Benefits of booking a holiday in the winter

Benefits of booking a holiday in the winter

27 January 2017

Winter holidays have become popular with Brits who want to get away from the typically dreary weather in their home country.

In 2014, the UK's leading travel association, ABTA, found that more than 12 million of us were about to embark on winter holidays, with the prospect of travelling to somewhere sunnier attracting 43% of people. But what other reasons are there to holiday in winter?

Eager to get away from the UK?

While the chance of greater sun is an obvious attraction of winter trips, they do have more cosmopolitan appeal than you might have initially realised. ABTA's research found that, in 2014, 35% of Brits planning to take winter holidays during the approaching months were set on city breaks.

Winter getaways are also popular across various age groups; ABTA revealed that 27% of people in the 25-34 age bracket said that they were going to take one, while 24% of respondents over 65 said the same. So, you shouldn't be quick to disregard the usefulness of a winter holiday simply on account of your age. Holidays of this kind can be good for your health and fitness, too...

Get a delightful dose of vitamin D

Yes, soaking up the rays somewhere bright and warm isn't just pleasant; in many ways, it can also be healthy for you. The sun can be an especially good source of vitamin D, which is vital for healthy bones and skin. During the winter months, the sun simply isn't strong enough to give us the recommended levels of this vitamin in the UK; however, once you have 'topped up' abroad, the benefits will last for several months, as the Daily Mail makes clear.

Of course, you want to be careful not to get sunburnt; however, Good Housekeeping says that a daily 10-15 minutes in the sun is sufficient for getting the advised amount of vitamin D. Rest assured that this isn't long enough to get you sunburnt in the process.

Good for the mind, not just the body

You also shouldn't overlook how mentally beneficial a holiday can be. There's nothing wrong with having a regular routine; after all, this helps us to keep organised and, therefore, productive. However, changing your scenery and pace can be great for relieving common stresses. Studies have suggested that regularly taking breaks during the year can pay dividends when you are at work, where you are then likely to benefit from lower absenteeism and boosted productivity.

Even just arranging a winter break can make you feel better, as it gives you something to eagerly anticipate at a time of year that you could typically find depressing. TravelSupermarket has conducted research revealing that two-thirds of holidaymakers reported feeling more relaxed after a winter trip, while a third said that they felt healthier. So, why not book a place on one of our fitness boot camps in Portugal or Spain? It's a great opportunity to not only feel happier, but also get yourself into better physical shape and fitness.