5 Reasons to Escape Winter With a Sunny Retreat

5 Reasons to Escape Winter With a Sunny Retreat

19 February 2016

Here are 5 especially good reasons to swap cold Britain for a sunnier scene elsewhere…

A recent study by credit card company MBNA led to the revelation that a whopping 82% of Brits said that they had booked, or were planning to book, a holiday during winter. Well, why wait for the sun to arrive in this country when you can instead immediately travel to somewhere that is already bright and warm? 

Spain and Portugal, great winter sun hotspots, are nearby

You might initially think that you would have to travel as far as the Caribbean or Hawaii to enjoy the warm sun during this time of year. However, you would actually only need to fly to the southern shores of mainland Spain or Portugal – both of which can offer pleasingly mild climates right through the winter months. You might still find evenings slightly chilly over there, but it’s a different story during the day.

There are good opportunities to get fitter in these places

This year, we at Prestige Boot Camp are holding fitness boot camps in each of these places. To be more exact, we are offering one in Marbella, an area of Spain that is part of the very popular Costa del Sol, and another in the Algarve, the similarly popular southern area of mainland Portugal. The latter camp is actually new for 2016 – you can click here for comprehensive details of what we’ll be offering there.

You can enjoy a more appealing climate for outdoor swimming

While the frosty temperatures at home can leave outdoor swimming impractical or simply undesirable, lowering yourself into an outdoor pool can be an amazing experience in the greater warmth overseas. Thankfully, both of our weight loss retreats in Spain and Portugal indeed include outdoor pools.

More exotic culinary experiences are on offer

Experimenting with your scenery can ease experimenting with your food, too. Naturally, there is a wide range of unique but succulent dishes to tuck into abroad – and each of our boot camps include a diet food delivery service intended to help in altering your eating habits to healthier effect.

Great overseas locations can be inexpensive to travel to

Whichever of our Spain and Portugal boot camps you opt for, getting there can be kind on your wallet or purse, thanks to very reasonably-priced flights. Also, the cost of transfers between the airport and the boot camp location are included in the course fee.