Five Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Before an Event

30 December 2009

An approaching event or season can provide an amazing motivational boost for those wishing to shed a few pounds before it arrives. Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, school reunion, family gathering, work function, Christmas party season, bikini season or anything requiring a new outfit, it's only natural to want to look your best, especially if you'll be bumping into people you haven't seen for a long time.

Of course, how you go about losing weight all depends on how much notice you have. We've put together a bunch of tips for losing weight based on how far away your event is. We hope you'll be looking and feeling great at your next big occasion!

Advanced notice

It's easy to lose weight before an event that you know about well in advance. Things like bikini season and Christmas parties happen at the same time each year, so you'll always know when to start preparing. Our top five tips:

  1. Set a goal and a time plan. You have plenty of warning for these types of events, so decide how much you want to lose and spread it out over how many months you have.
  2. Once you know how much time you have to reach your set goal, make a fitness committment. Whether you decide to become a gym member, take up jogging or join a team sport, plan to exercise 3 or 4 times a week.
  3. Eat healthy food. Try to cut down on the junk while you reach your goal. Having said that, you should still treat yourself to a treat once a week.
  4. Monitor your achievements. Weigh yourself and track how you're coming along with your weight loss each month. If you've reached a plateau try exercising for an extra half hour during the week or cutting down on unnecessary snacks.
  5. To keep things moving smoothly make exercise part of your everyday life. Try walking or cycling to work. Or at least try walking to a bus or train stop further away than your local one.

Medium notice

Some occasions provide plenty of notice, but it still only gives you a few months to lose weight, which can sometimes seem like not much time at all. Weddings, anniversaries and school or family reunions usually give the attendee between 3 to 8 months notice, which gives you a reasonable amount of time to lose some weight. Our top five tips:


  1. Determine your goal weight based on how much time you have. Be realistic about how much you can lose in a short space of time. It's not healthy losing too much weight at once, so choose something safe and reasonable.
  2. Start exercising. It's often not worth joining a gym if you only want to use it to lose weight for an event. Look into it if you see yourself doing it long term, but if not, take up something free such as jogging, walking or cycling.
  3. If you generally eat more than what you burn in a day you'll have to change your diet slightly to reach your goal. Try eating healthy meals and avoid too many carbs at night. One of our favourites is grilled fish with vegetables.
  4. Instead of crisps or chocolate, try to eat healthy snacks such as fruit, low fat yoghurt or carrot and celery sticks.
  5. Keep track of your achievments so you don't run off course. If you're not getting closer to your goal try exercising for an extra hour per week.

Short notice

It can be frustrating if you've been indending to lose weight and then find out about a work function, birthday party or other major event with less than two months notice. Try to think of it as extra motivation though! It's not healthy to lose too much weight in such a short time frame, but you can shed a few sneaky pounds so that you'll fit more comfortably into your party wear. Our top five tips:


  1. Cut out unhealthy food. It's great treating yourself to a big meal or chocolate bar every now and again, but if you want to lose weight in a short space of time you'll have to cut back (at least until the event is over anyway!).
  2. Create a fitness plan and exercise four times a week for at least half an hour per session.
  3. Enrol in a fitness boot camp. If you've got the time off work, Prestige Boot Camp offer an amazing way to lose weight, get fit and begin a healthier lifestyle. In just one week you could lose between 8 and 12 pounds. A perfect amount before your big event.
  4. Enjoy a glass of wine if you must, but try to cut back on drinking. Think of it as saving yourself for the big occasion.
  5. Make these changes for life. It's all good and well losing some weight before an event, but try to maintain your healthy lifestyle so you won't have to stress about the next event!


Good luck!