Family-Friendly Fitness Activities to Boost Your Wellbeing This Spring

Family-Friendly Fitness Activities to Boost Your Wellbeing This Spring

18 April 2019

Regardless of whether or not you're worried about a particular member of the family's fitness, it's just a great idea to get, or stay, healthy together. Many forms of exercise, especially when practiced regularly, can become very individual, albeit positive, experiences. However, there are plenty of ways for whole families to tackle their health together – without resorting to tackling one another on the pitch! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Don't tell the kids, but it's a walk

Yes, that horrendously dull activity that means being out of the house and out of Wi-Fi range for entire, anxiety-spurring hours at a time. Walking works practically every muscle group, helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular and respiratory system, and doesn't feel as strenuous as many other activities.

Throw in a few incentives, promise some incredible social media pics, or turn it into a game with a fitness tracker, and package the activity to prevent the kids knowing what it is until it's too late.

Synchronise your movements

With so much screen time in modern life, and streaming services delivering individualised entertainment, it can be dangerously easy to spend time apart, even when the family is together.

Look out for local dance classes with a difference, like this class, where participants mimic the infamous dances in video game series Fortnite, and turn it into a competition for best or worst dancer in the family. No doubt you'll end up taking one of those titles home with you at the end of the session!

Take a holiday with a difference

How about combining a holiday with your family-friendly fitness activities, too? Being suddenly whisked away to sunny climates or seaside resorts will make the actual 'work' of your family's workouts go unnoticed.

Specialist holiday companies like Prestige Bootcamp offer a wide range of packages specifically designed to combine all the magic of a holiday with all the health benefits of a fitness programme. You can find holiday bootcamps in both the UK and some of the most luxurious resorts in Europe.

HIIT it at home

If you already work out regularly, you'll be familiar with High Intensity Interval Training already, either from feeling its intense effects or watching somebody go crazy at the gym.

However, you can just as easily do your own HIIT workouts at home, either indoors or out. While certainly exhausting, by performing these short bursts of high activity, you can get a really good idea of how fit you and your family with just a few sessions. Then, you'll get an idea of whether you all need to take more exercise.

Take a chance on your activities

Not on your fitness, though, obviously. If there are members of your family who simply don't want to get involved, then give them a chance to do what they want, too. Choose a time of the week when you're all together, and write down several fitness-boosting activities.

Let the more lethargic family members choose their own favourite family activities, too (even if they involve pizza), and pick one out of the hat, every week, until they're all done. It might take slightly longer for everyone to get fit, but you'll all get a taste of what you love – and you'll be doing it together.