Our Top Christmas Juice Recipes!

Our Top Christmas Juice Recipes!

16 December 2016

You might already have a good idea of what foods you will tuck into this festive season – but what will you be drinking?

With the following Christmas juice recipes, you could make drinks that can help to get more fruit, vegetables and, ultimately, vital nutrients into you.


Ho Ho Holiday Juice


It’s easy to think of various foods that have strong associations with Christmas – like roast turkey, mince pies and chocolate logs. However, you might struggle to see how you can make drinks with a strong Christmas theme. Fortunately, All About Juicing has a good idea: stick to red and green juices!


Their website also lists recipes for various juice drinks that will adhere to this theme. These include what they call Ho Ho Holiday Juice. To make this, get 1-2 cups of cherries, pit them, and then juice them together with 2 cored apples. This will result in a rich burgundy-red juice.


Green Christmas Juice


Of course, to stick with the theme, you don’t want to serve solely red juices this Christmas. You need some green drinks as well – and here’s a nice, straightforward recipe for one! Get 3 apples – we would most recommend Granny Smiths – and 2 sticks of celery. Juice together all of those before drinking immediately. Though the juice will initially look light green, it quickly oxidises. Also, for an added festive touch, you could place a stick of celery in the juice-filled glass.


Apple Tea Drink


Our mention of apples for making green juice is unlikely to have particularly surprised you – and, indeed, for an especially strong flavour of apple, you could make this drink.


First off, will you be drinking this in the morning or at night? Prepare 6 ounces of black tea if it will be the former or the same measurement of decaf tea if the latter. You will also require 2 apples and a tablespoon of honey. Make your chosen tea before juicing the 2 apples. Then, add the apple juice and honey to the tea. You could provide a more Christmassy flavour by sprinkling some cinnamon on top. Now you’ve got a lovely nightcap or morning “opening presents” drink.


Warming Christmas Apple Cider


For this alternative apple choice suggested by Passion 4 Juice, start by using a saucepan to heat 2 litres of apple juice, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, half a teaspoon of nutmeg, 4 cloves, 1 cored and chopped apple, and 2 oranges that have been peeled and sliced into rounds. For 5 minutes, or until the mixture is hot, cook all of that over medium heat, all the while occasionally stirring. Then, strain the warm juice into individual mugs or a heatproof pitcher before garnishing with cinnamon sticks.


Red Tomato Cooler


This one is very red – there are no two ways about it. It’s straightforward to make, too – you just juice together 5 tomatoes, 1 peeled lemon, and a few sprigs of parsley. You could also complement the finished drink thanks to diet food delivery by ourselves alongside Better Body Box.