5 fat-burning boot camp exercises

5 fat-burning boot camp exercises

3 May 2018

If your body is carrying a little too much flab, you might be interested in investigating the possibility of blasting the fat with a rigorous boot camp regime. However, you might fear needing to shell out precious money for equipment that exercises of such a regime would surely entail.

However, there would actually be no need for fear on that particular point. Here are examples of boot camp exercises that you can use to fat-burning effect - with no equipment needed.


This classic exercise will work your chest, back, arms and abs, says the Health website - making it a good choice if you are especially eager to sculpt that six-pack.

Start in the traditional push-up position, your feet separated by a few inches. From head to heels, your body ought to be in a straight line; however, the exercise would involve you bending both of your arms as you drop that body downwards. Keep repeating the exercise within 30 seconds.


Your butts, thighs and hips will all get a workout with this exercise, with which you would start standing feet together and with hands on hips. You would then use your left foot to step forward roughly three feet while maintaining a slight bend in your left knee.

With the shoulders lined up above the hips, balance on your right foot's ball while bending both knees, letting your body lower until your legs each reach approximate 90-degree angles.

Flutter kicks

On a mat, lie on your back while keeping your legs and arms straight. Raise your legs roughly a foot above this mat, on which you should keep your arms flat and palms down.

Use those arms to support your body while moving both legs up and down so that one is always up - or moving up - while the other leg is down or going in that direction. You should continue simultaneously moving your legs in this way for a minute and so work your abs and hips.

Classic jumping jacks

Simply the peculiar motion of jumping jacks can make them difficult to forget. However, if you still need enlightening, here is how you can do this exercise that tests the thighs, hips and butt while throwing in a little cardio, too...

Start by standing legs together and arms down. Then, jump while keeping those arms and legs straight, but also separating the legs roughly three feet and raising those hands above the head.


Stand with feet apart at hip width. Then, squat down while keeping that back straight but also bending the knees and dropping the hips as though you are lowering yourself into a chair.

You could actually add to this by doing what the Fitness website calls "drop squat to press". This would involve you, after falling into squat position, powerfully jumping up - while uniting your feet - before pressing overhead.

Through joining our weight loss boot camps, you can learn even more exercises - and in a variety of beautiful outdoor settings, too.