Our best tips to workout outdoors in the cold

Our best tips to workout outdoors in the cold

14 February 2017

Exercising outdoors comes with a great many benefits for your mind and your body.

Reported benefits include increased vitality, less stress and depression, plus a better vitamin D intake too. However, there are a few additional factors you need to consider if you’re planning on exercising outdoors.

If you want to complete your workout outdoors, especially during the winter months, then here are a few tips to keep you moving and keep you safe:

  • Check the weather

Look up a local weather report before you step outside. Pre-warned is prepared.  If it’s raining or snowing ensure you have appropriate clothing, if you don’t, consider delaying your workout.

  • Layer up

When exercising outdoors, layer up your clothing. Wearing multiple layers will keep you warm and lessen the risk of injury too.

  • Illuminate

Make sure you can be seen. Light fades quickly in the winter, and you may find yourself exercising in the dark. Wear high-visibility accessories such as bands, straps or a high-visibility jacket – to keep you safe and visible, even at night time.

  • Choose shoes that support

Your much-loved gym trainers might not be so suitable for running outside. Choose a shoe that gives you ankle support too, helping you to navigate uneven terrain and mitigating the risk of injury.

  • Remember the sun

Even in the winter, it’s still important to protect your skin, so don’t forget that all-important sun block. It’s amazing just how much you catch the sun on a cool, bright winter’s day.

  • Take a mobile

Make sure you can keep in touch and call for help if you need it – take your mobile with you - just in case.

  • Work out with a friend

Just like going to a gym, it’s good to work out with a friend when exercising outdoors. Not only are you more likely to stay motivated and keep up the exercise if you’ve pre-arranged it, but there is safety in numbers. 

  • Warm up

Never has a warm up been more important than when exercising outside, especially in cold weather. Step up your exercise gently; warming yourself from the inside out and you’ll mitigate the risk of injury.

  • Build up your exercise gently

Not used to exercising outdoors?  Then build up your exercise gently. What you can do on a treadmill in a gym, is not likely to equate to what you can achieve when running outside. Uneven terrain, such as a rocky path, takes a greater effort than you might anticipate. Build up your outdoor workout gently. 

  • Remember to hydrate

Even in the colder weather, it’s still important to keep hydrated, so make sure you take some water with you. If you’re planning a longer run or cycle, carry an energy-boosting drink with you.

We hope these hints and tips will help you get your outdoor workout underway. To kick-start your outdoor exercise regime; book your boot camp now