Could you benefit from a weight loss holiday?

Could you benefit from a weight loss holiday?

22 November 2017

A diet and weight loss regime can be very difficult to stick to. What with work stresses, daily chores and social duties. You may find that you are secretly snacking more than you hoped for when you first started your diet. The answer to this may be a complete getaway dedicated to weight loss: A Weight Loss Holiday.

  1. Exercise in Tranquillity

Instead of exercising in the mechanical jungle of a gym or a rainy street in the winter, a weight loss holiday could provide you with the opportunity to de-stress and get you away from normal life. Try working out on a beach, or next to a river. These rural environments will be sure to set your mind at ease and provide the perfect tranquil setting for taking some time out to think. They also may provide you with the opportunity to think clearly without any technology getting in the way of your work. Discard your computer and stressful emails, instead focus on a beautiful environment ready for you to explore and conquer it.

  1. Fully Focused Mentality

On weight loss holidays there is nothing to distract you from your intended diet and exercise patterns. By getting away from work and home, you may find yourself re-invigorated to continue your healthy patterns. You may get a chance to reflect on your current lifestyles, and have the time to prepare a schedule and make the changes needed for when you return home.

  1. Access to health facilities and trainers

Back at home, the only way to get access to trainers and health facilities is by joining a gym for a large fee per month. On a Weight Loss holiday, you may choose your own health package and have access to all gym equipment and training advice needed for your diet and exercise. These expert trainers will not only advise you on your exercise, but will even talk you through your nutrition, giving you access to healthy diets, such as Juicing, and any health issues that may interfere with your exercise.

As all your experiences will be personalised to suit your health and exercise needs, it is the perfect opportunity to try our different exercises and diets, to see what would suit you and your weight loss expectations.

  1. Support Methods

Obtaining social support from teammates and friends upon a weight loss holiday does make it easier to stick to a planned regime. By working together with family, lovers and friends, who may be interested in joining you on a weight loss holiday, It was even shown in a study at the University of Pennsylvania, who recruited 166 people to participate in a weight-loss study either alone or with companions, that 95% of those worked with friends completed the course unlike the 76$ of those who did it alone. Think of a weight loss holiday as a healthy opportunity to, not only lose weight but to also re-bond with old connections. It is the perfect means of reconnecting while shedding some pounds. You may even make new friends with others interested in weight loss.