and mainly returnees . This is down to the care, dedication, positivity and tremendously supportive and fun environment. You work at your own pace but are encouraged to push yourself to your own limits. Staff R, W, F and D with JoJo help you achieve your own body goals. This maybe my 8th or 9th camp as there cannot be anywhere better if you want to improve your health and fitness levels.. the inch and weight loss an added bonus. Thank you Prestige! you are the very best ...*

    28 November 2017     Davina Rudie
  • Prestige never ceases to amaze this couch potato!

    I feel compelled to write this review after reading what in my opinion, is a totally injust representation of Prestige Bootcamp. I think I'm well equipped to write an honest and unbiased review with this bootcamp being my 4th residential Bootcamp with Prestige. The new Somerset venue was top notch...not that you get to spend much time in the venue as you are exercising for most of the day! This to me is the whole purpose of attending a 'Bootcamp'. Funnily enough...I never found myself cold because I was running, planking and squatting my backside off for the entire 5 days! Yes, the food portions are small, but always delicious. Of course everyone jokes about the size of them, but I'm sure most people were thrilled at the end with their 6 pound (minimum in our group) weight loss. Staff W was as enthusiastic as ever. Always full of energy and a positive mindset, he encouraged the group to work hard and make the most out of the experience. In Staff R's absence, he is a great front man to have around. Staff R is definitely more of a silent excuses will get past him. He very soon caught on to the fact that I can be slightly lazy at times and definitely pushed me to my limits. A few swear words might have been directed his way! Prestige Bootcamps are so much more than just losing weight. Although you inevitably do! They change your mindset, your outlook on your body and lifestyle, your belief in your own ability. The positives really are endless. You come away walking taller, with a definite spring in your step, feeling like you can take on the world. The fact that around half of our group were return customers is testiment to how great the team at Prestige really are. In summary...if you're looking for a relaxing retreat with room service, wifi and a pillow menu, this is not the place for you. However, of you want a fitness retreat which will push you to your limits, make you achieve things you never thought possible, give you confidence and pride in your own abilities, with the added benefits of weight loss, increased fitness and a more healthy outlook...look no further than Prestige.*

    23 November 2017     Claire Louise Gedman
  • Somerset Boot Camp October 2017!!

    Having recently attended Prestige Boot camp in Somerset I can honestly say it was fantastic and the person who has written a negative comment hardly participated and just didn’t want to be there from the start! I am a 64yr old unfit, overweight lady with back & knee problems and so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to cope! Staff W & Staff F were absolutely amazing and their professionalism & experience brought out the best in everybody including me. We were a very mixed age & ability group consisting of marathon runners, serious keep fit fanatics, and people who wanted to improve fitness and become healthier. They made sure everybody was working to their full potential whilst having fun and the results showed! I was overwhelmed by what I had achieved and left feeling on top of the world! Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in me!! Denise Wilkinson xxx. Ps. Chef, the food was incredible!*

    23 November 2017     Denise Wilkinson
  • Very disappointing

    All the reviews here are good, so I'm wondering if the people who weren't too happy with the boot camp can't be bothered to write an honest average review, like someone I know. This was my first boot camp and was pretty disappointed with it. The property was nice but there was no heating so it was freezing cold. When we arrived at the property, no one of the Prestige staff introduced themselves to us or showed us around. We were left to wait with the other guests, in a cold sitting room for a couple of hours, not knowing what was going on and no-one offered us drinks or anything. Pretty bad start.... The two Prestige staff members, who wouldn't even tell us their names.... (is it a new cool thing?) Staff W and Staff F I think they were... only introduced themselves to all of us just before dinner, hours after our arrival. The food portions are tiny, so anyone will lose weight as you bearly eat at all at the boot camp. You don't need to go to the boot camp to lose weight. Just starve yourself and save money. ;) The Wi-Fi was terrible, kept coming and going, so really hard even to send emails. The Wi-Fi router was in the kitchen and Staff W and F made it very clear that we were not welcome to sit in the kitchen to use the Wi-Fi. With all the money they charge for the boot camp, you would expect a nicer and organised treatment. The cook though was very nice. Had chats with him and although the food portions were incredibly small, they were very tasty.*

    3 November 2017     Elisa Strocchi
  • Highly recommended - I'm really glad I went.

    I have just been to Prestige in Portugal - what a great experience ! A fantastic setting, sunshine virtually guaranteed ! The team are inspirational and help to change one's perspective through education and encouragement - I feel much fitter and more positive about myself and clearer about how I would like to live my life (eating nutritiously, exercising, but in a non-puritanical balanced way, embracing and enjoying those occasions when it is appropriate/inescapable to have a few drinks or slab of cake, but being conscious of the right way forward day to day). The food on the camp was delicious - just what was needed (and no more!!). The runs and routines were very varied and made fun by all the Staff - a proper work-out! All my fellow 'bootcampers' were fun and interesting - you have to be positive-minded to google 'bootcamp' in the first place ! I would highly recommend Prestige - you will not be disappointed.*

    6 October 2017     Roger
  • A wonderful kick-start to a better way of living

    I attended a prestige bootcamp in Spain way back in January 2012 when I was literally "on the verge of a nervous breakdown" - although I didn't realise that at the time. That boot camp started me on the path to change my life after Staff R, Frankie and the team planted the seed of the need to take care of myself. I started doing the park run every week, yoga 3-4 times per week, pilates twice a week, running club once a week. I feel great. I am a stone lighter than when I left them. I am back playing in an orchestra, still doing some developing world work and my full time job- and feel guilt-free taking care of myself! I have even started watching TV- something I never did before I attended the boot camp- and I know you don't encourage it- but my point is that I now have a balanced life with good food, less alcohol and plenty of exercise and outdoors walking on our beautiful local beaches . I was indoctrinated to always put others before myself, so my years of endless working were how I thought one should behave. I cannot thank Staff R and Frankie and team enough for awakening the reality that I need to take care of my health. Thanks again for giving me a reality check. I'll be forever grateful.*

    25 September 2017     musico
  • I haven't actually attended the …

    I haven't actually attended the bootcamp yet, but that is my fault because I have had disaster after disaster. They have been really good working with me, I've really appreciated their attitude and help.*

    7 September 2017     JF
  • Great week in Wales 14th July

    Great week in Wales 14th July. Staff R and W very helpful and encouraging. Chefs food great - fresh and tasty. Lost 9" and 12lbs. Injury to ankle stopped me doing some activities to my best ability. I think a return visit next year is on the cards. Great bunch of people on week. would highly recommend.*

    27 July 2017     judith snowden
  • Literally life changing!

    I have just graduated the 4 day camp in Somerset! After 3 and a half days of exercise, proper diet and mental reprogramming I had lost 7.6 pounds and 9 inches, 2.5 off my waist! So, this morning (day 6) stood on scales and 11 pounds had gone! Quite insane and I can't thank you enough for motivating, educating and generally giving me a kick up the backside that I needed!! Thank you thank you thank you. Even did bicep curls with my shopping bags yesterday and made a vat of chunky green veggie soup! I did a dynamic yoga class this morning and I felt strong and happy! You and staff and chef have done for me in 4 days what 20 years of therapy have failed to do. Literally life changing. Emma*

    1 July 2017     Emma
  • I have recently week …

    I have recently returned from a week stay at the Portugal Bootcamp ...... well what can I say that hasn't already been said. My reasons for going were not just for the physical fitness and weight loss aspect, although the results were astounding but more to get back my self esteem, motivation, energy and zest for life which had been lost for a number of years. I could not have chosen a more amazing bunch of guys in Staff R, Staff W, Staff F & D. Their energy, motivation and passion is addictive. They are forever giving you help, support and advice and are extremely good at knowing how far each individuals physical capabilities can be stretched. This was one of the hardest but exhilarating weeks of my life and I will never forget it. It has certainly made me more positive, energetic and motivated and I returned believing in myself again. People you owe it to yourself to try it. It will change ur life and I will most definitely return. Keep up the fantastic work Staff you are doing an amazing job. Michelle (Pontypridd)*

    17 June 2017     Michelle
  • I have just returned from a week with …

    I have just returned from a week with these guys in Portugal. The team of staff you could not ask for more professional and nice group of people, who kept you motivated and focussed on the job in hand. The food was off the scale, fantastic and a real eye opener. Accommodation was brilliant, our apartment was 5 *. I couldn't find fault in any aspect of my week, thank you for helping me lose 12lbs in 6 days!*

    13 June 2017     Zachary K
  • An absolutely brilliant boot camp and …

    An absolutely brilliant boot camp and experience. The team were incredibly professional yet approachable. I suffered an injury to my knee half way through the week but I was continually encouraged and given alternative exercises to do. I would highly recommend Prestige so go ahead and book and prepare to feel amazing when you leave!*

    10 June 2017     Jane
  • I cannot recommend these guys highly enough!

    I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. If you are unsure just book it, I guarantee you won't regret it. Although the trainers are all ex-marines, there are no scary men in uniform shouting at you here! The camps are focussed around encouraging you to break through your own barriers and take responsibility for your health and well being. The food is absolutely delicious and there are 3 meals plus two snacks a day, so no need to worry about going hungry. Exercise sessions are typically 40-50 minutes and as each session is different, there's no chance of boredom setting in. I lost 12lbs and 11 inches in a week but believe me, I worked for every pound :) I had such a great time I'm going back next week!*

    31 May 2017     Emily
  • Absolutely fantastic experience - would definitely book again

    I cannot recommend the Portugal Boot Camp enough! The whole experience was fantastic, the trainers were excellent - really friendly and highly motivational, the meals were delicious and well thought out, and the location and the villas were stunning. Our group was mixed in terms of ability, age and gender, but the trainers made the sessions accessible to all as well as challenging, and the group results were just fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their fitness, start enjoying exercise again or to kick start a new healthier lifestyle. Just be ready to be challenged!!*

    28 May 2017     Erin Brassil
  • 5th time with Prestige

    5th time with Prestige - Portugal is a great environment for training. Fabulous motivational staff to sort out the mind & body - thanks again Prestige ! x*

    23 May 2017     5th time with Prestige
  • Get involved...your body will LOVE you for it!!!

    I've done 3 camps with Prestige in the last 5 years and my fitness has improved with each one! The last one was 6 weeks ago and I'm feeling stronger, slimmer and happier with my fitness than I've been in years...and Staff R and his team have been a big part of that cumulative change. The most supportive, professional and inspiring people...full of knowledge and enthusiasm and generous with sharing both. Portugal is my favourite location for a boot camp ever and they remain the only fitness company I recommend without hesitation to my friends!*

    22 May 2017     Sharon
  • Bootcamp in the Algarve

    Great start to a diet and fitness regime! I am not going to lie, you might hate parts of it or even the whole experience. Tiny food portions and a gruelling exercise regime but... once you've finished it you will: 1) be fitter and lighter, 2) think about food and exercise differently & 3) most likely come back for more punishment! All staff are very motivating, professional and fun & the location is stunning. Highly recommended.*

    22 May 2017     Dominika Semik
  • Absolutely the best thing I've done …

    Absolutely the best thing I've done this year to take care of my body and mind - everyone - Chef, Jo and Staff's W & R took time and care to make it a success for me.*

    22 May 2017     Sarah P, West London
  • A complete physical and mental reset!

    On the last morning of my week in Portugal I ran along the edge of the ocean trying to put into words the sense of peace and achievement I felt. It was simply one of the most positive, empowering and motivating weeks of my life. Staff W and Staff F worked tirelessly (and I do mean they never seemed to look tired!) to set a positive example and help each individual achieve their goals. They were superstars who pushed everyone to their absolute limit and somehow managed to make us have a great time in the process. I had no idea how I was going to cope on a detox diet, but the food was outstanding and always enough to give us the energy we needed to conquer the next session - thank you Chef! The bond you form with your fellow teammates leaves you with lasting friendships which I am sure will be revisited when each and everyone of us returns for another week - as once you have had a week with Prestige, you cannot wait to do it again!*

    22 May 2017     Kelly Short
  • Another excellent week away

    Another excellent week away, with great results. The staff are amazing and truly keep you going. Chef produces delicious food and the accommodation is very comfortable. Stop thinking about doing a bootcamp and get on and book one!*

    17 May 2017     Jo van Berckel
  • A great experience

    I thoroughly enjoyed my week with Prestige in Portugal. The expertise and dedication of the staff on the boot camp was exemplary. 'High quality' is how I would describe the accommodation, food and external services (i.e. sea kayaking).*

    15 May 2017     Mars Doyle
  • To say Prestige is a boot camp does not …

    To say Prestige is a boot camp does not do it justice. It is a life changing perspective changing incredible personal motivational experience. You also get taught how to get yourself fit physically as well. My whole week has been a really hard but fulfilling week. I feel 20 years younger and my energy levels are sky high. The staff are knowledgeable, caring but firm which is just what you need. However, be warned, it is entirely up to you how much you want to change. They can only offer the help but it is down to you taking the opportunities given. I cannot recommend this week enough. Try it if you dare!!!*

    15 May 2017     David
  • Fantastic experience!

    Fantastic crew, great venue, amazing surroundings. We had great time working out hard and having fun at the same time. Learning about good food and your body abilities - invaluable! Thanks Team Prestige. Barbara*

    15 May 2017     Barbara
  • Would highly recommend

    Had such an amazing time with great people and instructors who created a happy and motivating environment for our achievements. Would highly recommend.*

    12 May 2017     Anna Ford
  • This was my first bootcamp experience …

    This was my first bootcamp experience so I went in with an open mind only expecting to raise my fitness levels and lose weight. The setting and the villas in Portugal were beautiful, which allowed us to use the beach for exercising and stretching on some days and stunning cliff walks in either direction on others. The Staff were professional and highly motivational having been from military backgrounds they also had good rehabilitation methods for people with existing injures which helped me massively get through the 5 intensive days of exercising. The agenda changed every day which kept it interesting though i personally would have liked to have seen some aqua aerobics or something like to make use of the pools and l strengthen without impact. It was a huge education in eating habits too, its amazing how much you can do on a portion controlled program, I genuinely was eating too much food at home judging for how much energy i had from the really tasty clean food we were having. Hats off to Chef! I genuinely enjoyed the experience and feel lucky to have been part of such a nice group of people who genuinely got on and helped us all get through the week. Most importantly I was thoroughly happy with the weight i had lost the focus I had gained and the general feeling of well being that came with it.*

    8 May 2017     Helen
  • it was an amazing experience

    it was an amazing experience, it showed me what i was capable of in a week, faster than i ever imagined in my entire life!*

    30 April 2017     Nehal Farid
  • Life changing!

    This is my third time trying to write this as it's so hard to explain! first of all I did 2 weeks 1 week juicing and the other on food. It has been two of the best weeks of my life! All of the staff were amazing, they are a great blend of personalities and each have their own strong point that makes them such a strong team! Let's start with the Chef! I didn't realise you could make food that tasty without all the bad stuff like salt, sugar, etc.. he caters for everybodys needs, wether it's allergy or a strong dislike for the taste of a particular food! He also explains everything and sends the recipe at the end of the week! (Be careful Though I made 12 portions of chilli - still eating it) Staff F - I did some damage to my quads in the week and instead of doing the run like everybody else he gave me an upper body workout whilst still supporting and coaching the others in their run! He's quiet but when he does talk he is funny as hell! Staff W - funny, great taste in music and made the workouts enjoyable! Very supportive and was happy to take time out of his break to go through questions that I had. Staff R - he is so passionate about helping people achieve their goals! He helps you change your mind set on your body, and in life in general! I have changed so much since I came back, physically and mentally! This was all because of Staff R and his team and I can't thank them enough! Jo & Nikki - they do so much behind the scene! They are so supportive and always happy to talk. What also makes it such a great experience is the other people there to train! Everyone is there for pretty much the same goal and I think that's why we all got on so well and I made some great friends too! There were people of all ages, shaped and sizes! And to put together a week programme for such a diverse group takes something special and these guys have done it! Stephen*

    30 April 2017     Stephen Simpson
  • One of my favourite places

    One of my favourite places! I would be happy to return over and over again! This experience was my second at camp and as always the staff, food and location were excellent. Go to be inspired, go to break barriers in your mind, go to spend time on you!*

    30 April 2017     Angie
  • You won't find better - be prepared to get hooked!

    My work/life balance had become non-existent and my diet a combination of Aeroplane food, American business dinners and high street lunches meant I felt unfit and unhealthy. I booked bootcamp as I knew not only would it restore my mental health having that downtime from the office, I knew that I'd get my mojo back with fitness and become more aware and disciplined with my diet. Unfortunately, a week prior to bootcamp I sprained my ankle and was devastated - I thought I wouldn't be able to participate. With my ankle strapped I arrived to camp and explained my disappointment and frustration with my injury, thinking I would not be able to participate and get the results I was seeking. Staff W however was certain I would and with his experience of training individuals with serious injuries (mine was merely a sprain!) I learned to train around the injury and surprised myself at how good my workouts were. Staff W, Staff F and Staff R are the most motivating, experienced trainers you could hope for - they lock on to your strengths and weaknesses and know more about what you are capable of than you realise yourself. They help you surpass your goals, they push you in ways that encourage and drive you and you are thankful for their genuine passion to help you realise your own potential. I left the camp with my foot still strapped but getting much better and thanks to Chef (the food was delicious!) and the team, I was 11lb lighter, fitter and feeling the best I had felt in months - and I'd met some great new friends on my journey. I can't thank the team enough for what they do - this will be an annual commitment from me, along with all those others who return time and time again for this truly unique experience. You'll not find a team more motivating and experienced and once you've been once, be prepared to get hooked. Sincere thanks from me Prestige! Keep doing what you do as you know it works*

    28 April 2017     Miss Baldwin
  • Bootcamp has reset and recharged me

    Im stood on a low-lying wall facing the sea, waves thrashing their way to shore, as the sun rises over adjacent cliffs. Im lined up, along with 14 other people, we have our arms linked together. We were strangers to one another a week earlier.Im soaking it all in and its overwhelming. My body begins to gently convulse with emotion, the tears start to flow. The woman to my left pats my back to comfort me. Its been a physical, mental and emotional roller coaster.This is boot camp.A week in warm, scenic Portugal, taking part in around 6 hours of exercise a day in a programme devised by experienced ex-Navy physical training instructor, Staff R and his team. Theyre bloody good at what they do. Its not just about training the body. Its also about immersing yourself in a glow of positivity; a rare chance to focus entirely on yourself for a whole week, reset your goals, or create new ones, eat well, sleep well, think about whats meaningful to you, what you have achieved and what you can achieve in the future.Its laid out from the get-go that you get out of boot camp what you put in. Its up to you to make the most of the opportunity. However, theres a high rate of returners at Prestige. This makes sense; that level of positivity is addictive, making you want to return for a top-up.You exercise pretty much all parts of your body during the week, and you bond with some amazing people while doing it. Everyone has their own story to tell about why theyre at boot camp. Ive been humbled by the experiences that some of my fellow boot campers have shared with me. They put my own worries into perspective. Notwithstanding their problems, every boot camper contributed to a supremely supportive environment, perpetuated by Staffs R, W and F.You start to believe you can do anything. I feel as though Ive had a reset and been pointed in the right direction.My biggest physical challenge was a long walk to the next town, which involved a steep climb up a large hill. Id done this kind of thing many times before, but I was wildly out of shape in comparison with those days.I wanted to complete it but I struggled mentally and physically all the way. Staff W was there behind me as I stumbled towards the top, being overtaken by more and more of my party. I hated that it was a struggle and that I was full of fear and worry about injuring myself; that ghost of a two-year-old ankle break still haunting my life. I was stumbling and gasping for air. Patient and ever-encouraging Staff W told me to take five paces then rest. He talked me through the rest of the ascent... just a little more...take the right hand path...10 more steps and youre there...he never gave up on me.Thank you, Staff W. It meant a lot to me.Prestige Boot Camp will change your life; the esprit de corps, the boost in self-confidence, the miraculous transformation in just one week, the beautiful sunrise on the beach. Youll be amazed what you can achieve in a short space of time.I rediscovered the person I used to be and Im very grateful. Thanks guys! x*

    17 February 2017     Lisa Jones
  • The Harrods of Bootcamp's.

    Whatever I write here sadly will not do Prestige justice. Yes it's a Bootcamp for fitness and nutrition but also it gave me so much more. Mentally I feel so much stronger than I have in a very long time. I booked a week in Portugal but decided to stay longer and finish two weeks with Staff R and Staff W (also Staff F for week 1). The commitment they all show in helping us all get the results we so craved is commendable. They have so much passion which comes from years of experience and the ability to listen to feedback over the years has made them in my opinion the best in the business. I would never ever consider using another company when it comes to my health and wellbeing. I will be returning and cannot wait. The chef was outstanding and quality of food was excellent. Also, I feel friends for life have been made. That wasn't really an intention but sometimes it can't be helped when for a week or two weeks we all had goals in common and helped each other when the going got tough. I can't thank Prestige enough and they deserve all their accolades and some!!!!! Simon C.*

    11 February 2017     Simon Clark
  • Hardest week of my life ( but amazing all the same ! )

    Booked a week in Portugal thinking it would be a good way to recover from a very stressful year and get me back on track health & fitness wise. Was really nervous leading up to it as I had no idea if I was going to be able to keep up but thanks to all the amazing instructors & everyone else on the Camp I made it through the week. Fantastic team - Staff R & Staff W who didn't let me give up & Staff T who kept me company on the afternoon walks - she officially has the best laugh in the world . Great food , brilliant location , and a really fantastic group of people . Already checking my dates to see when I can come back . X*

    19 December 2016     Jacky B
  • Great Experience

    Excellent week of exercise, healthy and good food, great friendships and fun. Staff is great, knowledgable, helpful and motivating. Location is stunning. Villas could be a bit nicer and better maintained. Would definitely recommend to friends and will surely return soon.*

    16 December 2016     Jana
  • Loved it(well kind of )

    I had the best week ever but I won't lie it was super challenging. Before I arrived I was scared it wouldn't push me as much as previous ones, oh how wrong I was. There was something for everyone, so if you'd never exercised before this was catered for and yet if you wanted to push beyond your limits, this was also catered for and encouraged.The team are just great, I loved every single one of them.I wont lie, it was super hard and super emotional but totally worth it. A friend I met whilst there described it like child birth....,painful during labour(the actual week of bootcamp) but then once you hold that beautiful baby(the weight loss/fitness) you forget everything and are ready to go again(well after a short break )In conclusion, totally amazing and I will be back next year!! Xx*

    14 December 2016     Keira Andrea
  • Life changing

    Fantastic experience. Supportive and well organised. Helped me make dramatic positive changes in my life. I look forward to returning next year.*

    14 December 2016     Ruth Wilson
  • 5-Star Support & Inspiration!

    I completed my second boot camp with Prestige in October, with the specific aim of boosting my fitness for cycling across Ghana despite a gym accident earlier in the year that set me back and knocked my confidence. Well I've just come home from the ride, 540km over 5 days in temperatures averaging 40'c and without question my week with Prestige helped me prepare, got me fitter, stronger and helped me enjoy it more.Staff R and Staff W delivered the same incredibly high level of support, expertise, variety and service that I enjoyed 2 years before and Jo is a diamond, so full of energy!I love this team, what they do and how they do it - I tried loads of other boot camps before I discovered Prestige but wouldn't consider anyone else these days. Treat yourself!!*

    7 December 2016     Sharon
  • One Of The Best Experiences Of My Life

    I accidentally stumbled across Prestige and knew they were offering exactly what I needed. I managed to persuade the rest of my family they needed it too! We felt welcomed by the amazing staff and the rest of the group, but after our first training session we realised it was no joke! I had never in my life experienced exercise that intense and needless to say, my family were completely shocked with not only the training but the drastic change in diet. However, Staff R/Staff W were not only excellent trainers but provided amazing emotional support that made you feel like you could get through anything. I can't thank them enough for looking after my parents who came away actually enjoying it, making changes to their diet and wanting to come back! Thank you Chef for the amazing food. Kathy, your massages were fantastic and have made converts of my parents. And Frankie for being such a positive, calming presence. The location was beautiful and made for a great place to get away.. We came away feeling energised, informed, relaxed and healthy. I cannot recommend Prestige enough, it will change your life and you won't regret it.*

    1 November 2016     Dinah Hagan
  • Hopes, dreams & aspirations, smashed!

    Pre bootcamp, wasn't a unique situation. Self employed, Husband & Wife, full of tame excuses regarding, hectic lifestyles, lack of exercise, & failed diets! Not sure what we had let ourselves in for! Hats off to Prestige for a well detailed website, made booking, straight forward. Very warm welcome, at our stunning location. Prestige have the most amazing balanced group of staff. Staff R (new friend!) & Staff W were/are great motivators, & extremely knowledgeable, putting their experience to good use. What with the tremendous back up from Frankie, Kathy, & chef, made it, a truely memorable week. Believe me, this was no holiday, but the most educational, rewarding, & emotional week we've ever encountered. You couldn't fault the itinerary. We've warned the Prestige team, we'll be back!*

    26 October 2016     Malcolm Wright
  • Graham at Algarve Bootcamp

    What a week ! This is my 3rd boot camp with these guys .Staff R ....InspirationalStaff W ... MotivationalJo.....Bubbly,Bouncy encouragement Chef .... A wizard with the grub Anyone coming to these camps , make sure you want to work hard , its one week in your year but you can gain so much from it , its emotional when you all finish at the end of the week , its totally and utterly challenging training in 30 degrees of hot sun , its beautiful in its surroundings , facilities excellent and the new choice of Portugal instead of Spain is a winner . I have seen Prestige improve each time I come , the new flexible , psychological and enjoyable format is great , if you have been in Spain before you will see the difference . Kayaking in the caves , what a blast ! Whatever your reason for going the staff can help , I was stressed to the hilt but turned my mind to health and well being and managed to put it all behind me ; each year I take away something from the camps , this year at 65 hopefully I take away more years of fitness . Maybe try a cooler Wales camp next time ?*

    9 October 2016     Graham Martin
  • I'm addicted!

    I cannot speak highly enough of the week I've just returned from in Portugal with the Prestige team, it really was all I could have hoped for and then a ton more. I'm reasonably fit but wanted to kick start the exercise and top up the tan after a lazy and boozy summer. I have come away feeling strong, toned, motivated and generally on top of the world! Staff R was a complete legend and the rest of the crew were awesome too. It wasn't just about working hard, but about learning what your body is capable of and how important it is to take care of it. I've already made a load of the delicious healthy recipes myself at home. The biggest surprise/shock to most people was small food portions, but it really is all in your head and amazing how little fuel your body really needs. I wasn't hungry at all, my skin is glowing and I'm already booked in for a top-up bootcamp in Hyde Park. I will 100% return and if you're not sure whether it's for you - just do it, take the leap, I promise you won't regret it!*

    22 September 2016     Nix
  • Indescribable

    I genuinely find it hard to summarise my time at Prestige as it has had such a big impact on my life. Staff R and Staff W are amazing trainers and really made the week for me. Although I was incredibly unfit and finding the week tough (everyone did), they never gave up and were such a strong support system for me - I honestly can't thank them enough. The food was lovely, and although I decided to go on reduced portions I never felt hungry as we were so busy! Everything about the week was amazing; the group were lovely, the scenery in Wales is beautiful and the accommodation was great too. I can't recommend this experience enough, although it was emotional and tiring, I feel it's changed me for the better and I really have Staff R, Staff W, Chef and my group to thank for that!*

    27 August 2016     Flo Rowland
  • Tough Love

    Had a great week in Wales . Really challenged me emotionally and physically and came away feeling recharged, fitter and slimmer. Staff R and Staff W are fantastic trainers - motivating, challenging and supportive. The food was great and although portions were small I wasn't hungry as we ate regularly . There was down-time between exercise sessions , the location was stunning ( we were very fortunate with lovely weather) and the accommodation and facilities were high quality. I would love to go again and recommend the experience to anyone looking for a break that is out of the ordinary and positive for mind and body.*

    27 August 2016     Pam
  • A strong body represents a strong mind

    Coming off a one week boot camp in Devon I am still raving to my friends about how good I feel and still staying strong in terms of my goals to incorporate more fitness in my life and be less toxic in my diet. Cannot rate Staff W and Staff M highly enough for the enthusiasm they put into every camp and how many lives they change by not only giving a health kickstart but also giving some a chance to believe in themselves again. Thank you and see you in Hyde Park!*

    7 August 2016     Emma Hewitt
  • Excellent Start in Devon July 2016

    First time doing this camp and came with no expectations but was met with enthusiasm. Staff W and Staff M could not have been more positive, energetic and supportive through out what was one of the hottest in July. Beating down every excuse we had and bringing about a new sense of pride and confidence and team spirit, this bootcamp was a life changer for me and a new start for great things and happy endings. Food was impeccable and excellent and a great thing to come back to from a hard workout. Fantastic trip and will be back in Portugal at the end of the year - dig deep and never give up! Carole Armitage*

    24 July 2016     Carole Armitage
  • Totally Re-Energised!

    Thankyou Staff R, Staff W and chef for yet again a superb fitness experience in Wales. The accommodation and food is truly first class and the location stunning.A challenging but fun filled week with the fantastic support and guidance of the Prestige team. Looking forward to my next visit!*

    28 June 2016     Lindsey Sheehan
  • great escape from London or working life in general!

    I had a fantastic week with Staff R, Staff W and Chef and a bunch of awesome ladies. I came to improve my fitness and wasn't aiming for weightloss but 3 full days of exercise, fresh air, healthy food and lots of sleep I came back lighter and very refreshed! This is an investment in you, we only get 1 body, treat it right, Prestige will help you with this. The Camp is a great way to kickstart your fitness as well healthy eating habits; if you want to be more mindful about your physical health this is a great place to start!*

    8 June 2016     Simone van Til
  • Empowering, motivational and exhilarating.

    I wasn't sure what to expect when i started my boot camp, i had trained as an individual and felt relatively fit however this takes you to another level. The team are so knowledgeable and interesting regarding the fitness and the nutrition it would be impossible not to excited. You are encouraged in a way that isn't patronising or forceful but motivational, giving you the sense of self belief and determination. You meet total strangers at the beginning of Boot Camp but within hours you are working as a close knit team to get through the HIIT, Circuit,Walking, Boxing etc encouraging each other when it gets tough. Staff T, Staff W and Chef are outstanding individuals at the top of their game and it was a pleasure to meet them. I have found a new sense of empowerment and a can do attitude that will help me drive my fitness to the next level because i know i can do anything now. Thank You Prestige for a 1st class experience that deserves a definite 5* rating.*

    29 May 2016     Yvonne Jones
  • A life changing experience

    I'd never been on a detox/bootcamp holiday before but I certainly will again, even if it's half as good as the one I had with Prestige. The meals were truly incredible; healthy and delicious with amazing juices, the villa in Portugal was top notch and the exercise classes and hikes were unbelievably challenging (even for a fitness freak like myself!). And to top it off, the guys from Prestige were consummate professionals. They are extremely knowledgeable and great fun to be around. It was like being away with a bunch of mates (albeit ones who shout at you to do more sit ups occasionally). It wouldn't hesitate to recommend it and will certainly be back*

    23 May 2016     Charlie Condou
  • Motivational Wales May13th

    Wow what a week I had, really didn't know what to expect but wanted to get a bit fitter, lose a little weight and get motivated and boy did that happen.If you are prepared to put the work in you'll get the results. Fabulous trainers full of encouragement and praise and the wonderfully tasty food freshly cooked by Chef has educated me on getting flavour without the calories and large portion sizes are the thing of the past.Its tough no doubt but the hot tub and fabulous accommodation allows for chilled evenings though most of us were in bed by 9pm! 7.5 lbs off and 9 inches has inspired me to continueThanks Kate*

    18 May 2016     Kate Eastman
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin

    Had the best time. Gorgeous villa, gorgeous juices, lovely setting. And it worked, which is what its all about. I achieved all my goals and had a laugh along the way. Highly recommended if you want to change your body and your mindset.*

    16 May 2016     Angela Griffin
  • Life changing experience - Wales May 2016

    Just finished one week boot camp in Wales. Beautiful location and comfortable accommodation !! I and my sister form Boston did this together and it was an amazing though exhaustive experience for me.This has truly been a life changing experience for me. Never done boot camps before !! The programme was very well designed and the food was amazing. Never felt hungry - Chef you rock!! I have already tried your salmon recipe and the entire family loved it. Staff W and Staff F were so good and supportive.Staff W - amazing motivator and instructor !!!*

    15 May 2016     Kalpana Jha
  • Prestige Boot Camp

    I have just completed another very enjoyable week with Prestige, What I love abut Prestige is the fact that they treat everyone as individuals and in doing so get the best out of each of us and push us to do things that we did not think we could do. Although I am not , in the first flush of youth,I come away feeling energized, full of the joys of Spring, and looking forward to the next one! The food cooked by the chef is wonderful and we all look forward to each meal, The support and back up by all the staff is wonderful .*

    20 April 2016     Sheelagh March
  • amazing mind clearing, body cleansing and fitness week.

    just do it.....*

    16 April 2016     Unknown
  • Best bootcamp!!

    Beautiful locations, superb team, holidays as well as sports.. This is the bootcamp that provides you with both great results and lovely food....*

    16 April 2016     Severine
  • What a Journey!!!

    Having done very little exercise in the past I decided to give this a go with my husband who is a fitness fanatic. We didn't want to loss weight but to improve our general fitness. When we arrived at our apartments the views and facilities were amazing. I thought we had booked the perfect retreat, then along came the exercise and what a shock it was!It took me a couple of days to get over the little aches that were appearing because I hadn't exercised in so long however the staff and coaches were amazing, everyday they pushed us to our full potential, no one was left out. My husband who had great fitness levels already was pushed to his full potential too so we both got 100% out of each and every workout.The food was unbelievable, we wanted to hire the chef at home. It was tasty, nutritious and healthy. We are now home a little lighter, a lot leaner and with glowing skin. I think everyone in the world should experience this bootcamp at least once in their lives. We are home on a high and will definitely be back next year if not sooner!!!*

    13 April 2016     Frances Bradley
  • Best week of my life, that is why I am having three more!

    Let me start with what I did not like - preachy about sugar is awesome, unless, of course, you're not into sugar. At all. If you don't even eat fruit because it's sweet and abhor chocolate, a full hour length movie on the dangers of it is a bit much.That's all I disliked. Really. That, and the British habit of roasting a perfectly good tomato...What did the tomato ever do to you, chef?I am a loner and I dislike groups; I never realised the power of being in one until last week, when my team got me through hours I could not fathom I could have gotten through a week before. I felt my physical ability grow every day - I know it sounds unreal, but this is what happened. On a single circuit I and Gillian went from not being able to do one pull up to doing 8 then to doing 12 in a matter of 5 minutes. Because we cheered each other on, because the team's enthusiasm was infectious, because you guys simply have it.If I can do it, and I am a three pack a day smoker, carrying way too much weight, then you can do it too; there really is no excuse. Prestige Camps is not a magical bullet, but it is a first step. I would encourage you to take it, unknown reader.Staff R, Staff W, my thanks for your patience. Jo, what can I say, sweetness, xx. Chef, you rock so much :) I was not hungry for a single moment, you fed us the right things at the right time. Kathy, so graceful; Sofia, so honest.And Sir, yes Sir, I will be running up those stairs by the time I meet you again in Wales :DThank you for the week,Cheers,Maria*

    12 April 2016     Maria Zamfir
  • Recommend

    I would recommend this company to anyone for a great kick start into healthier eating and shedding the pounds.*

    11 April 2016     Caroline Henry
  • Incredible Journey

    The most amazing experience of my life, it has changed me as a person mentally and physically. The staff are so supportive, they are your life line to getting through the week. They are bubbly, friendly and approachable at all times. They keep you going when you feel like you have nothing let to give. Compliments to the chef, this week as opened my eyes to the beauty of eating healthy nutritious food that's great tasting. Always colourful and delicious. I would recommend anyone and everyone. The positivity that has been installed in me this week is awesome. Week 1 of the rest of my life done *

    9 April 2016     Daisy Sweeney
  • Bootcamp Portugal April 2016

    Fantastic week! Great people, diverse training sessions and lots of fun supported by delicious meals and always encouraging enthusiastic trainers.*

    9 April 2016     Nat
  • Portugual

    Just spent two weeks on camp in Portgual. Can't fault the experience. It's not cheap but once there you forget the outlay! The beautiful weather, beach setting, clean food, pumping music, and clever training programme are all in there. Not to the incredibly supportive atmosphere nurtured by Staff R, Staff W and Jo. If you can't use this as a launch pad to make lifestyle changes then you're doomed!!! I loved it. Hope to do Wales next :)*

    9 April 2016     Gillian McCue
  • A week well spent

    We burned an average of 4,000 calories a day and each of us in the group lost both pounds and inches. More importantly, however, I think we were given a lot of food for thought that we can take home and continue to reflect on. Our instructors, both with over 20 years of experience in the military and really lovely guys, were full of wisdom and positivity. The team really cares about the participants, its not some horrible shouty military mania, and the results are there as well. And the location in Wales was absolutely stunning.*

    27 March 2016     Anna
  • Best week

    I had the best week the training was so good I lost 7.6 lbs thanks to all the staff*

    27 March 2016     Jason Griffin
  • Life changing

    For the past 7 months I had been suffering with depression and anxiety, my weight had increased dramatically and I had lost all motivation and confidence. After struggling to get back to the gym which is something I had always enjoyed I knew I needed to do something drastic so I booked my place on the 5 day Devon boot camp. I have never done anything like this before and would never have gone on my own but it was the best thing I ever did. Staff W Staff M and Chef were amazing, so helpful and encouraging and knew exactly when to push you. I met an amazing group of ladies who were so friendly and supportive and my room mate was fabulous. In total I lost 9lb and 11 inches which was unbelievable. Since boot camp my attitude towards food has totally changed I know I can go without the rubbish snacks, bread and biscuits. I've also found my motivation for the gym again and have been regularly attending different fitness classes. My partner, friends and family have seen a massive difference in me and I am extremely happy I went. Boot camp totally changed my life, I achieved so much more than just weightloss I found my confidence again and proved to myself that if I put my mind to it I can achieve my goals. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone and will hopefully be attending another bootcamp in the future. Thankyou so much Prestige Bootcamp Xx*

    26 March 2016     Kelly Prior
  • Prestige is The Best!!!!

    The Staff, the facilities and outdoors in Algarve, the food and the other participants were all fantastic!!*

    25 March 2016     Nelson Ortiz
  • Carla Gregory - Portugal January 2016

    This was my 4th boot camp with Prestige. Great week with good clean food and surrounded by positive encouragement. I was recovering from an Achilles injury and the Staff made it easy for me to adapt the training to suit my recovery. For me it's not all about weight loss, although that is an added bonus, but more about escaping from the stresses of work and coming home feeling more refreshed than any of my other 'holidays'.Looking at returning in November to get my next fix, my 21 year old daughter who attended with me last year is also angling to join me!!!*

    9 February 2016     Carla Gregoru
  • Life changing - and I lost 15.4lb in one week!

    In September 2015 I had a medical. It was the news I fully expected. I was quite a bit overweight (over 15 stone) with high BMI and fat percentage.... It was a good enough reason for my partner Abi to encourage me to do the same Boot Camp she went on a few years ago. So I clicked onto the Prestige website and booked a place on the October boot camp in Spain. After seven days I returned to the UK an unbelievable 15.4lb lighter, and having lost 12inches of fat around my hips, waist, legs and arms (combined). It was a truely amazing week and I met some fantastic people along the way with similar goals in mind. In had not exercised for a very long time (we guessed at 15 to 20 years), So I was a little worried going into the week so unfit. I needn't have worried as you will come on to read later. However, they call it boot camp for a reason! It is run by top notch ex Military (Royal Navy) PT instructors who are referred to as "STAFF". On the boot camp I attended, there were three of them, Staff "M", "W" and "R". They know exactly what they are doing given their combined 70 years of experience. Each day started in the sweat room and tough cardio sessions before breakfast then off to the beach - but not for relaxing, but more circuits and interval exercises. A small snack preceded even more workouts on the beach. Generally speaking we returned back to the villa at about 13:00 before starting all over again in the afternoon but usually in the hills around our villas - surrounded by absolutely breathtaking scenery. There were 22 of us on this boot camp, all but 5 were women, and everyone had a different set of goals. Most were about weight loss, but a small handful just wanted to concentrate on their fitness. Some simply wanted a bit of personal time to clear their heads of the pressures back home or simply to get their life back on track. Each workout session is noticeably different and targeted overall body fitness, legs, abs and upper body. Warm ups and warm downs were considered as critical as the training itself. To fuel this venture we needed to be sure that we were getting the best nutrition possible. The food was pretty varied and on occasions damned right delicious. Ours was cooked up by "chef" and served in perfectly measured portions on a daily basis. In my case it was reduced portions to help with one of my goals. Nutritious, but deliberately low in calories, with no added salts, sugars, or bad carbs, only good ones, All food types and demands appeared to be catered for as our group had vegetarians, pescatarians, along with Kosher, Halal to name but a few. Evening meals were served at 18:00, these were usually the best. With no alcohol, caffeine, toxins or other rubbish going into your system, combined with huge amounts of exercise and different (reduced) food intake, the human body does react differently! I guess I was not ready for this. On day two I hit my own personal low. As the last series of exercises neared completion I entertained the others by reaching my physical limit and threw up violently.... I had to be escorted back to the villa! This is when the experience if the crew really kicked in. Staff "M" took me back to the villa, reassuring me all the way. He made sure I was fully rehydrated (with a magic sachet) and did the "first aid" bit with compassion and care. Staff "W" then sat me down and made sure that I knew exactly what was going on and what to expect, taking his time to make sure it sank in. Staff "R" did his usual (and brilliant) motivational piece whilst Jo (a key member of the support staff) gave me a big hug. This was just what was needed, as at the time I really didn't think I could do another day. I even had brief thoughts of giving up, but these didn't last for long given the encouragement and experience of the staff, as well as the other boot campers! The next day we did a tough 23km hike up a local mountain (I say hike, but you needed all four limbs at times). My mind and body were back on track! It was a fantastic day with awesome views across to the Atlas Mountains in north Africa. Wednesday and Thursday followed a similar pattern to the first two days, and Friday we did paddle boarding with a workout before and after - a brilliant day. The accommodation was first class, with indoor and outdoor heated pools, jacuzzis, hot-tubs, saunas, cinema room and much more too boot. I guess that is hardly surprising given its next door to some of Europe's highest priced real estate. It's hard to describe how I feel right now. Exhausted, exhilarated, emotional are the first that spring to mind. I am significantly fitter than I was, pushing myself harder than I thought possible or had dared to. The bonus is that I am a lot thiner and lighter too.What I've also seen is that it is not important how you compare to others, it's all about how you feel about yourself. EVERYONE starts and ends these camps at a very different place, so everyone ends up a winner! One piece of advice I heard on the first day stuck with me al the way through, this was simply "the more you put in, the more you get out". Its true! This experience has also got me to think really hard about the importance of the fuel we put into our bodies. I knew much of this beforehand, but it's hit home quite hard after being able to survive on such little volume but exercise so damned hard. It's definitely a case of quality over quantity from now on. The group of people I was with on this camp all expressed similar views so I know I am not alone in these thoughts. Four weeks later and I have managed to keep the weight off (even over Christmas), and more importantly have got into some good (daily) exercise habits. Something I had previously found a whole bunch of excuses not to do... I believe I am now filter than Ive been for decades. These boot-camp holidays are amazing and I would say life changing. A self indulgent gift of the highest order and something I would recommend to anyone and at any age. This team know what they are doing. I suspect they are copied by many, but matched by very few (if at all).*

    29 December 2015     Lawrence Emerson
  • I Can't fault anything about my recent Devon bootcamp

    I've recently returned from doing the 7day bootcamp -this was my 50th birthday present.I got so much out of the experience, I wanted to be pushed both physically & mentally to limits I'd never been pushed too.I wanted time to myself to re-evaluate my future goals.I wanted to lose a few lbs & inches.I got all this & much more, I got to run again, I went tree top walking, indoor climbing. Above all - everything we did was made fun, the staff where amazing, they new how to push us, motivate & educate.This was the 1st bootcamp I've ever been on, I can't wait to be able to do it all over again.My results where out standing, yes it was hard work but worth it.Thank you prestige, staff W & staff M x*

    22 November 2015     Tracy gravestock
  • It really works

    Have been on this Devon camp 3 times now, the results have been absolutely fantastic and very consistent in terms of weight loss and change in body shape. It is hard work but the staff are impecably professional and supportive. The accommodation and food is 5 star, set in a pristine picturesque Devon valley complete with pheasants and hooting owls. The resultant changes in body, complexion and attitude are very empowering and refreshing indeed. My overall fitness and health has measurably improved since attending the first camp 6 years ago. It really is the very best- consistently producing great results if you follow their plan for the week. Thrilled again with all Prestige have done for me, Thank you : )*

    19 November 2015     Nikki Wilkins
  • Awesome!

    I had an amazing week. Staff W, Staff M and Chef provided the right level of authority, support and humour so that I was pushed, but felt secure and had lots of fun. We were lucky with a great group of people, who although quite diverse, gelled and supported each other. I enjoyed Chef's food enormously and learned to eat slowly! The work outs were varied and interesting and I loved the mystery of not knowing what to expect. Staff W was also very skilled at reading the mood and fatigue of the group and either providing the right kind of workout, or motivating us out of our low spirits. I loved it all, and although I hope that I won't need to come back for some time, I will definitely recommend it to my friends and I will return if I (and when) I need to!*

    16 November 2015     Marie Hodgson
  • Best week of my life!

    Incredible week being encouraged to go beyond my limitations. The Prestige BC was so intelligently run, amazingly motivating, educational and great healthy food too. The Staff knew exactly how far to push us and when to switch exercises. I did not have to think for myself just followed the advice. Beach and Mountain circuit training was great. Didnt think exercise could be so much fun! I am so much fitter healthier and toned. Thank you so much*

    10 November 2015     Tippy Clement De L'epine
  • 50th Birthday gift to myself!

    It is a long and expensive trip from Western Canada to Malaga, Spain; one that I had been ruminating over for a few years, but with a milestone on the horizon, the time was finally right. I decided to attend Marbella bootcamp around my 50th Birthday as a way to positively and more fit-fully move into the new decade...and if I lost a few pounds in the process, bonus! I knew bootcamp would be physically challenging, which it certainly was, as I pushed to accomplish my goals (increased upper body strength, increased core). What I didn't know was the mental and emotional challenges I would also face and conquer that week, along with their lasting impact. At home. this has given me the strength to make some life changes that I have wanted to for some time but never quite managed, as if now my inner voice is now saying "you can conquer and enjoy bootcamp, you can certainly do this!" Further, I had some questions about fitness while moving into my 50's that I needed to sort. After experiencing all boocamp has to offer and seeing what I am capable of, I realized I was actually asking the wrong questions. With a lot of thought, I have since re-phrased those questions and am now working on my ultimate goals: to move forward positively, healthfully and more fitfully into this new decade! I would like to attend bootcamp again in 2016, alas with distance and time, its not feasible. However, I am planning for 2017 in Portugal while aiming to be in the top level running group this time around!*

    4 November 2015     Jude from Canada
  • The Bestest Bootcamp in the Land

    I went to Marbella for a week's bootcamp a few weeks ago. I purposefully have waited a few weeks to write the review (so I'll come back to that!)Firstly - if you want to go on a bootcamp - use Prestige. They are the best and you won't find a better one. Secondly - what to expect?! EEK! Well I went to Marbella with a good level of fitness, and quite a few of my friends were like "WHY ARE YOU GOING ON A BOOTCAMP" Well - rest assured - whatever your fitness level you can still get so so much out of a week with Prestige. There are different types of exercise sessions everyday and you can push yourself to the level that's right. The Staff will give easier & harder options so everyone can join in! For me, the biggest gain was the nutritional and well-being advice. Prestige don't want you to leave camp having lost weight (this will happen anyway) they want you to leave with the tools to keep you healthy LONG TERM. I learnt so much about some of the errors of my diet, got loads of tips, food ideas from the week, and a right wake up call on portion control!!!!!!!! Thirdly - did it work? SURE DID - I lost 6llbs, and 9.5 inches - which I was really happy with. Fourthly - has it all gone back on? NO!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still exactly the same weight and dimensions as I was when I left. Personally bootcamp for me was shifting the last few llbs so I was only hoping to maintain from leaving. I have pretty much stuck to the lessons, and some of the "free froms" on camp like dairy & caffeine. I've never worked harder in the gym, and my fitness has improved beyond what I could have imagined. I honestly had the best week - it was tough at times, but it was the most rewarding week. I feel healthier, more confident, my skin is glowing, and I am still a bit smaller! The Staff have got the balance of being there for you and driving you to work to your limits. About half the people on our week were "returnees" from previous years - and once you've been you'll know why....*

    31 October 2015     Amy Heap
  • Fantastic opportunity to kickstart a healty lifestyle.

    This was without a doubt one of the best things I have done for myself.Being pushed to give as much as I could was a fabulous challenge and I certainly have reaped the rewards. The staff are amazing - encouraging you every step of the way and so passionate in everything they did.There was a great positive drive to the week, and good friendships fostered. To anyone that is stuck in a rut, give the boot camp a go. It's a life changing experience.*

    28 October 2015     Lesley Everley
  • Prestige are all about a passion for health & wellbeing

    Attended 3rd bootcamp in Marbella this October and found Prestige to be consistently brilliant at what they do. The experience and knowledge of the Staff is second to none, showing genuine commitment to ensuring each individual has the opportunity to achieve their goals. The accommodation is superbly comfortable and the food is nutritious and tasty with portions suited to what you want to achieve whether it be for weight loss or to gain fitness and a sense of wellbeing. The exercise is as tough as you want to make it with the instruction being firm but so motivating and supportive that you are driven to push yourself and most people achieve much more that they thought possible. The feeling of wellbeing after just a couple of days of good food, fresh air and tough but enjoyable physical exercise is amazing. I learn something new each time to take away and incorporate into my life. The first time it was 20 minute tabata interval training, the second it was using boxing to tone up arms and this time its trying out some new tasty recipes as well as realising I can run and enjoy it after all! I can't wait to go again.*

    27 October 2015     Audrey Rogers
  • An amazing experience.......... I will be back......

    This is the first time I have been to a Boot Camp.....and I'm delighted that I chose the BEST one!! Prestige has the most professional, well organised, inspiring and experienced team who will make you work to your maximum capacity....whatever that is...... It was hard work but the most rewarding and bonding experience that I can highly recommend to everyone......*

    27 October 2015     Fiona Shilliday
  • Fantastic!

    One of the most challenging experiences, yet one of the most rewarding! Pushing the boundaries of myself physically, and mentally showed me how age and physical limitations can be used in a positive way to get the best outcome for myself. It was a self journey that will influence the rest of my life. Staff were all positive, encouraging, and energetic and proud of the results that they witnessed. Thank you Prestige!!*

    27 October 2015     Lux-Warholik
  • Prestige boot camp

    Had a fantastic week. Great trainers and very professionally run. Food was great too.*

    27 October 2015     Karen Devlin
  • Great experience

    The whole 2 weeks was a real experience, quite challenging especially the second week but well worth sticking at it as the results speak for themselves.Very comprehensive welcome home pack to keep us on the straight and narrow.Instructors are brilliant in keeping you motivated but also bringing in humour at the right moments to help you stay focused.*

    27 October 2015     George Farenden
  • Challenging, motivational and lots of fun

    Excellent staff, really well run, would go back tomorrow*

    27 October 2015     Roo Allison
  • Bootcamp Marbs #Amazing

    Great experience, professionally run, would recommend to anyone wanting to kick start any healthy eating/exercise regime!*

    26 October 2015     RuthieBaby
  • Marbella Bootcamp

    I have recently returned from 7 nights at the Marbella bootcamp and can honestly say that the professionalism of the staff is second to none. The itinerary ran flawlessly and no two sessions are the same which made each one challenging but fun. The accommodation is amazing. The villas are top notch with breathtaking views to start and end each day. We had a great bunch of people on our camp (27 in total) of all ages and fitness abilities and the staff catered for each and every one of us. The meals were great quality, although I did struggle with a couple of them, the staff were more than happy to offer an alternative. I went out there hoping to lose 7lb and I lost a total of 9lb and 10.5 inches. I would recommend Prestige to anyone and feel I will definitely be back with them at some point as the results are fantastic.*

    14 October 2015     Amanda Simons
  • Lifechanging experience!

    This is the toughest yet most inspirational weeks holiday I have ever had! I met some amazing people including one lady who had shed 11stones in weight, and felt supported and encouraged throughout my whole experience of bootcamp despite being the largest and slowest by a country mile! Staff W and Staff M were brilliant, never critical always encouraging sometimes challenging !! I hated the pain but loved what was achieved. I lost 9lbs in weight over 3 and a bit days! This weight has stayed off since returning home. It has given me the proverbial kick up the backside I needed to embrace a healthy lifestyle for good. No going back. I would recommend to anyone who needs a dynamic and fresh approach to achieving weight loss/ and improving fitness. The food is delicious too!*

    9 September 2015     Mrs Trudy Warren
  • Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!

    Signing up to a week with prestige is one of the best things I have ever done. Not only did I improve my fitness but it has improved my day to day life. I am full of energy all day as oppose to life prior to bootcamp when I constantly moaned that I was tired.If you genuinely want to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle this is 100% the place for you.*

    21 August 2015     Kaylie Nevill
  • Awesome experience - They Just Keep Getting Better

    I have just got back from my third Bootcamp with Prestige and I have to say that again I have had an amazing experience and I am looking into booking my fourth camp for next year.It's hard work and challenging but somehow the staff manage to find new ways to make working hard so much fun, no day is the same and no circuit is either.I was encouraged to keep pushing even when I thought I had nothing left to give and each time I was will amazed at just how much I could do. I lost 8lb this time but even better is I feel and look great.*

    21 August 2015     Paula Hales
  • Huge challenge, great rewards, fantastically organised

    I have nothing but great things to say about my first boot camp. It was really everything I could have wanted it to be and more!The entire week was incredibly well organised with a hugely varied programme of activities (including last minute adaptations for weather and other circumstances) and every day was challenging, fun and different no matter what your shape, size or fitness level.Staff kept the energy levels high with huge amounts of enthusiasm and by pushing us individually and as a team, and just when you think you can't do any more they get that last little bit out of you.Chef did a great job with our daily menu which was really varied with lots of care going into presentation and flavour which really challenges your thinking on 'diets' and healthy eating. Although food was a constant topic of conversation I never really felt hungry and learned a lot about what and how much I need to be eating.Accommodation is really comfortable and set in beautiful (hilly) countryside which makes for a great week outdoors no matter what the weather is. I learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of and having shed a stone (and a foot) in a week I feel revitalised, refreshed and motivated to carry on.Thank you! I'll be back....*

    20 July 2015     Em
  • Professional, organised and effective - Definitely recommended!

    I attended the Devon bootcamp between 10-17 July 2015 with Staff W and Staff M and was thoroughly impressed - so much so that I would not hesitate to recommend and consider returning at a future date.Every moment of the day was well thought out and geared up towards getting those all important results. The training sessions were hard work, but the exercises were varied and broken down into manageable chunks. Both Staff W and Staff M were extremely motivating and encouraging and knew exactly how hard to push us without burning us out. They were both extremely knowledgable and professional and presented instructions, explanations and motivation in a clear and concise manner. The food was healthy, nutritious and tasty - but don't expect a lot of it. Once you get to grips with the small portion sizes it becomes less of an issue. Everyone is in the same boat and you are given enough to get you through the day. The chef also had a lot of information to pass on and recipe ideas to share.You get out what you put in - but everything is tailored towards the realisation of your goals. Make the most of it and enjoy!*

    19 July 2015     Huda
  • Great experience for the body and mind

    This was my third Prestige camp at the Devon site in four years. I am 57, while fitness is important to me, my life is not organised around it. The camp allows me to fully concentrate on this aspect of my life, to increase my fitness and strength, and to lose weight. In both previous cases the results lasted, I am much fitter now than when I first came, and I weighed less upon arrival last week than when I left last year. So this is not a fad. However, it is very hard work, which is reliably supported and guided by the wonderful PB staff. They are much more important than the lovely countryside or luxury accommodation. Obviously, diet is very important, too. While the meals were fine this year, too, they lacked the excellence and style/flair of the previous chef (for example, there's nothing wrong with sweet potatoes, but three times in a week? turkey/chicken tended to be bland, turkey burger in particular, etc, nothing major, only noticable perhaps to those who enjoyed the cooking of last year, or who cook fresh and tasty food themselves).All in all a truly recommendable experience for anyone looking to improve their fitness, lose weight, and spend a week very far away from their everyday life. Thanks a lot to the very dedicated staff W, without whom the same results would not be achieved, as well as to staff M and also to chef.*

    17 July 2015     VT (France)
  • Brilliant and Motivational week

    The week was very well organised - the exercise was tough, and very challenging at times, but the Staff were unfailingly brilliant at pushing us all on. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough! Food was delicious (and I got more when I asked, which was relief as I was not there to lose weight, as my goal was to get fitter and firmer) and the accommodation was lovely in a very peaceful valley. We had a fantastic group which was very supportive of everyone in the group. My daughter lost over 8 pounds and 8 inches and felt exhilarated. I left feeling fitter and better that I had done for years, and am trying to maintain the momentum by putting in place the nutritional and exercise knowledge I learnt, during what was something of a life changing experience. I am going to have to book another week soon!*

    15 July 2015     Sally Jackson
  • Change your life with Prestige!

    This is my 2nd visit to Prestige and I came away extremely satisfied as I did the 1st time. (1st visit I lost 6.8lbs and 12inches and on this visit i was a stone lighter and still lost 6.2lbs and 11 inches) Thanks to Staff W & Staff M who are top of their game, motivational, clever and have years of knowledge and experience. They know how to push you to get the results you want. (I find the group are always there for different reasons) Just as you think you can't take any more they switch tact and do something fun but still pushing you. The accommodation is lovely. You feel safe and comfortable. I travelled on my own both times, which I wouldn't have done had I felt unsure. Thanks also to the fabulous chef! Food was wonderful and I never felt hungry. I've brought some great food ideas home with me.I cannot recommend Prestige enough - no need to look around this is the one to book. Thanks again - you are a great team.*

    6 July 2015     Wendy
  • I achieved what I wanted, and so much more.

    I chose to go on a Prestige Boot Camp because I needed a real break. I haven't had a proper holiday in about six years, so this might seem an unusual choice but I wanted something I could do where I knew I wouldn't keep being drawn back to my emails or lazily drink wine. I also wanted to give myself a bit of a kick up the pants: shape up for summer, focus on my health rather than work or family, and step out of my usual routines. Everyone at Prestige clearly knows exactly what they're doing and, if you can switch off your brain for a week, you know you're in safe hands. Staff W and Staff R are both a great mixture of humour, drive, fitness-by-example and compassion and are great at energising when needed and proving a sympathetic boost when it all gets a bit much. (Special shout out to Staff W, on that one, who provided me with a few major confidence and morale boosts when they were needed: his kindness and humour was hugely appreciated). Chef is great: loves sharing cooking tips and has a dry sense of humour. His lamb dish was exquisite.Pettistree House is a good venue for this; the space around it is perfect for the fun and games Prestige put you through, the lanes around it quiet and good for a walk, and it's got great access to the wider countryside and beach as well as the A12 and Woodbridge Railway station. It's a nice house and decorated in a luxurious style: this is not a week of slumming by any stretch.There's no denying that this is tough. I was determined to make the most of my week so I really got my head down and focused; you get what you put in, I pushed myself hard and ended the week with a real sense of achievement. You find things out about yourself too: I discovered that I'm still a good runner, even though I hate running, and that I'm actually pretty fit. I also rediscovered my love of walking, and had a blissful day of walking half way through as light relief from all the other exercises.It's definitely good value for money: when you think of accommodation, food and intensive small group personal training it would still represent value at twice the price. You will get a return on your investment: time, money and effort. Even though my goal wasn't weight loss I did lose weight and inches; more importantly I feel more toned, stronger, more energetic and more positive minded.I feel strangely bereft now at my desk: it would be lovely to be able to drop in whenever you need a boost. It puts a burn in your muscles and a massive smile on your face: what more could you want from a Boot Camp? As for its long term effect: I feel as though I've been handed the keys to a Ferrari and I'm going to look after it damn well!Thanks Prestige, you're all stars.*

    22 June 2015     Erika Clegg
  • Amazing experience

    After one week at prestige I can honestly say I haven't felt healthier or happier for a long time. Having left I have managed to continue my portion sizes and am working out a lot more and ultimately have continued to lose weight. Will definitely return here, worth every penny!*

    16 June 2015     Laura Halligan
  • This was a life-changing experience.

    Never did I every work with an organisation that so under-promised and over-delivered! The ultra-professional staff (and chef) gave the motivation and framework for maximum group interaction and demanding physical activities that took you to whole new levels. You ending up seeing yourself in a completely different light, and I'm saying this a 59-year old. Being overweight - I lost 7 kilos (that's 1 stone 1 lb) in just six days! And I'm continuing - it's a week after the camp and the nutrition / exercise program has already become habitual, and another kilo off to show for it."Better body, better mind, better you" (the official Prestige motto) doesn't do justice. For me it was New Fun Body / Powerful and Optimistic mindset / New and Much Greater Person.*

    12 June 2015     Jacob Solomon
  • Outstanding in every way

    Staff M And W were incredible, so enthusiastic and professional, made exercise fun and varied and were able to motivate me to work my hardest even with a bad cold. Chef made meals delicious and healthy, something to look forward to! Guests were from all over and by day two felt like one big family. I have been on other fitness weeks and this one was by far the most challenging and the most fun.*

    31 May 2015     Susan Wallendahl
  • Life changing experience

    Being v v overweight (too close for comfort to 16stone) I was a bit nervous about going to bootcamp as I wasn't sure I was going to be able to keep up. I couldn't have been more wrong. The Prestige team are absolutely fantastic and only make you work at your own pace. The food is delish and it was a real eye opener that I could do all that exercise, eat sensibly without feeling hungry! The team are so knowledgeable about nutrition & exercise and make the whole week so fun (ok I had some down points but then I was sweating sugar & caffeine out of every pore!). I came away from that week having lost 11lbs (in one week!) and an absolute determination to stop throwing rubbish into my body - it has been a week later and I have already lost another 4lbs as I just feel in control when confronted with my binge food triggers! I still have a lot to lose but I know I can do it now. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Prestige - going on that week was the best decision I have made in a long time.*

    17 May 2015     Ellie J

    Where do I begin to explain what an amazing experience I had at Prestigue Bootcamp. I had explored many other bootcamps but something kept bringing me back to Prestigue. I am 56 and wanted to explore my physical and mental ability. I was meet with such a warm welcome and felt at home straight away. The trainers are so inspiring and their passion for what they do is so apparent . They are so full of information and always willing to stop and speak to you. Each day was different as was each session and it was never boring . I loved the games we played, made me realise how much I would love to play a team sport . It's a hard week but when you put your mind to it you CAN do it. The food was excellent and each meal different . I would HIGHLY recommend Prestigue to anyone thinking of doing a bootcamp . I could go on praising them, but think you should just book to experience a life transforming week. I shall be attending their London Bootcamps. Thanks Staff R Staff W and Chief x*

    15 May 2015     Sarah Grant
  • Prestige boot camp

    This is my 3rd time with prestige and I have to say Each time is hard the trainers push you in a nice way I am a 46 year old profecional lady, own business , 4 children and would not be happy being shouted at the trainers are profectional and treat us girls as lady's they know how to push each person they explain things very well with talks about nutrition and they way the body works if your after a change please come to boot camp it really works can't say enought about these guys all us girls have got different levels of fitness don't be scared I'm looking forward to two weeks when I'm 50 and no I'm not fit I sit down all day so you can do it girls .*

    12 May 2015     Tracie Mendry
  • Professional, passionate and relentless.

    So glad I made the decision. Couldn't have wished for more. Haven't laughed or ached so much in years...Thanks to all: staff and fellow heroes alike. I hope the fitter me will be back for more next year.*

    19 April 2015     S. Fielding
  • What a week that was!

    Found the week really tough and at times wondered what the hell I was doing there. BUT Staff W and Staff M were nothing short of amazing I can not thank them enough for there support and enthusiasm. And now the week is over and I feel incredible it was all worth it, and I actually look back thinking what a life changing week that was and yes I would actually do it all again. I was lucky enough to be with a great group of people and the chef did an amazing job too, and also not forgetting Charlotte for the fab massages. I unfortunately do have one grievance and that being no hot water for my bath.*

    18 April 2015     Loraine Resinato
  • It really works!

    Prior to arrival at camp I read other reviews and looked with interest at other people's results. When I read that the average weight loss for a lady is 8 lb I thought that 5 lb's would do me. After a week of intense exercise led by 2 of the most incredibly motivating people I have met, (Staff W and Staff M), much to my delight I had lost 8.4 lbs and 5.4 inches. I discovered I could push myself more than I thought and it has given me self belief.Thank you so much.*

    17 April 2015     Gill
  • AMAZING & GREAT fun, motivating staff, immediate results A+++++

    I went along to the week long Marbella Bootcamp in March. The transfer from the airport went smooth, the villa's were STUNNING and the first day was getting all of the admin squared away. Sunday we got going at 7am and from then on it was GIVE IT YOUR ALLLLL!!!. The staff were incredible, they motivated and encouraged and just when you thought you didn't have anything else to give, you'd pull another bunch of energy out of the bag. The food was small portions but very delicious and it just proves that you don't ACTUALLY NEED that much food anyway. We were on the go throughout the entire day and I wasn't hungry. The exercises were very varied, always challenging and varying levels of fitness within the group were complete opposite ends of the spectrum however everyone gave it their everything and we ALL used up everything we had. Staff R, M, W, Jo and Chef were the BEST!!!! They always had a smile on their chops which always helped pull us through. Jo is a real Sweetheart & the Mummy of the group, making sure us girlies were all OK and looking after any of us who had pushed ourselves to our limits (including me). I have to say that this Bootcamp is a life-changer. I lost more weight then i'd expected (9st10lb to 9st3lb) and have lost another 2lbs in two weeks since coming back. Reason for this is that they educate you also, make you more aware of what you are putting in your mouth and it transforms your life! I no longer drink caffeine, I have pretty much cut sugar out of my diet, my cupboards & fridge are unrecognisable and our food is much healthier and food bills are lower. So, all-in-all it was a fantastic week, I feel fantastic & from now onwards I will be attending both the day bootcamps & next Spring I will be at another week long Bootcamp. See you all there :0) X*

    14 April 2015     Clare Vosper
  • Awesome, must do Boot Camp

    What an amazing week - the staff were all really friendly, supportive and encouraging in helping me achieve my goals. The activities were thoroughly enjoyable and gave me the opportunity to test myself both mentally and physically, helping me achieve things I did not know I could do! The food was delicious and all prepared fresh by the on site chef. And finally, it all took place in a truly stunning location. I feel like the week has awakened a new me and I am enjoying continuing my journey now I am back home. Thank you so much to the whole Prestige Team, you have given me a new lease on life and I will always be grateful.*

    1 April 2015     Rowena Jeffrey
  • Great!

    Highly recommended! Great week, great organisation, food, staff, training, accommodation: everything gets 5 stars!*

    1 April 2015     Dora

    Its hard work, but with all the support and encouragement you get from the fantastic staff it gets you through. Brilliant location, delicious food, really friendly staff.*

    31 March 2015     Teresa Karvaski
  • Fantastic results, well worth it no pain no gain

    Boot camp has really kicked me in the right direction, I feel so much fitter & body shape changed within a week, my attitude towards food had changed, didn't realise how much rubbish I was putting into my body,learnt a lot about myself & I know that only I can sustain that change. The staff were fantastic, inspiring & motivational, their tanasity & drive is infectious, I would recommend this to anyone, best money I have spent*

    30 March 2015     Sharon Jones
  • MENTAL!!

    I wasn't sure what to expect, I train 6/7 times a week, mainly cross fit and I was worried it may not be hard enough for me, well after the first mornings session i had that arrogance whipped out of me!! The trainers were amazing in their knowledge, commitment and motivation and Jo was always there to take care of my moans and niggles (mainly about the amount of food I was receiving). I was used to eating 3000+ calories a day, so the drop was really tough, although we came to a compromise which meant I was not starving all day, it was still a struggle but I have learned that I don't need to eat that much to have enough energy for training whilst still building muscle. So out have gone the protein bars and I have cut my sugar intake massively. I lost around 2kg of body fat around my waist and hips to become leaner and at the grand old age of 44 I now finally have that 6 pack!! Not sure how long for but hey!! The venue was stunning, the views amazing, the beach.. Sandy, the food superb although I did miss the salt!Whatever your fitness level or goals it can be achieved with Prestige! Thanks to all the Staff, Jo and Chef and all the beautiful people I met, I shall be back.*

    29 March 2015     Justin Pugh
  • This is THE BootCamp to go to!

    Having tried another bootcamp several years ago, I was ready for a new go. With horrorjoy I arrived the site in Benahavis, and since only a triple room was available, I was a bit excited who my room mates would be - and it couldn´t have been better. The NAP team was established, and we cheered each other on during this week. The Staff was awesome. So dedicated, knowledgeable and they pushed you, in a positive way, so that you could do a little bit more than you thought you could. The excercises varied from day to day, and they were short but intense, so you never had the time to "hate" it. After dinner you had time for massages if you wanted - which I highly recommend.The food was excellent, tasty and succulent, but ooh so small portions. You can have bigger portions, but if you want results... The group of 27 people bonded, and we had good fun. Everyone was looking after one another, and we were a great team. If you want to improve your body, either toning, strengthening or cardio - in just a week, this is the place to do it, BUT remember nothing comes for free. You have to work for it! The more you put in, the more you will receive regarding results. I lost 13pounds and 11 inches, and i improved both strength and toning. Yes it was tough, this is no picnic in the sun,but you felt so good at the end of each day. I would do it again (but not if you asked med the second last day though). Prestige Camp is definitely the place to go!*

    25 March 2015     Pia Cernic, Noreay
  • Amazing!

    What a week. Fabulous venue, extremely professional and great fun!Many thanks to Staff R, Staff M & Staff W and Jo Jo. Looking forward to booking another week with Prestige.*

    24 March 2015     Teresa Downinton
  • Fantastic boot camp experience

    I had a fantastic experience with prestige bootcamp in Marbella. All the staff were fantastic and encouraging. Staff R supported me to reach my potential and push myself. He have me confidence to achieve what I thought was un achievable and I am very great full . Every day was different so you did not get bored or thought you could not face the next day activities. You were well cared for and they made it such an enjoyable experience.*

    6 March 2015     Angela Burnett
  • Hard work, fun & amazing results

    I was worried about 28 people in the Camp, but there was no need for two reasons. 1) The group were just amazing, inspirational & fun. 2) The trainers knew perfectly what are individual needs were & split us up into three groups all the time.My personal results were just amazing & I thank everyone in the Camp because they all played a part.Staff R, W, T, Joe & Chef were inspirational, they knew the ones to push, they knew when it was time for some to rest & they focus on having FUN at the same time.I don't think 5 STARS are enough.Thank youDerek WarwickPresident British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC)*

    26 February 2015     Mr Derek Warwick
  • Great exprience for mind and body

    Totally enjoyed every minute despite the hard work and early mornings ! Would go again and again !*

    25 February 2015     Kerry
  • 6 stars - yes really!

    I attended a one week camp in Suffolk in August having never done a bootcamp before.I arrived at camp with below average fitness and my Sporty Spice days firmly in the dim and distant past. Although I was sure I would end the week fitter and healthier, I wasn't sure quite how I was going to achieve it, except that it would be damn hard work! Well, I'm happy to say that not only did I come away fitter and healthier, but also full of life, energy and a bit of a tan! Plus I lost 11lbs. Result!I was met at the train station by a very friendly and welcoming fellow scouser Staff R, and we were driven the short distance to the beautiful Suffolk residence that was to be our home for the next week. I was introduced to my fellow campers who came from all walks of life, with varying fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. Some had made the journey from abroad, some were first-timers like me and many were returning campers. Our first evening was spent getting to know everyone and being introduced to our trainers for the coming week, Staff R and Staff W. They welcomed us all and took us through the timetable for the week. They recommended we all get an early night ready for the following morning.What followed was a wonderful week of fun, varied individual and team activities designed to bring the best out of you, both physically and mentally, whilst all the time being encouraged and motivated by the most professional, caring and funny people I have ever met. They very quickly understood each individuals capability and took the time to make sure everyone got the most out of each and every activity, every day. This created a great sense of camaraderie within the group and we all benefitted from this positive environment.Food is very important when you are exercising your socks off! The food was of excellent quality, always freshly prepared and full of flavour. Special dietary requirements were also very well catered for (special thanks Staff R). They have definitely taken the time to create a delicious, nutritionally balanced menu and it shows.I would say to anyone reading this who is in two minds about whether to take the plunge JUST DO IT! I was just like you, researching bootcamps online, not sure which one to choose, reading these same reviews thinking surely they can't be as good as everyone is saying but to their absolute credit, they really are. You will find yourself energised and revitalised, wanting to go that extra mile and achieving results you didn't think you were capable of. I certainly did. The level of commitment, passion and dedication shown by Staff R, Staff W and everyone at Prestige in wanting to help transform the lives of others is truly admirable and genuinely rare these days. It is no surprise that year after year they have so many returning happy campers. It is a true testament to Staff R and his team. Bootcamps are never easy but Prestige make it fun and above all achievable. There is never a dull moment and as challenging as it is, you can't help but smile and enjoy the positive, relaxed atmosphere they create. It was and remains one of the best things I have ever done and I honestly can't fault my time with them. They are excellent at what they do. Even now, when friends and family (and even my neighbour's 11 year old son and his little friend) comment on how good I'm looking or how happy I am, I can wholeheartedly say Prestige Bootcamp is the reason. Three months on and I'm still on a high so if you have decided you want to do something positive for yourself and you care about your physical and mental wellbeing, then I have no hesitation in recommending Prestige.This truly is an exceptional camp run by exceptional people.*

    19 December 2014     Sehar H
  • Challenge yourself and surprise yourself.

    I attended the Prestige Spain bootcamp in November 2014.I went to Spain with the sole intention of losing weight. Really simple goal. Id recently started my weight loss journey and I wanted a fitness kick in the right direction to help me stay focused through the dangers of the upcoming festive season. Looking back, I think I grossly underestimated what Prestige is all about. I think to refer to my week in Spain simply as a weightloss camp does a great disservice to Prestige. This was a week about pushing beyond the mental and physical limits I had set upon myself for many years. It was a week about finding that little bit of extra strength to keep going when I thought I was finished. It was a week about appreciating the amazing things my body can achieve as imperfect as it is. The weightloss was a (very welcome!) by-product of all of this. I think the number of return visitors to Spain demonstrates how good this experience is. There was a surprising range of ages, nationalities and fitness levels. Each person has their own story and goals, and each person receives the right amount of attention to ensure they achieve their goals. Being one of the largest and least athletic in the group was intimidating at first, but I used the limitless enthusiasm of the instructors and the unwavering group spirit to push through a tough first couple of days to finish the week strong. The instructors Staff R, M, W and Jo really are at the top of their game. There would be no Prestige without staff of this caliber. Their experience and education means that they really know how to get the best (and more!) out of everyone. I went to Spain with a mental list of things in my head that I just dont do. I did them. And I will do them again! Every activity can be adapted to your fitness level so you will work hard, regardless. The accommodation is a series of stunning villas in a very luxurious part of Marbella. Gorgeous views, comfortable rooms, swimming pools, hot tubs, a cinema they cannot be faulted. The food was wholesome and incredibly tasty the chef did a great job and paid attention to any special dietary requirements. I will be honest and say that I wanted more food, but after a poor diet for many years (and eating way too much!) I re-learned what a reasonable portion is. I was also reminded what real food cooked from scratch in a kitchen (rather than coming from a packet) tastes like. So, what now? I left Spain feeling proud of what Id been able to achieve in just 6 days. I also felt incredibly excited knowing what I was going to achieve in the future if I kept up the hard work. A couple of weeks later, I still feel that there are no limits as to what I can do. My workouts are more effective, Im still eating well and Ive set myself a number of fitness-related goals for 2015 - ranging from a hiking holiday to taking part in a local 10k race to keep me focused. However, the one goal Im really looking forward too is returning to Prestige Spain lighter, stronger, fitter and faster, and doing it all again. But better :-)A challenging, fun and enlightening experience. Highly recommended, regardless of fitness level.*

    5 December 2014     Lisa B
  • Gold Standard Bootcamp - have fun, lose inches/lbs, reach your goals

    I have just returned from my third bootcamp at Prestige.This organisation knows how to tick every box and clearly has a winning formula , as many people return time and time again.Exceptional , professional, friendly, fun and motivating trainers, Staff R, Staff W and Staff M help every person, whatever their ability to be their best, help achieve each personal goal, and maybe exceed expectations.Workouts are varied and intense but you will always end your day with a huge smile of achievement.Beautiful surroundings, top quality food, slick operational handling of over 30 eager participants this time. Everyone is made to feel an individual and the personal touch is present at every juncture. Each trainer knows every individuals strength and how to coax the best out of everyone.After a hard week's working out at Prestige, you will feel you can conquer ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!Thank you Prestige, you are THE Best*

    24 November 2014     Davina
  • As Nike says Just Do it

    Just had an amazing second bootcamp experience with Prestige Bootcamp in Spain as a self confessed bootcamp addict I've tried all the major ones over a period of years and took the plunge with Prestige in October at there Devon camp which was fantastic. As part of a 8 week health kick I attended another bootcamp in Spain for 3 weeks before finishing up at Prestige for my final week as I knew from my devon experience it would be a hard week The Spanish villas are amazing the last word in luxury from the 3 pools and the indoor pool & sauna to the amazing cinema with 1500 films to watch ( if your not to tired in the evenings) everything was perfect We were extremely lucky weather wise as it was a perfect week and we exercised every morning on the beach before returning back to the villas for lunch and more exercise On day 3, we did an amazing all day hike into the surrounding mountains and Staff W & Staff M were great they seemed to know exactly when to stop so that we could catch our breath before continuing upwards and onwards . Just as you thought you were about to drop on your feet Staff W would break for a few minutes . I'm amazed that I was able to do such an intense hike by day 3 but the encouragement of Staff W & Staff M made it possible I did think initially that it would be a bit cliquey as it seemed that of the 30 people attending around 20 of them had been before and knew each other but this was defiantly not the case . Everyone was fantastic friendly and encouraging with lots of banter which made a brilliant friendly environment for the week to come It's a well run slick operation from the pick up arrangements to the exercise regime, every day is different, no class is the same so you don't get bored . With over 30 people the levels of fitness was very diverse from some who could give The Terminator a run for his money in terms of fitness, to others who hadn't exercised for many years, to people who just wanted to get fit and lose some weight. But this really didn't matter as the Trainers Staff R, Staff W & Staff M were brilliant in accommodating everyone's needs and abilities to ensure they got the maximum effect . Ages ranged from 25 to 65 and being a mixed camp of both men and women was brilliant atmosphere For the first time in 8 weeks since beginning my health kick when running along the beach promenade one morning I felt fit and healthy and all the hard work was finally paying off . I lost 14 inches and 8lbs which was amazing considering I have been on 4 weeks on continuous bootcamps and I expected my weight loss to slow down a bit You would never think that a week of such intense exercise could be such fun but it really was The staff all take the time to get to know you and encourage you and Staff R is inspirational full of eagerly and encouragement*

    24 November 2014     Charleatwo
  • Simply can't recommend this enough

    So I have waited nearly 6 weeks to write a review - why? - because I wanted it to be genuine and not an immediate emotional response having just finished bootcamp and surviving it :-) . I didn't really look into this before I left, I just went on a recommendation from a friend. I'm naturally sporty but long working hours in the city and extensive international travel had taken its toll on my body. I was overweight, unfit, tired and miserable. Fuelled by coffee (8-10 a day) and biscuits (not saying!) and sustaining the day with treats, I knew I couldnt continue. Bootcamp sounded like the push I needed to re-start my fitness drive. Bootcamp surpassed my expectations it wasnt easy, but its not meant to be! but the Staff were wired to drive you when they knew you had more and rest you when they felt it was necessary highly experienced and very intuitive.So why was it so good? 1) The staff were simply outstanding - Staff R, Staff T, Staff W, Jo and Chef. They made you want to give it everything you have. 2) The accommodation and food were both excellent 3) The workout variety kept you engaged and helped you really understand what you are good at and where you need to work 4) I learnt many new work-out tips that were entirely transferable to work and the gym 5) Id like to go back.What difference has it made 6 weeks on ? 1) The detox taught me that I dont need to be fuelled by coffee so much so that I havent had a cup since! 2) I make different choices with food since gaining a much better understanding of nutritional values. Ive not eaten bread since my return even though toast was my favourite and I was eating bread at least once a day 3) I have exercised 4 times+ a week since my return, varying my workouts to make sure I working my whole body rather than just running 4) My weight is as it was when I left camp 6 weeks ago and Ive toned further and due to my diet, Im not bloated! 5) I actually drink water and herbal teas because I want to 6) the body blast workouts really can be done at home in 20 mins and I do them! (so long as you re-locate venerable glass teapots!)Conclusion for me, it worked. I set goals, surpassed them and am still working on them.Prestige I cant thank you enough!October Stormtrouper - Tracy*

    12 November 2014     Miss Baldwin
  • Money well spent

    I felt lousy, unfit and needed to do something different.So decided to do a totally different holiday. I decided to spent 60 minutes on the internet then decide what to do, well after 10 minutes a luxury boot camp was for me. I told my husband I needed to go and would he want to! Brill straight away he said yes.Prestige Boot camp ticked all the right boxes.When you are picked up everyone feels trepidation and wanders what the goodness have I let myself in for but hey your there so everyone rolls with it.The Spain accommodation, wow.All the trainers, positive, fit, happy, motivational and inspire you to reach your personal goals.The training is handwork but fun and unpredictable so even more funI loved the food. In all my born days I have never tasted and enjoyed an orange so much.The teamwork made the boot camp enjoyable and me and my husband generally like a holiday away from people!The massages well well worth the money and that was the only thing I spent extra money on.My husband loved the experience and we both came back home healthy happy and inspired.Since our return we follow the advice, we exercise most days because we want to and best of all we have decided after 18 months without a dog we shall be getting one after Christmas, so walks and exercise every day. IF I am one of those people who live to be 100, I want to be as healthy as I can be.I have been away many times, home and abroad and I can honestly say this holiday I really did come home refreshed, motivated and relaxedI have never written a review before but I will now sum up Boot camp in one wordBRILLIANT.BOOT CAMP IS BRILLIANT.*

    5 November 2014     Debbie Webb
  • Lose to keep

    In my week in Devon I lost (some ;-)) bad habits, weight and flab and jumpstarted the new me. A month later, I'm pretty darn fit, still losing some weight and inches (more slowly of course) and am generally living more healthily.The week can get pretty intense (you basically only get to decide when to go to bed) but you can really test your limits and come away a stronger woman (or man, I presume).Staff W and P did an excellent job motivating us to keep going and they picked up on bad moods as well, letting us play a game etc. when we got really fed up.The food was excellent too, thank you chef, and I started using some of the recipes already (chia seeds anyone?).The only thing less than excellent was my room; lots of noise from the kitchen/living room, stuffy - please get some thermostats for the rooms - and a horrible plastic sheet on the bed.Overall well worth the pain, sweat and tears though!*

    5 November 2014     Ursula
  • Fun, challenging, laughter, tears, mind-blowing, the greatest week of my life

    Probably the hardest week of my life physically. Have worked just as hard when I was younger but approaching my 60th birthday the week was a big challenge. Am so glad I've done it, feel proud of myself for achieving all the activities and some I didn't think I would manage.The "Staffs R & W" are truly inspirational and awesome: I couldn't have finished the week without their enthusiasm - as well as my fellow Campers who encouraged me all the way.I know I can achieve anything now. Life is just SO amazing. Love Jxx*

    4 November 2014     Janet Banfield
  • Awesome, amazing and well worth it

    I love sport and am relatively healthy and so thought what a great way to spend a week's holiday doing sport in the Spanish sunshine. However I didn't really prepare myself mentally for the detox, minimal sun lounger / pool time and portion control so there were tough moments. From the moment you are met at the airport the camp is exceptionally well run. The team have a very slick operation constantly adjusting their plan to accomodate weather and energy levels of the group and I was super impressed by the way the Staff, Jo and Chef work with the guests to encourage but not bully and make sure you feel it is all about your choice, you are not forced to do anything and you can always ask for more food - but you'll find you want to do everything suggested by the team. Any niggles and injuries were swiftly dealt with and Staff could always find ways to accomodate individual limitations, the massage therapists in Spain were also very effective at releasing tight muscles. The standard of accomodation in Spain was first class. What has really impressed me is that two weeks after my return I still feel super charged, energised and remotivated and caffine free! I'd say do it no matter how fit and healthy you are, we all have room for improvement (or just treat yourself to a week of looking after you).*

    23 October 2014     Erica Stuart
  • Challenging Fun Life Changing

    I have recently got back from the Spain boot camp with Prestige and looking back wish I was stil there. Staff R , W & T were amazingly motivating and educational at the same time. I went with only moderate fitness levels with the intention of boosting my appetite for fitness and loose weight, but it was so much more than I expected. The villa we stayed in was amazing and made the down time from training an enjoyable relaxing experience and while the training was hard it was catered to everyones fitness levels while still having fun. I managed to loose 21lbs in one week which was pretty amazing but came away with a new understanding on what to eat and when and also how much as my portions were far to big before. I have come back to the Uk with a changed diet a fresh approach to exercise and the confidence to know how far and much I can push my body. I can't thank the staff enough and even though I had a injury on day 3 they catered exercise around this to allow me to continue to train. The proof is the pudding 21lbs 14inches of body size decrease in one week and feeling a million times better than before I went. I will definetly be going again and can really recommend this for people from all walks of life.*

    16 October 2014     richard martin
  • What a week!

    Bootcamp is never easy physically or mentally, but the rewards are huge, and we achieved much more than we ever thought possible. This was the best bootcamp I've been on. Staff W and Staff P - you challenged us, made us laugh, kept us going and inspired us to change our lives. You are the best! And as for Chef . wow! Thank you all so, so much.*

    8 October 2014     Juliet Griffiths
  • The best bootcamp / change-your-life company out there

    i have been to several bootcamps - first with other companies - now only with Prestige. Most attendees at Prestige are returnees. Prestige emphasise health and lasting life-style changes. Other bootcamp companies beast you into the ground. This is counter-productive. At Prestige you lose just as much weight - they push you hard, but are not out to break you. The staff are wonderfully inspirational and supportive. I would like to go once a year for the rest of my life. You come home feeling and looking like a new person. Do it - it will change your life !!!!*

    8 October 2014     Linda Meth
  • Simply amazing week

    The two Staffs ( W and P) were committed and passionate and very supportive and approachable while continuing to push us to our limits. I really trusted them by the end of the week!The programme was varied which was great. It felt like a tough, tough endurance test and I passed it! The food outstanding and Chef R , very passionate informative and entertaining.The accommodation overall was good. Clean and warm and comfortable.The only critisicm I have about the whole week was that the mattress on my bed is due for replacement and was very uncomfortable. ( This was the double room upstairs at the barn end of the winery.)Delighted with the detox and weight loss and increase in my fitness. Hurrah !*

    8 October 2014     Nadia Danhash
  • An exceptionally rewarding five days

    The Prestige trainers are extremely motivated and passionate individuals who inspire you to achieve more than you believe is possible. In only five days, I lost several pounds and inches, but more importantly left re-energised and ready to embrace new fitness goals in my training. While we exercised hard each day, the trainers also ensured we stretched well and rested to avoid injuries. I spent the week with a lovely group of people, many of whom had attended Prestige boot camps before. Believe all the positive reviews! The Prestige boot camp is an exceptional experience which has guests returning year after year.*

    12 September 2014     Charlotte Beeston
  • The optimum environment to achieve your best

    I spent two weeks at the Suffolk camp in early August and it was better than I ever could have expected.After having spent five months backpacking through the UK and central Europe I felt sluggish, worn down and nowhere near as fit as I was when I started travelling. I wanted to do something for myself and was looking for some type of health retreat or boot camp to spend some time at before heading home to Australia.Prestige Boot Camp was an absolutely amazing experience. The training sessions were always varied and allowed you to push yourself to do your best. The food was delicious and meal times were always a fantastic opportunity to discover new foods and cooking methods, as well as bonding with other campers. Chef did a fantastic job catering to all the campers dietary needs and was always more than happy to answer any and all questions about the meals he was serving and food in general. The accommodation and grounds were simply stunning. The house was very spacious with comfortable rooms which allowed for relaxing and socialising at the end of the day.Nevertheless it is the staff that sets Prestige Boot Camp above the rest. Staff R, Staff W, Staff T and Jo are all extremely passionate about what they do and want nothing more than to be able to help and inspire others to taken hold of their own health and make a change for the better. At no stage was there any negativity or shouting coming from the staff to goad campers into training harder, only positivity, encouragement and support. The staff inspire good attitudes to best ensure lasting results long after the camp ends.Having been back home in Australia for two weeks now I can really see the difference in myself and my friends and family have remarked on it too. Prestige Boot Camp not only helped me achieve my short term goals whilst on camp but have also provided me with the tools and the mindset needed to be able to continue my journey towards and fitter, happy and healthier me.I would like nothing more than to return to Prestige to attend more camps, however the commute to both the UK and Spain locations from Australia is somewhat limiting.*

    11 September 2014     Carly Cilento
  • Another fabulous week with great results!

    This is my 4th Prestige experience and my results never cease to amaze me. I didn't think that a 5 day bootcamp would give me such good results as those I achieved on my previous 7 day ones but I did so well losing 8lbs and 9 inches! Just the kick start back into a healthy lifestyle I needed following a long holiday.Staff R and Staff W were, as always their normal energetic, encouraging and passionate selves offering their expertise advice to all abilities in the group.Devon is an amazing location for the bootcamp and definitely my favourite. The hikes along the Jurassic Coast are extremely challenging but the views are just breathtaking!The accommodation is clean and comfortable and the newly installed ensuites, luxurious.All in all a fabulous week and the group was just lovely! I met some great friends!*

    7 September 2014     Jessica Morton
  • Best fitness experience ever!

    Last year I did a running camp because I'm really passioned about running but it was a very one-sided. Therefore I decided this time to join a boot camp especially to build up core strength. This was my first boot camp and I wanted to be pushed to my limits - and I was. It was the best fitness experience I ever had! Both staff were really fantastic! Great mixture of motivation, challenge and humor. I felt their passion about sport and this rubbed off to myself. It was a great mixture of different cardio and strength exercises and almost no additional equipment has been necessary. All exercises can be completed at home and due to the motivation both staff gave to me I managed to continue exercising at home.I also loved the atmosphere they created. They structured the exercises in a way that everybody can perform them according to own ability and on the same hand they created also great team spirit and nobody felt alone or lost. And they ticked off all popular excuses. Long working hours? No excuse! They also did workouts taking 5 minutes only and afterwards I was completely exhausted But it felt really fantastic to achieve all the challenges!So the great news: no excuses! A fantastic experience and I already booked my next Prestige Boot Camp.Thank you, Staff W and Staff T! Excellent job!*

    6 September 2014     Karina
  • Very hard but really worth it!

    It was a great experience, Staff R and Staff W were excellent, always pushing and encouraging you to make you achieve the very best you could and always praising effort. They are passionate about fitness, exercise and diet and pass on the love of it to everyone-it was brilliant. I will continue with the new things I have learned and try to become fitter and healthier*

    6 September 2014     Ann Piper
  • Best one ever!

    2 days ago my son and myself returned home from Prestige Boot Camp in Suffolk. What a glorious place. I feel energetic, have lost 8 lbs and I have learnt my exercise capabilities even with my various health issues. The staff are unbelievable. They are understanding, helpful, attentive, professional, incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. There was such a good vibe and atmosphere between not only the other guests and us but between the staff and the group. The chef was wonderful and adapted to our needs whenever circumstances required. Staff W and Staff T make such a good team and their humour and jokes kept us going. I will definitely be going again but this time with my husband. Thank-you to you all for helping my son and myself attain a new lease if life.*

    24 August 2014     Binny Chaggar
  • Awesome

    This is my 6th BC but new to Prestige and must say I'm still speechless as to how fabulous it was. The attention to detail , sessions, care was second to none. Trainers were the best I've ever had and i will definately be back for more of the same. Best boot camp by far....thank you !*

    23 August 2014     Helen Woolley
  • Experience that took my fitness to the next level

    My week in Devon was hard work BUT enjoyable and rewarding!!! Boot Camp Team make it a experience you will not forget equally so expand your knowledge on how best to fuel and treat your body. Thank you Staff R and Team!! look forward to joining you all again next year!*

    15 July 2014     Belle Shergill
  • Inspirational motivation

    It was Devon ..not Marbella that I went to..but it could have been. Sunshine, wonderful group of ladies.A chef who cooked like an angel and 2 PTI's who were just brilliant, friendly,motivational,funny,proffessional,knowledgeable and as always very understanding . A terriffic week came away feeling happy, relaxed,fit , healthy and inspired . Thanks Staff*

    14 July 2014     Sharon Dare
  • A fantastic and motivating week in Devon

    This is my third bootcamp with Prestige and it did not disappoint. It is not an easy week by any means, in fact it is extremely tough at times but with self application and the help of Staff R, Staff W and Jo I have come back feeling great. I feel so much fitter, am so much more informed about both exercise and nutrition and I have lost inches and pounds as an added bonus.Between exercise sessions Chef produces food in healthy small portions all of which taste fantastic.Everyone should find time to put a challenging and thoroughly rewarding week with Prestige into their lives.*

    30 May 2014     Anna Doyle
  • Left camp with less inches but gained an incredible experience, encouragement and guidance!

    My experience with Prestidge Boot Camp was unforgettable, an experience which is so hard to put in words, an experience between me and the team! I went having no idea what I was letting myself in for, it was a challenging week, but the trainers were so welcoming and encouraging! I gained so much information about health, fitness and excerise programmes, which has made me so much more confident, as I now know what I am doing is actually beneficial! Overall the villas were luxurious, the trainers were incredible, the food was delicious and the people I met made the week unforgettable. I couldn't recommend Prestidge Boot Camp any more! If you don't think it's for you, you're kidding yourself, as they cater for everyone! (I can now do a press up!!) I hope to have another Prestidge experience in the near future!*

    27 May 2014     Jade
  • Climb that mountain!

    A brilliant experience that I have been recommending to everyone. The trainers are so supportive and encouraging - their positive attitude is infectious and I miss it. If you don't think you could ever climb a mountain, you will with Prestige!*

    23 May 2014     K Huggins
  • 5 star lifestyle camp!!! THANK YOU PRESTIGE

    I cant thank the guys at prestige for helping me to learn about the new healthy lifestyle i can lead! From being a rather notice exerciser and binge eater (my most dialled number was dominos pizza) i cant believe that how much the prestige guys have turned my world around. We were lucky enough to go on their Marbella boot camp and the location made the experience even more enjoyable. don't get me wrong getting up at 6am to exercise in the heat was tough but after your delicious dinner in the evening having free time to relax by the pool and sunbath in the luxury villas made it all worth it. The villas were all absolutely beautiful and really enjoyed jumping into my comfy bed!The food was absolutely delicious.Ben the chef really cooked up a storm and most importantly catered for my weird food allergies and even prepared me my own special snacks and food. Also getting the recipes sent through to me means that i can carry on eating healthy fabulous meals and proved that we can eat healthy delicious meals which provide all the nutrients you need to set you up for the whole day and you don't need to stuff your face to be able to achieve 7 hours of hard core exercise.The activities were super enjoyable and varied which meant i loved getting up to see what new challenge was in store for each day and how far i could push my body. Also has given me a great chance to learn all different exercises i can carry on at home.The group of people who were on the Marbs boot camp were all such wonderful people to share this journey with and we have set up dates to all meet up again and do more boot camps. The positive attitude of everyone meant that we were all one big team on the boot camp and everyone really encouraged each other and helped everyone along the road. (literally at times)Last but not least i must mention the staff and all of the prestige crew. I cant fault them in any way shape or form. The staff were amazing PTs and really helped you to gain that positive mental attitude you need to push yourself and taught us amazing exercises that i can use for the rest of my life. They really know their stuff and it was so wonderful to have that trust with a group of chaps to engage and encourage you. Chef Ben was lovely and really cooked up wonderful dishes. Frankie was actually on our boot camp and is super fit!! it was really lovely to have her along with the boot campers journey with us. Finally Jo was absolutely amazing at keeping me motivated and despite there being times i thought i couldn't continue she always boosted my morale and kept me going and i couldn't have done the week without her! I would recommend (and already have to my friends) prestige boot camp because i believe they give a 5 star lifestyle camp where you can really feel their passion into helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle. 6 months ago you would have found me with a slice of pizza in my hand and the thought of visiting the gym filled me with dread, NOW I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BOOT CAMP!!! SIGN ME UP. thank you prestige!!!! xxx*

    23 May 2014     Charlotte Hiscox
  • Incredible life changing week

    I'd recommend a week with the guys from prestige to absolutely anyone of any fitness level. They have re-ignited my passion for a healthier lifestyle. The whole week was amazing, from the incredible villas, the amazing food and of course the most professional and motivational team of trainers you could ever have imagined. I can't wait to book on another prestige camp.Thank you so much Steve x*

    22 May 2014     Steven Hancock
  • Absolutely the best!

    This was my second visit to Prestige Bootcamp in Spain. Having tried other similar bootcamps in the UK, I can undoubtedly say that this is the best one currently in the market. The location is ideal, away from the city centre but a short drive from the beach. The villas are very luxurious (indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, Jacuzzi, cinema room) and extremely comfortable. The food is incredible; tasty and although not plentiful (otherwise it would defeat the purpose), it doesn't leave you hungry. The chef also caters for everyones dietary requirements and is very creative - who knew you could make cuscus out of cauliflower.... But the best part of Prestige bootcamp is its trainers and facilitators. From the moment you book the course, up until you're dropped off at the airport, everyone wants to ensure you have a great time and more importantly, achieve your goals. The trainers (Staff) are real experts in health and fitness, and create an activity programme that is varied with hikes, boxing sessions, circuit training, interval and resistance classes, swimming, etc.Although they were running at full capacity on both my visits to the bootcamp, the Staff somehow manage to give everyone individual attention. Truly amazing. Now for the results. If you're prepared to work hard, I can guarantee that you will achieve great results. Like I have done. But more importantly, these two weeks have thought me to have a better relationship with food and not just that, I now have the confidence to try new exercises that I never would have done in the past. Anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle, improve their fitness levels or just switch off from the busy everyday life for a week, should try Prestige.*

    20 May 2014     Marina Scrivener
  • An Amazing and life changing experience! Thank you!

    A fantastic and inspiring week spent at the Marbella Bootcamp in Spain in May 2014. Firstly, I have to say that I am surprised to read any review that says that this camp is only for people with a basic level of fitness. Trust me, this is for everyone, despite size, fitness or ability and you will be supported and challenged to achieve your own potential. From the variety of structured exercise (mountain climbing, surfing, circuits, running etc.), to the fabulous accommodation and excellent food this is a truly professional experience, where you will leave feeling motivated to achieve your goals. Yes you will lose weight and inches, but more importantly you will learn some basic principles that will change your perspective on diet and exercise for ever. It is tough at times, but no one is belittled or humiliated and everyone is only encouraged to give their personal best. Most importantly you always feel safe and confident with the excellent team of staff and their knowledge and passion for you to succeed is contagious. From the fabulous organisation by Jo and Frankie, to the delicious food made daily by Ben the chef to the incredible PT staff R, H and W the week exceeded my expectations on every level. My only criticism would be that you can't take Staff R home with you to keep the energy going as he is truly amazing! However, he is only ever an email away if you need that little bit more encouragement. So, if you want to change in your life and become fitter and healthier with people that truly care and can help you achieve more, then this is the boocamp for you. Thank you to all at Prestige! I miss it already and will definitely be back! Clare T.*

    20 May 2014     Clare
  • One of the best things I've ever done

    I went on the boot camp to loose weight but found out it is much much more, lost almost 12ib in a week but also left much fitter and different look on life and food, the instructors know just what there doing to get the most out of you and the food was of top quality .*

    19 May 2014     Paul Williamson

*Disclaimer: These are real customer reviews from guests who have attended a Prestige Boot Camp. Please note that the weight loss; health; exercise; and mindset results/benefits reported may vary for each individual. All our testimonials have been obtained & verified via the Google approved independent review site Trust Pilot.