How to achieve the right mindset for your weight loss boot camp

How to achieve the right mindset for your weight loss boot camp

2 January 2018

Weight loss can be tough, and if you don’t have the right mindset, it can be even tougher. A lot of people who are trying to lose weight will have a bad state of mind, jumping into crash diets and over the top exercise plans that they believe will reap immediate rewards. Unfortunately, this is not how to succeed, and instead, you’ll lose sight of your goals and diminish your health. Here are some tips to shift your attitude to achieve a healthier, more effective weight loss.

Banish negative thinking

It might be easier said than done, but banishing negative thoughts can greatly increase your chances of succeeding. When negative thoughts start to creep in, think about all of the things you’re thankful for. Research has proven that people who write down three positive things each day eventually become more optimistic and suffer less from stress. Another way to think positively is to practice mindfulness meditation, a technique that allows you to become aware of your senses and assess your state of mind. 

Rethink rewards

Healthy choices are a huge part of self-care because the more healthy choices you make, the better you’ll feel. In this case, it might be worth rethinking the rewards you may have set yourself when you reach your goals and the ‘punishments’ you’ve identified if you don’t. For example, a lot of people tend to see food as a reward and exercise is a punishment. This is an unhealthy approach because we need both of these things to feel our best. Instead, try to focus on reaching your goal as a reward in itself.

Avoid stepping on the scale

Yes, you’re trying to lose weight but stepping on the scale can be a huge hindrance to your progress. A lot of people associate the scale with fear and dread which in turn leads to self-destructive actions. Don’t let the number on the scale define your worth. Instead, take monthly measurements to determine your progress.

Focus on your goals

You should never set goals that aren’t attainable. For example, if you’re someone who’s never set foot in a gym before, it might be an unattainable goal to expect to spend an hour on the treadmill. Write down the goals that you wish to achieve and ways that you can achieve them at a pace that suits you. If you end up pushing yourself too far, the likelihood is that you’ll tire yourself out and end up reverting back to your old ways. Weightloss boot camps can help you achieve your goals in a positive, friendly and encouraging environment.


Either before or after your workout, take some time to focus on your breathing. As with mindfulness meditation, this can help you to connect to your body and focus on what really matters. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds before exhaling through your mouth for six seconds. Place your hand on your stomach and feel it rise and fall.