Eat breakfast daily

Eat breakfast daily

2 December 2015

Start the day well with our breakfast tips

Prestige Bootcamp’s Breakfast tips!

Here at Prestige Bootcamp, our goal is not just exercise. exercise, we are well aware that a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle is an important part of keeping fit and healthy, too!

One of the most well-known fitness tips is that you should a?lwayseat breakfast. We know that it’s trickier than it sounds, though. So we’ve compiled some tips to make sure you’re able to fit the most important meal of the day into your busy schedule.

The benefits of eating breakfast

There are many health benefits to eating breakfast. Studies have shown that managing to eat breakfast on a morning allows for improved concentration and performance at work, more strength and endurance, and lower cholesterol levels. It also maintains your blood sugar levels reducing the desire for sugary snacks.

Breakfast also allegedly helps with weight control. Think about it, if you skip breakfast you’re more likely to eat more/ eat sugary based food at lunch and dinner time.

Can’t be bothered, still?

We understand that the morning isn’t the best time for most people. The desire to stay in bed as long as possible does sometimes outweigh getting ready and getting to wherever you need to go quickly. If you’re determined to squeeze breakfast in, try setting your alarm ten or fifteen minutes earlier to give yourself more time to wake up.

If you’re still after a snooze, why not try and pack breakfast the night before to take with you to work? Even if it means a shake or some fruit on the journey to work, it’s better than nothing.

Stuck for recipe ideas?

Try and avoid toast and off the shelf cereals so mix it up a bit! Try new recipes such as an omelette, smoothie, homemade muesli etc . Also, remember that you don’t have to necessarily eat traditional breakfast food in the morning, eat whatever you fancy. We highly recommend variety not just for its health benefits, but to avoid boredom; for some people, there's nothing worse than eating the exact same on a daily basis because you believe it will improve your health. This could ultimately lead to you rebelling and destroying all your hard work - be sure to try new things and you may even discover a new favourite.

At Prestige Bootcamp, we’re very passionate about breakfast, if you can’t tell! We do everything to ensure our guests enjoy and benefit from o?ur nutritious menu.Our breakfasts change daily and are tailored to your specific needs. Find out more about us and the different bootcamps here.