10 Myths About Weight Loss

10 Myths About Weight Loss

3 August 2016

When embarking on a mission to shift weight, you could find many people willing to give advice – but not all of it might be reliable. Here, we point out 10 of the biggest myths about weight loss.

Healthier foods are costlier than unhealthy foods

Though this can often seem the case, you could choose to focus on healthy ingredients, rather than healthy foods. Doing this could lead to an appreciable reduction in the cost of your meals.


Carbs are bad for your waistline

Provided that they are consumed in suitable quantities as part of a healthy all-round diet, carbohydrates alone – in other words, without the likes of butter or creamy sauces added to them – will not see you put on weight.


Starving yourself should best help you lose weight

This kind of diet is known as a crash diet, but it’s unlikely to be fruitful in the long term. That’s because it will be too difficult to maintain and, if you don’t get enough energy, you could crave foods high in fat and sugar.


Particular foods and drinks can speed up your metabolism

While it is sometimes claimed that certain foods and drinks can help in burning more calories and, therefore, assisting weight loss, there is little scientific evidence supporting this.


Large amounts of exercise are necessary for losing weight

Actually, in the long term, you are more likely to lose weight by making small changes that are easier for you to stick to. It’s just about burning more calories than you consume, so don’t go overboard. Nonetheless, joining one of our weight loss retreats could certainly help you along the way.


Any slimming pills can safely be used for weight loss

Some slimming pills could be ineffective or even unsafe for use in your weight loss regime. Weight loss products that are unlicensed and not available via a GP’s prescription could contain ingredients that actually harm health.


Foods labelled “low fat” or “reduced fat” are always healthy

Not necessarily! Foods so labelled should include less fat than the standard variants, but the fat level could still be higher than would be healthy for you. Those foods could also be high in sugar.


You can lose weight by cutting out all snacks

It’s the type of snacks you’re eating, not snacking by nature, that you should be focusing on! Opt for fruit or vegetables rather than such unhealthy snacks as chocolate and crisps.


Drinking water is good for weight loss

This can be true. Simply drinking water will not see you lose weight. However, as it keeps you hydrated, it could make you less prone to snacking, especially as thirst can be mistaken for hunger.


You can effectively lose weight by skipping meals

To lose weight for good, it’s wise to lower the level of your calorie consumption. However, skipping meals can be counterproductive; it can leave you tired and lacking in crucial nutrients. You could also end up snacking more on foods that are high in fat and sugar and encourage weight gain.