A Beginner's Guide to Juicing!

A Beginner's Guide to Juicing!

6 June 2016

Six of the healthiest juices for newcomers, check out Presitge Boot Camp's beginner's guide to juicing.

We live in a cynical world - there's no doubt about that, and there's also no doubt that such cynicism is frequently justified, especially as far as certain foods and drinks and the health claims that are often made for them are concerned. It seems that with every passing day, there's a new 'miracle' ingredient that is being celebrated in the newspapers - and much the same cynicism is routinely applied to juices. After all, aren't they all just full of sugar that is guaranteed to rot our teeth?

Well, that might be an accurate statement to make about many of the mass-produced smoothies that you typically see on supermarket shelves. But we're about to introduce you to something a little different here at Prestige Boot Camp - six genuinely healthy drinks to remind you precisely why you got so excited about juicing in the first place.

Check out our amazing infographic detailing the best juices

Indeed, you may be completely new to juicing and are wondering what recipes really will make you look and feel better. This is why we have gone as far as compiling a useful infographic, detailing six of our favourite juices and the distinctive health benefits that each of them brings.We recommend juicing along side a healthy diet and fitness routine

You may be looking for a juice recipe to help banish that troubling insomnia, and you may want to have more energy during the day but are eager to avoid chocolate, sweets and other unhealthy 'quick fixes'. Alternatively, you may just be seeking the perfect 'detox' drink. There are many aspects of your all-round health that the best, most natural juices can help with, meaning that there's no need for you to avoid this refreshing summer craze. If you want to learn more about juicing, we offer 7 day juicing retreats, where you will recieve support personalised to you. 

Scroll down to discover our infographic dedicated to six of the best juice recipes for you, your family and your friends to try this summer!