5 easy bootcamp exercises you can try out at home

5 easy bootcamp exercises you can try out at home

20 November 2017

Bootcamps have become a fast favourite with exercise enthusiasts. Namely, because it gains weight loss results and fast. However, as these boot camps can be quite expensive, here are several exercises that are inspired by boot camps that you can try out at home.

  1. Jump Rope and Skipping

Although jump rope appears to be a sport for school children in the playground, it can also have some remarkable health benefits for adults. Dr Amash Ghosh even said “skipping is one of the best and most effortless approach to shed that additional fat in your body. It also helps in improving your heart rate.”

With this said, try exercising with freelance skipping for 1 minute as quickly as you can (either for warming up or as an intense exercise) whilst maintaining your skipping pace. Try to do this exercise on a relatively soft service to avoid hurting yourself should you slip up.


  1. Push up Positions

For those looking to resemble exercises from boot camps on weight loss holidays, such as those from Prestige boot camp, try investing in a small but hard exercise ball to balance in your right hand. When you have moved into the push up position, take a push up whilst balancing your palm upon the ball. Then when you have done the full push up, gently roll the ball to your left hand. You are then free to repeat this process as many times as you wish. However, it is recommended to do 2 sets and for 1 minute to ensure that you do not strain your muscles.

  1. Squats

This is a common exercise seen in many boot camp advertisements and movie references. It is a simple exercise but squats can stretch out your body as well as work your thighs, hips and legs. It can also encourage good posture by maintaining a straight spine. Begin by standing with your feet spread apart. Then, as you keep your back straight, hold your arms out and gently bend your knees until your weight is directly over your heels. Then bend your knees to the 90 degrees position before returning to the original stance. You may then feel free to repeat this exercise.

  1. Hip Raises

You may want a technique to stretch out your body before moving on to some harder exercises. Bootcamps usually begin using floor thrusts and gentle stretches that move the body into positions that will warm up the muscles. For a hip raise, lie upon a soft service (such as a mat or rug) on your back. With your palms facing upwards, stretch out your arms and take a deep breath. Then inhale and make your stomach as tight as possible before gently raising your hips. Your body with then form an arch. Hold this position for 5 seconds before gently lowering. Then feel free to repeat this process.

  1. Squat Kick Outs

For a tougher boot camp exercise, try a squat kick out, an exercise that truly works out your thighs and leg muscles. Begin in an upright position before firmly standing upon your right foot. Then kick out to the side with your left leg. When you have finished this first kick, lower your leg and bend your legs into a squat. Then return to your first position and repeat the kick with your left leg.