Fitness tips that make you excited to work out

Fitness tips that make you excited to work out

18 December 2017

We know that sometimes it can be tough to motivate yourself to work out, especially in the colder winter months. However, if you want to reach your fitness goals, it’s important to stick to a routine that’s not only effective but that you enjoy. Here are some tips to make you excited to get going.

Train with a friend

Choosing a friend to be your workout partner comes with huge benefits. That is, as long as you choose someone who has the same fitness goals as you. Scheduling a gym session or a fitness class with a friend not only makes you feel more obliged to stick to your plans but motivates you to push yourself harder. This is especially true if you choose a friend who is stronger or faster than you. A workout buddy will distract you from something other than your workout routine, making time in the gym go a lot faster than if you were running on the treadmill alone.


Think about your goal

Sometimes keeping your goal in mind is the best way to stay motivated. The trick is to create a goal that’s realistic, attainable and measurable. Whenever you feel like skipping the gym, think about your goal and how good you’ll feel when you achieve it. One of the best ways to stay focused is to take monthly measurements and progression photos that allow you to see the progress you’re making physically.


Attend a new fitness class

Use your new found goals to attend a new fitness class. Whether you choose kickboxing, aerobics, yoga or fitness boot camps, a fitness class will allow you to keep your workouts social, so you’re much more likely to have fun and see exercise as less of a chore. Choosing a class where you have to book a place and pay up front will motivate you to attend as to not waste money or let the instructor down.


Make a gym playlist

Sometimes all you need to push you out the door and to the gym is the right song. Make a playlist for your cardio workouts, your strength training, and your cooldowns, and you’ll be in the right mood for all of your routines. Go to your music library and choose songs that energise you and make sure that you mix up your playlist every few weeks so that it’s always fresh and new.


Reward yourself

When you stick to your goals, it means that you can reward yourself with things that you enjoy. This might be something like your favourite meal, a new outfit or even a weekend away. Make sure to keep your rewards and incentives in line with your overall fitness goals. So if you want to lose weight, don’t make a night of fast food your reward for attending the gym enough times that week.


Make motivation a daily discipline, and we guarantee that you’ll find it much easier to power through on the days that curling up on the couch seems much more appealing.