5 of the Best Apps to Aid Weight Loss

5 of the Best Apps to Aid Weight Loss

3 August 2016

We all seem to have smartphones these days, and we commonly use them to take care of a huge range of aspects of our day-to-day lives.

So, you probably won’t be too surprised to see how useful they can be for helping you to shift weight. We’ve put together a list of what we consider five of the most worthwhile smartphone apps for this purpose. All of the following apps are available to many, having been released for both iPhone and Android.


Diet Point – Weight Loss

Putting together the right diet plan for losing weight can be much easier said than done. Enrol on one of our fitness boot camps and our expert chefs could help you to learn healthier eating habits; however, you could first download this app. It includes over 130 diet plans, and you can easily discern how much weight you could lose with each one. Also in there is a BMI calculator for assessing whether your weight is a healthy match for your height.


My Diet Coach

The basic free version of this app includes a diet diary, perseverance tips, motivational photos and reminders. Spend some money for the pro version, and you get a points system, weight chart and food craving panic button as well. We particularly like the reminders feature, which can gently nudge you towards, for example, drinking more water or tucking into more vegetables. The tips and photos can also help keep you going during tougher times.


The Personal Diet by Nutrino

This app can take account of your medical profile, eating preferences and personal goals to advise what foods you in particular should eat. It’s a highly personalised approach which you could find invaluable for planning future meals. If you’re using this app on an iPhone, you can also benefit from easy transfer of meal summaries and weight data to the device’s stock Health app.


The Complete 5:2 Diet

Are you familiar with the 5:2 diet? Basically, it’s about spending five days of the week eating what you like – provided that, for each day, you don’t exceed 2,000 calories as a woman or 2,500 as a man – and, on each of the remaining two days, sticking to 500 calories as a woman or 600 as a man. This app relates to this particular diet, and offers a four-week recipe and exercise plan, plus over 140 recipes – including meal plans to choose from for the two fasting days.


Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is now firmly established as a big name, with many people familiar with its unique points system, called PointsPlus, for losing weight. While this app is actually free to download, you’ll still need to shell out for a subscription to use it. You can check the subscription pricing options on the Weight Watchers website – and, once you have signed up, you can easily use the app to track your food, activity and, of course, weight. A favourite feature of ours is being able to live chat to a Weight Watchers coach at any time.