5 Unusual Things You Can Learn About Yourself In Group Training

5 Unusual Things You Can Learn About Yourself In Group Training

30 August 2019

Whatever your level of fitness, group training exercise just might not seem to be your cup of tea. After all, your fitness journey is yours and yours alone. You probably have a favourite playlist or three, like to maintain your focus on your own mind and body, and might spend enough time with others in the rest of your life! Exercise can be about escape, and there’s no problem with that. However, there are a number of surprising things you can learn in group training, so take a look!

Other people can be inspiring

Yes – those very people you might spend 9 – 5 yearning to get away from can actually be the very motivators you need when you’re working out. In group training you’re likely to be with people at many different levels of fitness, and with a variety of body types. And it might surprise you just how much other people can push themselves – even if preconceptions would suggest otherwise.

You’ll naturally work a little harder

You may not consider yourself to be a competitive person – but that can certainly change when you’re exercising alongside others. In a similar way that a personal trainer might push you to your limits, you may find that you’re able to push yourself a little harder – and lose more weight – when you’re working with others. This is why weight loss boot camps are becoming not only popular, but increasingly effective in helping people to achieve their goals.

It could make you smile a little more

We all know that exercise can be draining, but deeply satisfying, and even exhilarating at times – and group training is no different. Pushing yourself to the maximum (or trying to keep up with someone else’s maximum!) can certainly make those endorphins flow. However, the social side of group training naturally involves a lot of eye contact, a little extra coordination, and even working directly with someone else. And when this is combined with endorphins – you’ll naturally find yourself smiling a little more too – potentially enhancing your post workout buzz!

Exercise is easier than you think

If you consider your fitness levels to be low, or perhaps not quite what they once were, group training is a great way back into a healthy lifestyle. As you’ll be focused not just on yourself, but on the instructor, the programme, and all those other people around you, you can find yourself forgetting about the pain barrier, the breathlessness, and any other barriers you may find were you trying to plough through a treadmill session on your own.

You’ll know where you are with your fitness

Finally, and contrastingly, if you believe you’ve got your fitness levels performing at their peak, group training could bring you back down to earth. Often, we develop a favourite type of workout, from weight lifting to a go-to cardio machine, and the body becomes accustomed to the movements and intensity of each exercise. Group training usually involves working a multitude of different muscle groups, and performing a variation of different movements your body might not be used to – so be sure to give it a try, and learn a little more about you.