How to Create a Diet Plan for the New Year

How to Create a Diet Plan for the New Year

12 December 2016

Among many New Years' Resolutions you could set, if you're out of shape, perhaps the best would be to draw up a new diet plan for the year.

After all, your weight is hugely reliant on your diet  - arguably even more so than on your exercise regime - and so forming an effective diet plan could be the best move you ever make to shift that excess weight. Plus, forming such a plan is more simple than you might expect.

Calculating calories

Though sophisticated fitness aims, such as building muscle, call for similarly advanced diet plans, let's start by assuming that you have too many inches of stomach fat and so your immediate aim is simply to lose that fat. To do this, you need to consume less calories than you are currently taking in. More specifically, you need to adopt a calorie deficit of about 20% less than your maintenance caloric consumption.

So, what's your maintenance caloric consumption? There are many ways in which you can estimate this, but perhaps the most speedy and simple is to multiply the number of pounds that you currently weigh by 14 and 18. Your maintenance level is likely to be somewhere between the two resulting numbers. If you already exercise a lot or have a fast metabolism, the level will probably be higher within that range, while it will perhaps be at the lower end should your situation be the exact opposite.

Adding the finishing touches to your diet plan

Eating 20% less calories than your maintenance amount is crucial because doing so leads your body to burn its stored fat to satisfy energy needs. Now that you have your maintenance amount as a figure, you can calculate 20% of that figure by multiplying it by 0.20. So, if the figure is 2500, using that sum leaves you with 500, which you can then subtract from the original figure to reach 2000 - the actual number of calories you should be daily eating to maintain a caloric deficit.

Now, you just have to keep track of the caloric content of the food and drink you eat. It is, of course, also worth considering the other nutritional content of what you consume - and we at Prestige Bootcamp can directly assist you in that aim. After you have spent a stay with us, we can give you a flexible plan that meets crucial nutritional criteria.