How can Juicing Holiday Help you Lose Weight

How can Juicing Holiday Help you Lose Weight

27 April 2017

If you’re on a mission to lose weight, then you may be tempted to try every fad diet in the book. However, if you want to lose weight quickly, safely and healthily, then you should consider juicing for weight loss at one of our Portuguese health retreats, where all of your meals, snacks and drinks are prepared by one of our world-class trainers and dieticians. Below, we’ve put together everything you need to know about juicing holidays.


1.It can detox and cleanse your body


Some dieticians and experts claim that juice diets can leave you feeling more energised, boost your immune system, help improve your skin and reduce the risk of illnesses and diseases thanks to juicing's detoxifying and cleansing properties. Simply put, replacing bad food in your diet for healthy anti-oxidising juices, your body will be healthier and cleaner – and you'll feel the physical and physiological benefits as a result.


2.It fills you with minerals and vitamins


Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways of staying healthy and giving your body the nutrition it needs, but waiting for your body to digest these foods takes time. With juicing, you're pouring goodness into your body, so you'll feel the effects of such minerals and vitamins almost immediately, leaving you feeling healthier without the bloating that's often associated with eating unhealthy and processed foods.


3.It reduces your calorie intake


By ensuring you're in a calorie deficit – in other words, consuming fewer calories than you burn – you'll be able to lose weight. As most juicing diets take out solid foods entirely, you can expect to consume 500-1,500 calories on a juicing diet a day, which will result in a calorie deficit and help you lose weight quickly – at least temporarily.


Of course, juice diets are temporary fixes, so when you do lose the weight from your diet, you need to work hard to keep it off by maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly. When you attend a boot camp through Prestige Boot Camp, our dieticians and trainers will provide you with a personalised diet plan that you can follow when you’re back home.


4.It reduces your cravings


When you're on a juicing diet, you won't be able to eat unhealthy or processed food that can make you put on weight. One of the biggest benefits of juicing, however, is that you feel full and content, even though you're only consuming fruit and vegetable juices. As your body will be filled with detoxifying minerals and nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet, you're likely to see a reduction in cravings – especially for processed or sugar-rich foods.