How to keep on track of your fitness goals in the winter months

How to keep on track of your fitness goals in the winter months

30 November 2017

The winter months can wreak havoc upon your diet and exercise regime. Not only is it cold, but this may encourage you to hibernate at home instead of following through with your daily run or gym visit. Worse still, with the Christmas season approaching, your winter diet may encourage a little more indulgence than you are used to. The list below will aid you in remaining motivated in the face of winter adversity.


  1. Keep Inspired and Motivated


With the Christmas period looming ahead in the winter months, as well as plans being made for new year festivities, it can be difficult to remain focused on your own personal goals for your fitness and weight loss. Keep a diary to document your weight progress as well as to schedule your daily exercise routines.


  1. Let your trainers be your guide


If you are nervous about being on your own with your fitness goals during the witness period, do not be scared to seek out a trainer or join a weight loss retreat to help you remain motivated. Your trainers will help you figure out the best exercise regime, that will benefit your health and fit around your personal training goals. They may also introduce you to a number of new exercise techniques that you can mix and match to liven up your exercise schedule.


If you do not wish to seek personal training, why not consider joining an exercise class? Being around others may also inspire you to keep up with your exercise, as you will now be working within a team rather than on your own.


  1. Winter Sports and Snow Fun


During the winter season, you may think of indulging in some winter sports, such as skiing or ice skating, however these exercises may end up being quite expensive. Why not indulge in your fun side with your family and friend by having a snowball fight. This could lead to a loss of 319 calories. Even building a snowman can help you lose 285 calories. Remaining creative with your exercise regime may be difficult in the winter period, but by involving your family and friends, and your environment, you will be sure to make some creative ideas change up your normal excises schedule.


  1. Winter Indulgences


Now there is room for a little fun during the winter period, especially with indulging in drinks. Whilst it is not recommended to constantly indulge in fatty drinks, use the period as an excuse to mix up your diet with a seasonal warm drink. If you are feeling creative, you can even consider a Christmas themed drink with hot apple cider and cinnamon.  “Apple cider is a good source of vitamin C and iron,” thus there is always health benefits to trying new seasonal recipes. If you have kept with your diet and exercise regime during the day, you may even treat yourself to a hot cup of fat free hot chocolate. Do not forget to reward yourself for your efforts!