10 Secrets to Losing Weight

10 Secrets to Losing Weight

1 July 2016

Losing weight goes beyond just eating less and exercising more. There are subtle things you need to know about both that makes losing weight a breeze.

Here are 10 simple secrets to help get you to your ideal body weight.


Understand portions

Less is always good, but you need to understand how much less, without being too stingy. People often underestimate how much of something they're eating. Try weighing things as you're cooking to give yourself a better idea how much of something you want to make.


Plan things out

Lay out a plan of action and stay committed to it. Jot down times when you'll be exercising and for how long. Don't push yourself and try to fill every moment of the day with exercise and dieting, but whatever your plans are - stick to them!


Get friends and family involved

Diets become much harder when you have to watch all of your friends enjoy big, delicious meals - while you're the only one on the table nibbling celery. Convince some of your friends and family to join you in some occasional diet meal nights, so you don't feel like you're on your own.


Treat yourself

Treat yourself - within reason. Mark down a time during the week where you will let yourself eat whatever you like, we've got a great blog on healthy meals if you're craving a sweet treat. This will keep you motivated to continue while also keeping your cravings at bay. Losing weight takes time, and results aren't visible straight away, so treats are a good way to keep yourself from giving up prematurely. 


Feed cravings with cheat meals

When the cravings are getting to be too much, get creative with the way you satisfy them. Substitute something sweet with something healthy that tastes sweet. The simplest substitute is fresh fruit - eat an apple as a snack instead of a packet of crisps.


Keep your diet balanced

A knowledge of the food groups and recommended daily intake takes a lot of hassle out of finding healthy things to eat. Research the types of food with whole grains and lean proteins in them, to keep an effective and balanced diet.


Sports makes exercising fun

Exercise doesn't need to feel like a chore. A great way of keeping fit and losing weight through exercise is by joining a sports team or sports club. You can combine your desire to lose weight with a fun activity like football or basketball.


Jogging clubs

Jogging clubs do wonders for motivation, helping like-minded people come together and encourage one another to keep exercising. Just like sports teams, the social aspect stops the jogging from feeling like work. Unlike the sports option, jogging isn't competitive and is very stress-free - with an emphasis on a slow-pace.  


Pools and gyms are your friends

You need not want to get ripped to find a great deal of useful resources available to you at the gym, all for cheaper than buying the equipment yourself. You could also take some time to visit your local swimming baths to swim a few lengths of the pool. Swimming not only helps shed the pounds, but it also provides a full body workout.


The road is long...

Don't rush yourself, or create unnecessary pressure. All of these tips help you lose weight, but not straight away. The truth is, there is no quick, easy way of getting to your ideal weight. You need to understand that losing weight takes effort and time, but those who push themselves to keep up a steady, manageable pace over time will see the results.