5 autumn outdoor activities to help you stay in shape

5 autumn outdoor activities to help you stay in shape

30 August 2017

When the leaves are turning brown and the cold, dark evenings are creeping in, it’s very tempting to fall into a routine of snuggling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate every night. It is important to make the most of one off activities because together they can really make a difference. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to avoid becoming a couch potato and to keep up the fitness that you’ve worked so hard to build up all summer, in spite of the colder weather.


Rake the leaves
This is a necessary job that, believe us, can actually be a good workout and burn calories.  This is a great activity for getting that whole family involved, and you’ll make your neighbours envious of your leaf-free garden.  Put in your headphones and blast your favourite songs as the fast tempo will get you moving.

Do some gardening
Once the garden is leaf free, it’s a great opportunity to try some gardening and enjoy a workout session while you improve your garden.  Add some vegetables that thrive in the colder weather, snap peas, broccoli, spinach or Brussels sprouts, and reap the benefits later.

Join in with trick or treating
If you can avoid the temptation of the sweets, don’t pass up the opportunity to get out of the house on a cold autumn night.  You can make sure the kids are safe while racking up the steps on your pedometer.

Utilise your time
When the kids are back at school, life can become hectic once again so make the most of the free time you have.  Don’t just sit in the car with the heater on while your child is at sports practice; this is a perfect opportunity to go for a run or to fit in a two-mile brisk walk.

Go apple picking
We realise this doesn’t sound like the most strenuous activity, but when incorporated into a hike, it can be a great way to get active.  This is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the autumn colours.  Even a gradual incline will engage the quads and get your muscles working.

Go to a corn maze
While a corn maze is very exciting for the kids, it can also be a workout for you.  If you treat it like interval training, you can really get your heart beat racing.  Find a maze near you and make the most of this autumn activity.

Join a sports team
Lots of sports teams restart in the fall when kids are back at school and parents have more of a routine again.  This is a great way to get fit while making new friends.  Alternatively, you could join a class such as outdoor yoga or even a boot camp to enjoy the crisp mornings.  Classes will help you establish a routine again after the summer and will help you stay on top of your fitness.

Go on a bike ride
Cycling is a proven way to build strength and tone muscle.  It is a great way to involve the whole family as your children will also be less active than they were in the warmer summer months.  Now that the sunny days on the beach are behind us try to find autumn outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy together.