6 Reasons to Start Juicing

6 Reasons to Start Juicing

15 August 2016

Juicing can be a fun and creative way of getting more fruit and vegetables into your diet.

After all, you can mix juices from different foods, ensuring that you can enjoy the best of the best - in terms of both taste and health benefits - with just one drink. However, that's one of the most obvious reasons to get into juicing. Below, we detail some of the less obvious reasons...


It can be kinder to your digestive system

While many health experts urge us to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, doing so can overwhelm the digestive system. You can avoid this adverse side effect when you turn to juicing. This is because the process pulls away the liquid from pulp, meaning that your body can absorb the nutrients which the gut now doesn't have to digest. This helps to give the digestive system a break.


You can enjoy better-looking skin

A variety of conditions hindering your skin's aesthetic appeal can be tackled with juicing. Sagging skin, for example, can point to a vitamin A deficiency, and yellowing skin can be blamed on anemia, which arises from a lack of iron and certain B vitamins. Skin lacking in colour, meanwhile, can result from insufficient vitamin C. Juicing can get more of these nutrients into your diet.


It can help if you have little time for eating

If your life is so busy that you often find yourself struggling even just for time for getting the calories you daily need, juicing could make things a little easier. After all, it can be less time-consuming than preparing and chewing food that hasn't been juiced. Still, resist commonly using juicing in place of conventional meals for extended periods of time - your body needs fibre as well.


It's healthier than drinking lots of coffee or alcohol

Your liver is always on the go, filtering out harmful substances such as toxins. However, because your liver has this responsibility, it is especially prone to disease. Drinking lots of alcohol or coffee can bring lots of bad stuff into your system and, therefore, put more strain on your liver. Juicing, on the other hand, will help your liver to more efficiently do its job.


You can get nicely warmed up

If you often find that your body feels strangely cold, even when the weather is hot, then juicing could come to the rescue. It can be great for getting more vitamins and minerals to help supply the glands that control, so to speak, your body's built-in thermostat.


It can help you prepare for one of our weight loss retreats

We've already detailed many ways in which juicing can improve your health. Therefore, learning about juicing is a good idea ahead of enrolling on one of our fitness boot camps, where you can learn more about good nutrition. That's before we mention our diet food delivery service, which can send healthy food to your door - even if you haven't previously joined any fitness boot camps that we have arranged.