Healthy Smoothies for a Quick Energy Boost!

Healthy Smoothies for a Quick Energy Boost!

3 February 2016

January is always a tough month and getting back into the swing of things after Christmas can be tiring. So, we've got some tips to get your energy back up and running this February! A lack of energy is often down to diet; here are some succulent smoothies that we would enthusiastically recommend you regularly sip to meet your energy needs.

Banana and almond smoothie

Bananas are highly favoured among many people who regularly engage in exercise; they bring more balance and stability to energy levels, helping people to keep going for longer. And, if bananas can be that beneficial for highly active people, you know that this particular smoothie is going to be hard to beat as an energizing drink. The almond accompaniment, meanwhile, provides a good dose of protein.

The ingredients you need for this smoothie are a frozen banana, 2-4 ice cubes, 2 tablespoons of why protein, a tablespoon of lime juice, a non-fat Greek yoghurt, a small handful of almonds and some almond milk. Simply blend all of these ingredients in a blender until smooth, and the smoothie is yours to drink!

Yoghurt and grapefruit smoothie

Avid yoghurt consumption is good for getting a generous energy supply, thanks to the substantial intake of B vitamins. Plus, this yoghurt smoothie is packed with various other ingredients that are reliable sources of energy - including pumpkin seeds, kale, nuts and grapefruit. You shouldn't overlook the good protein content, either.

To make this smoothie, start by gathering together all of the necessary ingredients - so, that's a tablespoon of raw organic almond butter, a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, a cup of organic kale, half a pitted and peeled avocado, half a cup of grapefruit juice, half a cup of Greek yoghurt, and some water. Blend all of these ingredients, bar the water - which you should instead later add to the blended drink.

Enjoy smoothies as part of an overall healthy diet

Helpful though these smoothies can undoubtedly be for keeping your body well-energized, you mustn't overlook the importance of sticking to a diet that, nutritionally, is firing on all cylinders. Join one of our weight loss retreats and you can enjoy our diet food delivery service, through which you can consume a greater amount of healthy, unprocessed food - including, if you like, smoothies! Click here to learn more about the food on offer.