5 tips to kick-start your fitness holiday

5 tips to kick-start your fitness holiday

4 April 2018

We’re often asked how clients can prepare for a fitness holiday or a detox retreat, particularly when they’ve been out of the fitness game for some time. Although there is no exact way to prepare for a fitness holiday, there are a few things you can do to kick-start your body and your mind so that you’ll feel a lot more motivated to keep up the good work when you’re there.

Make healthy food choices

Fitness holidays are all about giving you a chance to settle into a regular fitness routine and develop good diet habits. To avoid the detox “crash” (a slump in energy) that often comes with a massive change in diet, try to adjust what you eat and drink beforehand. One or two weeks before you go, remove anything that’s considered a stimulant such as caffeine or alcohol, any refined sugar, saturated fats and processed foods. You can also aid your digestion by having your last meal by 7 pm each day. No matter how tempting it may be to gorge yourself one last time before your detox, making healthy food choices will definitely help you both in the short and long run.

Ease into an exercise regime

If you don’t already exercise regularly then now is the time to start. For the best results, start easing yourself into an exercise regime about a month in advance. Exercises like swimming, jogging and cycling are great to build up your stamina and endurance so you’ll be able to push on further than if you were to head to your fitness holiday without any prior experience.

Avoid any extra stress

Those that lead a hectic and demanding lifestyle will benefit from the respite that a fitness holiday can give. However, it’s also a good idea to avoid anything that might heighten your stress in the weeks leading up to your holiday. The ‘fight or flight’ mode that we experience when we’re stressed can cause the toxic stress hormones that have been known to lead to major illnesses. These toxins can be released by exercising.

Be mindful

Say no to late nights and long work hours about a week before you go away. Having a good night’s sleep is absolutely essential to allow your body to rest and recuperate from the pressures of everyday life. Fitness holidays can be intensive experiences, so it’s best to rest as much as possible before you get your head in the game.

Think positively

If you’re struggling to get yourself motivated, consider why it is that you’ve signed up for a fitness holiday. Are you looking to lose weight or do you feel like you need someone to encourage you to start a regular fitness routine? Either way, by thinking about how great you’ll feel in the long-run, you should feel more motivated to pack your bags and head to your fitness holiday destination.