Health Benefits

Health benefits

  • 6 Year track record*

    Prestige Boot Camp have a 6 year track record of providing health and fitness services which help deliver amazing health benefits:

  • Average weekly weight loss of 9 pounds*

    on our 7 day residential course Results have been calculated from every client who has successfully completed our full programme. Remember your efforts will reflect your results.

  • Psychological strength and belief*

    At Prestige we believe the if you controll and own your own mind then the body can be what ever you want it to be. During your stay, you will achieve mre than you thought possible, break through those mental and physical barriers - our team of experts will show you what you are capable of and more.

  • Reduction in body fat, lower blood pressure*

    and increase circulation Are all important health benefits that have been reported by guests after a stay at Prestige Boot Camp.

  • Decreased stress and anxiety*

    Physical exercise is very effective because it gets the endorphins moving, you eliminate toxins caused by stress and you feel refreshed and on a natural high - one week of boot camp will enable you to feel lighter, both mentally and physically with a more productive and positive approach to your everyday life.

  • Increased fitness levels, strength and endurance*

    Our courses are short in time but big on results with rapid & significant improvements that might normally take months to achieve.

  • Reconnect to yourself*

    Located in beautiful surrounds our retreats have been carefully chosen to offer you every comfort in mind - our countryside, mountain and coastal locations offer perfect backdrops for you to clear your mind and revive your senses.


*Disclaimer: These are the weight loss; health; exercise and mindset results/benefits that have been reported by our guests. However please be aware that results may vary on an individual basis. Please view our testimonials page for customer reviews provided through the Google approved independent review site Trust Pilot.