3 healthy New Year's resolutions we urge you to try

3 healthy New Year's resolutions we urge you to try

16 January 2017

If you've decided against forming a New Year's resolution this year, simply on the grounds that your previous resolutions have come to nothing before the end of January, we would encourage you to think again.

It might be that those resolutions flopped just because they were too ambitious and you hadn't broken them down into more manageable chunks. Below, we detail three health-related New Year's resolutions that, with our help, you could stand a much better chance of achieving.

Get more sleep

If you find yourself frequently struggling to get to sleep, you should consider this an obvious part of your life in which to improve. You might still consider the amount of sleep that you currently get adequate, but the purpose of your slumber shouldn't just be to prevent yourself nodding off during the day.

It should also be to help ensure that your mind and body are reaching their full functionality, as Forbes advises. Sleep is also vital for helping you to solve problems, keep alert, and avoid putting on weight or becoming depressed or anxious. It's good for your heart and muscles, too.

To increase your chances of sleeping better, you could routinely switch off all screens two hours ahead of bedtime, and then shower or bathe in warm water just before you get into bed. And, if you can't fall asleep quickly, just do some reading. All the while, keep in mind that you can't force sleep; it can only happen in an environment that is soothing and inviting.

Practice meditation

Provided that you have never practiced meditation, you could find "meditation" a slightly daunting word. It could lead you to believe that meditating is a complex process that, if you haven't spent lengthy periods of time learning about it, you might struggle to get right. However, you should put your concerns to one side, as they could be preventing you taking up a very healthy pastime.

Through learning how to relax by meditating, you can boost your feelings of security and confidence. In fact, regular meditation could even make your blood pressure lower and your heart healthier. Also, you don't need to attend any classes to get started with it; mobile apps like Calm and Headspace can guide you through learning meditation.

Get closer to nature... while exercising!

There are apps which enable you to listen to soothing sounds of nature, like those of falling rain or emerging waves, on your phone. However, if you live close to abundant nature, then you could opt to avoid those apps by instead spending time somewhere like a park or hiking trail.

Another advantage of getting out of the house is the opportunity it gives you for exercising by walking or jogging; your phone might even be capable of tracking the physical steps that you take doing so. However, you could go for an even bigger change of scenery by booking a place on one of the weight loss retreats that we provide in pleasant locations including Devon, Suffolk, Wales, Spain and Portugal.