Five More Effective Lifestyle Changes Than Joining Slimming World

Five More Effective Lifestyle Changes Than Joining Slimming World

30 August 2019

Not to discount one of the UK’s most successful weight loss brands and initiatives ever (it is certainly an option!), but it’s not the only beneficial lifestyle change you could make right now. While the group meetings and social side of Slimming World are certainly beneficial, plus the prospect of a weekly weigh in encouraging you to keep up the good work – here are five other routes you could follow right now.

Join A Walking Or Running Club

First of all, this doesn’t mean training for a marathon, and it won’t require you to spend weekends away up mountains. With positive initiatives like Park Run operating nationwide, most towns have a local circuit or groups of like-minded individuals taking a little exercise at least once every week, together. It still involves leaving the house for activity, and although no diet plans are involved, you’ll find that you walk or run more comfortably, the healthier you eat (and you can also weigh yourself in privacy!).

Make Fitness Fun

Fitness trackers and apps can instantly make your diet and fitness plans a little more ‘game-oriented’, with or without the online communities attached to them. You can set yourself goals, monitor progress, and work towards inbuilt badges and trophies as you progress. Tracking your food can also show you exactly what you’re eating – and you may realise that Slimming World’s ‘free’ foods, including pasta and chicken, can certainly add weight to your calorie consumption

Take A Different Kind Of Holiday

What do you normally do on your breaks from the day-to-day? Eat, drink and relax? With specific, fitness-focused holidays becoming ever more popular, you can easily and cost-effectively combine a genuine retreat from your routine, with a lifestyle change to inspire you for the next 50 weeks of the year. Fat Camp from Prestige Bootcamp is one of many holidays you could take that would see you healthier upon your return, than you were when you left. You could also scan the online travel agents for walking holidays, cycling holidays, and incredible luxury locations to go swimming.

Improve Your Focus With Meditation

Now, this may not appear to be a substitute for Slimming World initially but bear with me. The ancient practice of focusing your attention can help to reduce stress and subsequently lower blood pressure, while helping you to cope more effectively with stressful stimuli. So, how this affects your own weight loss journey is initially by helping you cope with pressure and challenge, without resorting to comfort eating. However, beyond that and long term, you will become more aware of how your thoughts can influence actions, and less susceptible to veering off track in your goals, weight loss included.