Fruit and Veg Currently in Season

Fruit and Veg Currently in Season

23 June 2016

Summer is upon us, which means a few tasty morsels are coming back into season. These fruit and veg are the basis of some really delicious, healthy dishes you can make at home. Look out for these at your grocer - and make sure they're fresh.



The fast-growing vegetable goes well with custard, but why not try it with some coconut yoghurt for a delicious healthy alternative. When picking rhubarb, remember to go for firm stalks - floppy means it isn't fresh. Rhubarb crisps are an easy, healthy dessert to make as a snack or to serve friends.


It can be all too tempting to have these with cream, but strawberries can do a lot of good for your body without it and they're delicious as they are. Try making a strawberry gazpacho for a sweet spin on a savoury favourite. Strawberries also make a great salsa when combined with avocado.


Carrots are a great substitute for bread sticks or crisps. For a light snack, grab your dip of choice, cut some small stalks of carrot for dipping. They also make a really tasty juice. For those looking to clear toxins out of their body, carrot juice does wonders.


Kiwis aren't great as a hand fruit, but they add an extra burst of flavour to any fruit salad. The kiwi also makes for a pretty tasty drink when turned into a juice, smoothie or a mint julep.


Summer is the best time for garden pod peas. You don't need to look as hard for the fresh, non-frozen variety of garden peas and you can make a wealth of great meals that don't rely on the peas being mushy. Try making a pea and asparagus soup for lunch - adding a poached egg for your dose of protien.


Asparagus is back in season, and can create lots of wonderful meals as a snack or main meal. Why not try asparagus with some grilled salmon and a poached egg for a light healthy summer dinner.


Broccoli doesn't have to be something many of us turn our noses up at, it makes for a delicious bisque soup! Make sure you aren't boiling the broccoli for too long; that's what takes away all of its flavours and nutrients.


Spinach, as well as lettuce, is in season again, and aren't we happy about it! Spinach is so versatile and can be eaten raw or cooked, create a summer salad with some spicy avocado. Or with those carrot sticks you've created, you could create a healthy spinach dip - delicious!

Spring onions

The spring onion is a wonder food that has a very positive impact on your body. They work great as a compliment to a meal - be it in a vegetable soup or a stir-fry. They're also a common component in Asian cooking, we particularly like them in a light soup, such as Pho. 


Eat fresh fruit and vegetables whenever possible. We love to eat seasonally, it's by far the healthiest option packed with natural nutrients.