5 New Year's Resolutions for Those Looking to Lose Weight this Year

5 New Year's Resolutions for Those Looking to Lose Weight this Year

19 December 2016

Losing weight is a commonly-set New Year's Resolution, but so many people fail to achieve it.

A likely reason why is that it can seem too overwhelming a resolution to meet - psychologists have found that we can more easily achieve ambitions if we break them down into several smaller, more realistic goals. So, here are five smaller New Year's Resolutions that you can make with the ultimate aim of trimming those excess pounds.


Log your food and drink consumption and exercise with MyFitnessPal


Once you have signed up with the website MyFitnessPal, you can easily use the Internet to record details of everything you eat and all of the exercise you do. This can be a great starting point for judging where you're currently going wrong with your lifestyle. You can also record on the go, thanks to the MyFitnessPal apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.


Regularly engage in an exercise that you know you enjoy


Exercising can accelerate your weight loss, but you are much less likely to stick to exercising and so enjoy much of that benefit if you don't enjoy exercising. Thankfully, you are likely to find an exercise you enjoy, should you look hard enough - and you can then engage in it regularly.


Join one of our weight loss retreats


We at Prestige Boot Camps offer a broad choice of fitness boot camps - and, through progressing in one, you can expect to learn much more about how to both lose weight and keep it off. Our camps include one-day taster days and week-long stays, including in Portugal for 2016.


Adopt a healthier diet


During a stay with Prestige Boot Camp, our team of expert chefs can teach you how to take up healthier eating habits. Their advice is intended to continue helping you long after you have left the camp, so soak it up! The food database of MyFitnessPal, too, can help you to judge whether you're getting enough of particular vital nutrients.


Join a community of other people seeking to lose weight


It can be easier to stick to your weight loss mission if there are other, surrounding people egging you on. So, whether it's through joining a local slimming group, frequenting a specialist online forum, keeping in touch with campmates from your time with Prestige Boot Camp, or doing something else, endeavour to build a close friendship circle of other aspiring weight shifters.