Weight Loss Holidays

Have you ever considered embarking on a weight loss holiday?

You may yearn to lose weight for any of a wide range of reasons - perhaps to squeeze into that bikini that you've always wanted to dazzle your fellow beachgoers in, so maybe for straightforward health reasons. Others are simply motivated by the opportunity to boost their confidence through the shedding of those stubborn pounds.

Whatever - if you would like to accomplish those long-held weight loss goals in a way that is also enjoyable and compelling, you have to consider a weight loss holiday like those that we have gained such a formidable reputation for here at Prestige Boot Camp.


Benefits of weight loss retreats


If you are embarking on a weight loss holiday, you will - of course - want to lose weight, and one of our own acclaimed weight loss holidays here at Prestige Boot Camp will certainly help you to do that. We see an average weekly weight loss of nine pounds among those who complete our seven-day residential course.

Naturally, you should bear in mind that results vary and your own will depend on your own efforts. However, our weight loss holidays aren't just about shaving off those pounds. That's because they're also geared to aiding your journey to all-round increased fitness, strength and endurance, achieving the kind of results within seven days that you might have taken months to attain otherwise.

Whatever you desire from a weight loss holiday, in fact - a reduction in body fat, lower blood pressure, decreased stress and anxiety and/or a boost in psychological strength and belief - you will be in the best possible company to achieve it with our world class military-level instructors here at Prestige Boot Camp.


What to expect on the holiday


Enrol on one of our fitness boot camps - which we offer in exciting locations around the world as well as in more familiar spots close to home - and you will soon realise just how comprehensive a approach we take to the whole concept of the weight loss holiday.

The invigorating exercises that you would expect from a weight loss holiday - including boxing, circuits, hiking and mountain biking - are certainly present and correct on our boot camps. However, we also care for all aspects of your health and wellness during your stay with us, such as by providing you with the most nutritious meals and snacks prepared by our own chefs. Your diet, after all, plays its own key role in helping you to lose weight.

It's important not to be too intimated by our use of the word 'boot camp', however. Our weight loss holidays have been designed to suit beginners as well as those of other fitness and ability levels, with every participant encouraged to work hard, but at their own pace. We also provide you with the highest quality holiday accommodation and nutrition and exercise plans for continuing your new lifestyle long after your association with us is over.


How can you expect to lose weight?


As aforementioned, our weight loss holidays focus on all aspects that the person must concentrate on if they are to lose weight. We don't pay attention to 'faddy diets' or 'miracle workouts' talked up in the newspapers. Instead, we focus squarely on what works, as our many celebrity fans have also discovered. Amanda Holden recently attended one of our jucing retreats in preperation for Britain's Got Talent. 

Amanda Holden Weight Loss

Sign up to a weight loss holiday with Prestige Boot Camp, and you will shed the pounds through an extremely broad range of high intensity and low intensity activities, from hiking, strength circuits and cardio circuits to core fitness, beach workouts and team games.

With our supporting education programmes and workshops covering not just exercise, but also nutrition, motivation and cookery, no other fitness boot camp can achieve the dramatic physical and psychological transformations that ours can.


Enquire today about our highly rated weight loss holidays


It's easy to underestimate just how much is required to achieve sustainable weight loss and all-round health and fitness. Indeed, a whole industry of advice and assistance has sprung up in recent years around this widely-shared goal, covering everything from exercise science to juicing.

You may not be aware on the latter subject, for instance, that fewer than a third of adults hit the widely known "five-a-day" target, despite the similarly widely known benefits, including a significant reduction in the risk of heart disease.

Whatever - when you get in touch with Prestige Boot Camp about our weight loss holidays, you can already be assured that you have made the first step to a dramatic transformation in your physical and mental wellbeing.