5 winter workout tips

5 winter workout tips

16 October 2017

Don’t let the colder weather discourage you from working out over the winter, follow our tips for keeping your exercise routine on track:

Don’t let the colder weather discourage you from working out over the winter, follow our tips for keeping your exercise routine on track:

  1. Be flexible

First of all approach your exercise over the winter flexibly, so you can adapt to the prevailing conditions. Be mindful of going out in severe weather (avoid it) or taking an unsafe route, where you might slip on the icy or wet ground. So, vary the type of exercise you take, your route and even the time of day at which you exercise.

If the weather’s cold outside, then work out in the comfort of your home, follow an online routine or a fitness DVD for a change or dust off that fitness equipment you bought but have rarely used. If you do venture out, then take a short, safe journey and work out either close to your home or close to your workplace – a heated swimming pool might be just the thing.

  1. Warm up time

Before you head outside, pay more time and attention to your warm up when it’s cold outside, and let your body prepare gently for the exercise to come.

  1. Make a date

Arrange to meet friends for a workout, that way you’ll have a schedule to keep to, an incentive to go (you’ll want to see your friends, and you won’t want to let them down); and they just might hold you accountable if you don’t turn up. If the scenery is looking particularly picturesque, then step out on a winter walk together. Most of all working out with friends is fun, exercise needn’t be onerous, in fact, it’s much better if it’s not, so make it a social event. 

  1. Give yourself a boost

Sign up for a boot camp, to give your fitness regime new momentum. Boot camps are a great way to make progress, get yourself out of an exercise rut and break through that plateau you’ve reached.

You’ll have a chance to rethink your workout regime, try new disciplines and benefit from the expertise to hand. In fact, you’re likely to make such progress on a Prestige boot camp that you’ll want to keep up the impetus when you arrive back home – throughout the winter and beyond.

  1. Take on a challenge and celebrate

Set yourself goals, then pat yourself on the back and celebrate when you reach them. It might be you challenge yourself to work out a certain number of times a week or to cover a certain distance; alternatively, you could aim to take part in a charity run.

In fact, taking the focus off of you and onto what you can do for others, can be a great way to keep motivated over the winter months. So choose the charity that means the most to you and train for a challenge, whether it is a moonlit walk, a cycle ride or a trek, focus on the greater good.

So there you have a few tips for keeping your workouts on track over the winter, now it’s time to step up the momentum.