Best of British: how to get fit without leaving the UK

Best of British: how to get fit without leaving the UK

11 December 2018

Health and fitness has been a trend that has experienced its peaks and troughs over the years, but because of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, the importance of keeping in shape is currently pushed in our faces more than ever. With over 6728 fitness facilities throughout the UK, as of 2017 it seems like everyone is at it, and the cold, blustery weather can no longer be deemed an excuse for us Brits. There are many methods of staying fit without having to venture abroad into sunnier climes, read on to find out just a few.


The Great British Outdoors

It’s not the best in terms of weather, but the UK has some of the most beautiful coastlines and countryside right on our doorsteps, so it would be a shame to waste it. Why not put on your running shoes and venture outside? You could take a jog along the sea front or through some of our country’s stunning national parks! Jogging outdoors is a perfect way of fitting in a bit of invaluable cardio before or after work. Outdoor jogging can be used as a means of improving the health of your heart or even training for a half-marathon such as the Great North Run. The best thing about outdoor running? It’s free!


Fitness Boot Camps

There are many bootcamp retreats available throughout the UK to help you reconnect with your body and establish those fitness habits that you’ve been striving for. Prestige Boot Camp UK offer a selection of bootcamp retreats across the country that include invaluable information and educational lessons surrounding diet and fitness plans, as well as the chance to meet new friends while exercising across a selection of circuits, boxer fit classes, hiking, and mountain biking. These luxury retreats are perfect for adding that sense of professional glamour to your exercise routine, all year round.


The Good Old Fashioned Gym   

We get it, gyms can be intimidating places. In one corner you have the muscle men lifting free weights and in the other there’s people who simply don’t know what they’re doing. The truth is that when it comes to gyms, nobody is really looking at you, as they are too focused on their own workout to care.

These days gyms are equipped with a selection of modern equipment suited to a whole range of cardio and strength based workouts for all body shapes and sizes. Additionally, many gyms now have dedicated female and male workout sections, as well as clean showering facilities to use post-workout. Gain confidence in your body and health by attending your local gym today.

Don’t let the bad weather that we’re forced to endure in the UK stop you from exercising. As we’ve mentioned above, there are numerous ways for you to get in shape and improve your health. From embracing the great British outdoors or taking out a membership at your local gym, to registering your interest with Boot Camps UK, there really is no excuse for keeping your body in check all year round.