It's not just about how you exercise, but where

It's not just about how you exercise, but where

11 December 2018

Exercising can be as fun or laborious as you want to make it. It’s often made easier and more enjoyable when you work out as part of a group, rather than alone. Although working out alone – whether that’s at a gym or outdoors – can allow you to feel more focussed and at one with your body, the success of your workout is all about where you exercise and whom you exercise with. There’s nothing wrong with working out alone, but your surroundings can help spur you on to succeed, with the successes visible in the results. This guide will explain the pros and cons of some of the places we exercise in, providing food for thought for your next workout session.


The Gym

According to statistics outlined in a 2017 Health and Fitness report, just under 10 million of us are members of a gym in the UK – that’s nearly 1 in 7 people across the nation!

Whether we’re all making the most of our memberships is a different story. A lot of us have a love-hate relationship with the gym, simply because it can seem like an intimidating place when you don’t feel confident in your body or fitness.

Gyms are accessible to all and feature a selection of modern equipment that makes it easy to work out core muscle groups, without a professional trainer. Additionally, many gyms now offer added fitness classes like spinning, yoga, and aerobics which provide a great social element to your work out that you wouldn’t necessarily get elsewhere.


Fitness Retreats and Holidays

If you’re not a regular gym goer or someone who has a healthy relationship with exercise, a fitness retreat can be a great way of blending getting fit with enjoying a wonderful holiday with great company. Prestige Boot Camp offer a selection of professional fitness retreats around the country and across the world that are perfect for meeting new people, while getting fit and learning more about exercise in the process.

These retreats provide exceptional nutritional advice for customers as well as allowing customers to take part in a range of enjoyable activities from swimming to running, cycling, kayaking, and more. With many retreats available throughout the world, you can even treat it as a holiday if you like. Retreats are available in sunnier climes like Marbella, as well as destinations closer to home in Cornwall. Whatever the destination you choose, you can guarantee that having a professional fitness expert spurring you on will have an exponential impact on the results of your fitness journey and dietary habits. It’s also a great way to make friends, too.


The Lone Runner

Many of us use running as a form of meditation, and to get some alone time before our hectic lives take over for the day. Whether you’re a lone treadmill user at the gym or you prefer to venture into the great outdoors, it’s proven that running can have great benefits for the mind, body, and soul. The fresh air and scenery allow thoughts to flow freely, enabling your heart rate to increase, endorphins to be released, and your body to get healthier.

Begin your fitness journey, today!