Can You Lose Weight And Gain Muscle At The Same Time?

Can You Lose Weight And Gain Muscle At The Same Time?

18 April 2019

Are you worried that if you set a strict weight loss routine at your gym and burn fat, then there will be no chance of you gaining muscle? Well, fear not, for while it can feel like an impossible task, there is a chance that you can not only shed a few pounds – but maintain the strength and stamina needed in your body in order to maintain your muscle. Here is how you can obtain the ultimate body with a steady workout routine.

The Basic Weight Loss and Muscle Gain Strategy

The difficulty of gaining muscle whilst losing weight is the fact that both seem to require opposite regimes. To lose weight you will need to have an intake of fewercalories, but if you want to gain muscle then it is important that you have a surplus of calories. Whilst it is an extremely difficult task to make sure these strategies are in balance, it is not an impossible feat. You just need to be patient and take the build-up of your exercises one step at a time.

Calorie Control

Whether you have decided to start your muscle gain and fat loss regime in a normal gym or in your own home, what is important is that you become “calorie deficient.” This can be done through intermittent fasting, a keto diet or even just by avoiding junk food. Your priority needs to be focused on losing fat whilst also maintaining your bodies health and synthesizing new muscle protein.

 The most effective way of losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time is actually by starting slightly overweight, as even if you become calorie deficient, the fat you have stored in your body will allow you to maintain your energy even as you lose weight. It also means that your muscle mass will not be cut down in the process, especially if you start using weights. A great place to start learning this delicate balance is with a professional bootcamp class. You can find these run by local gyms, taking place in parks, and even combine your holiday with a bootcamp, like those offered by Prestige Bootcamp, in Spain.

Proper Nutrition

Just because you are trying to remain healthy and avoid junk food does not mean that you should starve yourself - this is never healthy. Instead, focus on eating proper food sources like vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs and nuts. This healthy diet combined with Daily Cardio of around 30-40 minutes per day to help you lose fat will truly help you stick to your exercise regime.

Protein Intake

Whilst you may be fully focused on your calories, don’t forget to keep adding protein to your diet in the form of powders and food sources (such as meat). You should be having around 5-6 equal portions that are spaced out during your day in order to retain your muscle as you reduce the calories.

The Best Exercises

Whilst you should be working out all of your body during your exercise regime, if you want to lose weight whilst gaining muscle at the same time, then you should mainly focus on hardcore weights workouts. If you maintain these weights workouts, and increase their weight over time, then you will be able to enhance your strength and stamina.