5 Easy & Quick Exercises to do over the Busy Festive Period

5 Easy & Quick Exercises to do over the Busy Festive Period

14 December 2016

With presents to buy and wrap, a Christmas tree to put up and decorate, a turkey to cook and other responsibilities to take care of during the festive season, it's understandable if you wonder where on earth you're supposed to find the time to exercise, too.

However, a hectic Christmas doesn't have to mean temporarily abandoning your fitness endeavours. Here are just some exercises that you can still easily complete when you find a few spare minutes - and many of them are especially suitable for exercise novices.

The plank

This common staple of fitness regimes can be performed anywhere with sufficient floor space, and can be especially good for building that six-pack, as it works the body's whole core. Other benefits of the exercise include its help in elongating the spine, boosting balance and making arms and wrists stronger. For each plank, hold your position for 15 seconds before release.

The Superman pose

So called as it involves laying down on your front, arms outstretched ahead of you, like Superman soaring through the air... except, obviously, you're on the floor. Once you're on the floor, lift your left arm at the same time as your right leg, then alternate with your right arm and left leg. This exercise can boost your posture while banishing back and neck pain.

Side-lying leg lifts

These are largely self-explanatory; just lie on your side before lifting and lowering the outer leg. It's the hips and outer thighs that are getting a workout here! We would recommend that you repeat the lifting and lowering procedure ten to fifteen times on either side, and also be careful that, during the moves, your outer leg remains parallel to your other leg.

Assisted squats

An assisted squat is basically like a traditional squat, except that some kind of support - like a bench or chair - is positioned behind the individual to allow them to lower their backside onto the support rather than towards the floor. This is more beginner-friendly than a typical squat, but still exercises the thighs, hips and butt.


These are also pretty standard for an exercise regime; however, if you are a beginner, you can ease yourself in gently by starting with modified push-ups, where the lower legs and knees stay on the floor throughout. Join one of our fitness boot camps and we can help you to advance to more traditional push-ups.