3 Easy Things to do Every Day to Improve Fitness

3 Easy Things to do Every Day to Improve Fitness

23 November 2016

Improving your fitness can be a challenge – especially during the winter months when working out is the last thing you want to do.

However, losing weight or building your strength levels doesn’t have to be a challenge, so follow our three everyday steps to improve your fitness today.

Make your home fitter

A good fitness plan involves having all of the necessary tools at your disposal, so spend time making your home a fitter place to live. Invest in a treadmill or exercise bike so you can work out even when you don’t want to leave home – if space is an issue, then add some dumbbells for your living room and use them while watching television on an evening. Add a yoga mat to your bedroom so you can practice positions and stretch on an evening, and hang a resistance band from your doorknob to train your strength while waiting for dinner to cook.

Eat the right foods

Fitness isn’t just about attending a spinning class or hitting the gym after work. Indeed, your diet plays a big role in the way that your body functions, too. If you want to lose weight or improve your energy levels, you’ll find that food is much more effective than exercise would be on its own.

At Prestige Boot Camp, we’re known for our fitness-oriented boot camps and fitness regimes, but this is only part of what we do. Our new diet food delivery service is a new health-orientated service that can be used to maximise your sporting performance and help you achieve your weight-loss or fitness goals. Akin to having a personal chef, your meals will be prepared at the Covent Garden Fruit and Vegetable Market before being sent direct to your home – tailor designed to meet your weight-loss or nutritional requirements and providing you with the energy and nutrients you need to thrive.

Set an alarm

The chances are that you won’t want to get up early on a morning for a jog, but doing so can have its advantages. Therefore, setting an alarm for half an hour earlier than usual to do some exercise is a great way to improve your fitness – and help you lose weight, too. Exercise is known to boost your metabolic rate, so it makes sense to start your day with a workout before you eat breakfast.

While getting up early to exercise is a great way to boost your fitness, it’s important to remember that sleep is equally as important. Adults need between six and eight hours of sleep every night, so try to have an early night as often as possible to keep your body working at full speed.

By making these small changes to your lifestyle, you will be more likely to stick to your fitness goals and get the body you crave. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, take regular breaks and set realistic fitness goals that work for you and your body.