It’s Never Too Early to Get Bikini Ready: Here's Our Top 5 Tips

It’s Never Too Early to Get Bikini Ready: Here's Our Top 5 Tips

22 February 2016

Summer might seem a good few months away, but getting your body into good shape definitely calls for long term preparation.

Imagine showing off your stunning bikini body at the pool under the bright sun, then clue yourself up on the following tips with the aim of making that dream a reality.

Regularly drink water to keep yourself well-hydrated

Yes, we do mean water - not coffee or alcohol, which can actually leech water from your system. You will mentally benefit from often sipping from those bottles of mineral water, as the first litre of water you down in a day strictly fuels your brain. You can check that you are keeping yourself hydrated by regularly examining your urine; generally-speaking, it should be pale yellow in colour.

Seek expert help with improving your body

With good use of advice from fitness and body experts, you can avoid potentially hugely time-consuming trial and error in your get-fit pursuits. We at Prestige Boot Camp offer an enticing choice of fitness boot camps; these vary in both length and location, better enabling you to enrol on a program appropriate for your fitness level and to the backdrop of scenery that really excites you.

Stick to a healthy, nutritious diet

This is another area in which we can assist during one of our weight loss retreats. However, before you enrol, we'll provide some quick advice: limit your intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates, while ensuring that your consumption of meat, eggs, nuts and vegetables is high.

Follow a regular - and, crucially, enjoyable - exercise regime

There's a saying along the lines that a good diet will make you look good in clothes, while a good exercise regime will make you look good naked. The latter is clearly more desirable for when you get that bikini out, so think of what types of exercise you would especially enjoy, and then incorporate them into a broad exercise regime that you are confident you can stick with in the long term.

Exercise outside whenever and wherever you can

A big reason for the popularity of our boot camps is the array of beautiful environments, including those of Devon, Spain and Portugal, that they take place in. Still, before you even consider joining one of these retreats, you could be surprised by how much fresh air and pleasant rural scenery adds to your personal enjoyment of exercising outside.