Celebrity Beauty Stalker: Get A Better Body

27 April 2010

Getting a better body requires a lot of time and athletic effort! When an invite came in from the energetic people from ‘Prestige Boot Camp’ for a one week stay, I knew someone who would dash at the chance to take this up! Who? My Mother of course! Mum is a fast-paced individual who craved for the body of an Olympian. So. Would one week at this 5 star award winning boot camp give her the body that she desired?

Swapping her heels for pumps she arrives at the Devon camp and was greeted by her drill instructor Staff Reitze. She was thinking of the hit movie ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ and concentrating on her smile and handshake whilse Reitze was concentrating on her bodily form.  Immediately she was stripped of from her civilian clothing and was nicely ordered to go to her room and change into work out gear.

Military style fitness was not something that Mum was used to doing. 

But if she wanted to burn fat fast and build muscle quickly, this would do the trick in no time at all. 

I could think of simpler ways to lift up your chest (like buying a push-up bra for instance). However, even a push-up bra does not give you the right amount of lift, so let’s see if the complex way does!
Gi -Mum!

The Prestige Boot Camp programme consists of the toughest outdoor workout programme that takes your regular exercise up a notch or two (or three) and is one of the most physically demanding experiences that you’ll ever have.

You’ll climb hills, walk between trees and then want to go back and do the whole routine again. Judging by my Mother’s new ripped shape there’s no mountain high enough that she couldn’t reach right now!

You’ll also be nutritiously fed by specially trained chefs to ensure that your body is truly cared for and the camp also provides you with a take home healthy eating plan that has been devised by reputable dieticians. To continue with your weight plan success in the comfort of your own a surroundings enlist in the help of renowned weight loss hypnotherapist expert Monica Black.  Black’s mesmerising words will help you battle the bulge helping you get into that little black dress without any hassles.

After seven days of sweat and tears my Mother has gone from ‘flab to fab’ and is looking forward to her next challenge. Sky diving?!

By Alice Howard on 12/03/2010