How exercise can improve your mood

How exercise can improve your mood

16 June 2017

When considering the sheer number of pharmaceutical products which are prescribed daily for conditions such as anxiety, distress, and depression, one of the simplest forms of therapy is frequently lost in the shuffle. This, quite simply, is exercise. It may seem obvious to some, and despite the reservations, one may have about its effectiveness, the evidence supporting its benefits is too strong to ignore. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the ways exercise can improve your mood and just how Prestige Boot Camp can give you the tools do so.


The Science of Exercise

Reports from the NHS claim that frequent exercise can reduce the risk of major illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes by up to 50%, as well as the risk of an early death by up to 30%. How about improving your mood? Exercise can also decrease the chances of depression by up to 30%.

How does this work? During exercise, the body releases something called endorphins. These are chemicals which reduce your perception of pain when they interact with the receptors in your brain. Our tailor made programmes are designed to help you achieve your body’s absolute potential, and get those endorphins interacting with your brain as much as possible.


One of the major reasons people exercise, and take such enjoyment from it, is because of how much it improves their self-esteem. When you have exhausted your body and know that you have pushed yourself to your physical limits, it is impossible to not feel a sense of pride at remembering what you can accomplish. This can also be an ego boost. That’s not a bad thing though. You should be proud!

Aerobic exercises particularly can boost the production and the release of serotonin in your system. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, or a chemical messenger, which passes between nerve cells. It is commonly linked with feelings of happiness and a sense of wellbeing. This isn’t restricted to fast moving exercises though, as exercises such as yoga and meditation have also been proved to release serotonin. Our Somerset Health Retreat, for instance, focuses on bootcamp exercises such as boxing, circuits, and hikes, which all massively boost the release of serotonin.


Exercise can also improve your mood by providing escapism. By changing your environment, you are providing your brain with fresh challenges, allowing you to expand your mind and learn to tackle issues from a different angle. You are also giving yourself the chance to break away from the cycle of negative thinking that can feed depression and anxiety.

Meditative exercises such as yoga allow you to re-evaluate by employing simple breathing exercises. Think of your mind as a radio. Yoga helps you to block out the white noise and tune into a different station. Yoga has been highly encouraged by leading health specialists, with many claims that the benefits of yoga include the reduction of heart rate and blood pressure, as well as easing anxiety and depression.