Exercises to try with your best friend

Exercises to try with your best friend

26 June 2017

With summer getting closer, it’s time to make the most of the weather and spice up your workout routine. But this year, why not try something new and make it stick? Here at Prestige Boot Camp, we understand the desire to be fit and healthy – yet the idea of running alone on a treadmill nearly every day can be uninspiring, even damaging to your commitment. It’s often easier to commit to a regime and push yourself when working out in a group, and adding a little bit of variety can keep things feeling fresh and exciting. We have thought of a few possibilities that you can try with some close friends – why not give some of them a go?

Outdoor exercises

Perhaps one of the most well-known outdoor activities, jogging is cheap and can easily be included in a busy working life. It’s a fantastic way of improving your overall stamina and fitness and is listed by the NHS as a type of vigorous aerobic activity that helps adults to stay healthy. Unlike running alone, running with friends may encourage you – and them – to try harder, and will give your workout a positive and relaxing tone, making you more likely to enjoy yourself and stick to a regular regime.  Alternatively, take the opportunity to enjoy the summer weather by exploring the various nature trails that Britain has to offer: with 16 possibilities alone on the National Trails website, you can cycle, walk, or even try horse riding while making the most of the stunning views.

 Indoor exercises

And for those sudden, British summer downpours? Mix outdoor with indoor sports for a workout plan that isn’t ruined by the weather. One of the most popular indoor activities to do with close friends is spinning. It’s an excellent way to blow off steam, get your heart pumping and improve your overall fitness – the perfect way to de-stress after a day at the office. Spinning will also strengthen your calves and thigh muscles, helping you to tone up at the same time as getting fit. Feel like something more relaxing? Yoga is an exercise that aims for strength and flexibility, while at the same time boosting physical and mental wellbeing. It has the added benefit of being easy to practice at home if you want to avoid paying for classes – simply invite your friends, spread out, and relax together. 

Want to try something more exciting?

Bored with the usual routine? Try one of our boot camps. Over the years, we have perfected the art of combining various types of exercise with unforgettable experiences. Just one of our accomplishments is our Portugal Health, Fitness & Juice Retreat in the Algarve. Enjoy the novelty of starting off your day with a nature hike, spending your afternoon cooling off while playing water sports, and reward yourself in the evening with a nice relaxing massage. Eager to get started? Contact us now for more information.