Have your weight loss efforts stalled? Possible ways to break the deadlock

Have your weight loss efforts stalled? Possible ways to break the deadlock

11 December 2018

Is there anything more frustrating than running into a weight loss plateau? Well, yes, there probably is, but it’s very disheartening nonetheless. When you’ve put in all that effort, ridden the many ups and downs along the way, and yet still been confronted with a weight loss wall, you have every right to be frustrated. But don’t give up just yet – not that you would be here if that was even in your nature. There are a number of simple ways you can break through the deadlock and turn this temporary plateau back into tangible progress.


Mix it up and stay motivated

Whatever your trusted, go-to exercise and diet regime has been to get you to where you are, it’s time to try something else.  The hard work you’ve put in so far has worked – with devastating effect. You’ve forced your body into being more efficient as it processes the food you’ve prepared, and tackled the workouts you’ve thrown its way.

An unanticipated reason our weight loss efforts stall is actually because we’ve become fitter. However, you can easily trick your body into change again – by simply switching to a different exercise routine or mixing up your diet. Your body will inevitably adapt again – but, next time, you’ll know what to do and you’ll be even fitter to face it head on.

Check your calorie intake

This is an obvious one, and may have been on your mind for a very long time, but it’s still essential all the way to achieving your weight loss goal – and beyond. It’s simple that eating fewer calories than you burn will result in weight loss, but what’s lesser-known is that too few calories can actually slow down the metabolism.

Essentially, your body needs fuel in order to burn fuel, so check that you’re giving it enough to keep going. You could also consider reducing your intake of fat or carbohydrates, or look into counting your macronutrients, if you’re looking to stimulate weight loss with your diet.

HIIT: a four-letter acronym that pays

HIIT, we’ve all heard of it. It has been claimed that three minutes of high-intensity interval training can be as effective as half an hour in the gym, but why?

What actually happens to our body when we perform repeated, short bursts of all-out-action exercise is that we quickly deplete the glycogen stores in our muscles, tricking the body into burning fat for energy. The trickiest part of HIIT, however, is getting it right.

Especially when our mindset has been affected by a disappointing plateau, it pays to get the form and action just right with this exercise. Boot camps are great options for improving your form and mentality.

Far from taking you back to the start of your weight loss journey, a fat camp can see you once again engrossed in galvanising your resolve and getting right back on track in your journey. We run camps in various UK settings as well as Spain and Portugal so that you can make a pleasing change of scenery.