Holiday Destinations That Will Be Kind On Your Waistline In 2019

Holiday Destinations That Will Be Kind On Your Waistline In 2019

18 April 2019

By the end of last year, Britain had waved "bye-bye" to the 18-30 holiday package, following almost 50 years of packaged partying and hedonism. With even younger holidaymakers now favouring more physically and mentally rewarding travel experiences, becoming healthier has established itself firmly as an attractive pursuit for people who choose to travel. If you are part of this growing trend, here are several destinations that will reward you around the waistline.

Head to the Med

If you want to follow in the footsteps of many an 18-30 tourist before you, southern Europe is still an ideal place to tread, even for the health-conscious.

Cities like Lisbon, Barcelona, Athens and Venice will require you to put in a lot of footwork as you explore, while the Mediterranean diet is rich in all the macronutrients your body craves. Go easy on the pizza, cream sauces and alcohol, and you’ll return home not only feeling invigorated but also visibly healthier.

Indulge in Asia

The longevity of the Japanese has long been attributed to their diet of fish, seafood, whole grains, vegetables, tofu and rice. To the western palate, this combination of foods can seem a little bland. However, food is so intrinsic to culture and community that the careful preparation involved serves up edible, healthy works of art.

Thai cuisine offers more flavour, and also traditionally involves a lower quantity of meat than the western diet. Holidays across Asia will see you and your hard-working legs explore hills, mountains and remote temples.

Savour Scandinavia

You will begin to notice a trend in healthy food consumption here. The Nordic diet rarely involves red meat and animal fats, and is also low in game, eggs, cheese and yoghurt. Sugar, processed meats and refined foods are also practically nonexistent.

With Scandinavia offering so many breathtaking sights to take in, you'll spend your mornings and days incredibly active, while your nights will be full of heart-healthy, nutrient-rich foods you may not have experienced anywhere else.

Healthy in Hawaii

With their farm land limited, the Pacific islanders have a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish. Similar to Japanese cuisine, the freshly-caught produce is often served raw in local delicacies known as "poke bowls".

Hawaii is also the one place on the planet where the acai berry superfood is part of the staple diet, so the acai bowls must also be savoured. There is also a strong western influence on the cuisine here – and, with beautiful beaches galore, you'll need to watch that you don't relax too much while you're away.

Bring on the boot camp

However, if you prefer a little more structure to your holiday health regime, why not try one of the many weight loss camps available throughout the UK and Europe? It's a great way to keep your waistline trim; the average weight loss of visitors on Prestige Boot Camp's weight loss holidays is nine pounds per week.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that healthy eating will come as standard when you choose to take part in this increasingly popular holiday trend.