Beginners Guide to CrossFit

Beginners Guide to CrossFit

18 April 2019

No matter where you go, you are bound to see some form of advertisement aimed at encouraging you to try out CrossFit. CrossFit is known as a training programme that trains the body to build strength and retain stamina through different workouts. Whilst you do want to try different work outs in order to improve on your overall health, you should not immediately push yourself into the bigger workout routine. Instead, as a beginner, be sure to build up your tolerance by trying out some of these start-up workouts.

Pick the Best Environment

Whether you decide to CrossFit at a Gym, at a fitness boot camp, or even in your own home, you need to make sure that you have enough space in your chosen area to start your exercises in a safe environment. Make sure that you are not working out on any loose surfaces, such as rugs, and that your chosen space is de-cluttered. That way you can work out and properly stretch before you undertake any harder exercises.

Class or Solo?

With CrossFit delivering an estimated 3-4% decrease in fat and increase in muscle mass, it is important to decide what sort of CrossFit Regime will work best for your daily life. Whilst you will have constant support and advice from a fitness instructor at a CrossFit Gym Session, if you feel more confident working out on your own then you may want to take your own exercises in your own house. Just make sure you have the correct work out equipment to perfect your routine.

Knowing the Essentials

One of the most important things you can do when you are stocking up for your CrossFit routine is to purchase the perfect set of equipment to enhance your routine. Whilst you should not just pick expensive equipment, you may want to consider the following:

·         Barbell & Plate Set

This is one of the most important pieces of equipment. You can use it as a foundation for all of your workouts, especially in regards to basic exercises. These can include:

Leg Exercises: Back and Frontal Squats and Lunges

Back Exercises: Upright Row, Power Cleans and Barbell Rows

Shoulder Exercises: Military and Behind the Neck Press

Chest Exercises: Exercises Bench Press

·         BenchPress

A Bench Press is the perfect CrossFit Item that can help you utilise your barbell set. Try to go for a bench that has incline and decline functionalities, that way if you decide to try out split bodybuilding then you can utilise the bench to the best of its ability.

·         The Rack

Another useful asset to your CrossFit routine is your Rack. If you intend to indulge in heavier leg, chest and shoulder workouts, then you use your heavy lifting bar to really test your stamina

Cardio CrossFit

You may feel worried that CrossFit is solely about creating muscle. But it is also about improving your cardio. Should you decide to use stretches or running during your routine, or any form of Cardio exercises, purchase some weights that you can lift during the exercises. As you improve during your CrossFit exercises, you should be able to lift the weights at a faster rate.