Powerful mindset tips to set you up for a healthier lifestyle

Powerful mindset tips to set you up for a healthier lifestyle

1 March 2018

Even if you tend to be depressive or sullen, you probably think you already know how to get healthy. After all, we are bombarded with useful tips all the time, right? We know that we should tuck into lean protein and vegetables and not go overboard with cake or alcohol.

However, if you are still struggling to fight the flab, it could actually be your negative attitude that is holding you back. Here are several ways in which you can mentally ready yourself for better health.

Don't take a draconian attitude to food

If you regularly enjoy a tipple when meeting up with friends, you could despair at the thought of having to leave those wine glasses the next time around. Except that you don't...

Success in enhancing your health doesn't have to entail going cold turkey - if you will excuse the inadvertent food-related pun - with what you eat and drink. You also shouldn't restrict your calorie intake too severely, as that will unhelpfully slow down your metabolism, The Telegraph warns.

Adopt the mantra of "I can!"

It's easy to deflect blame in a myriad of ways when you try to get healthier but keep stumbling. Maybe you are blaming aging for the loosening flexibility of your limbs or deem a slow metabolism at fault for that big blob of fat stubbornly sticking to your stomach.

However, if you want to dramatically change your life for the better, it starts with telling yourself that, yes, you can make that change - rather than just assuming you are bound by genetics or age.

What your body needs is love

Right now, you might often recoil when catching sight of your body in the mirror. However, loving your body as it is could prove a much easier task than you currently reckon.

Looking at your body, pick out things you actually like about it and then build from there. Note what your body can actually do, rather than what it can't. If you still have lingering concerns, you could replace them with more positive thoughts as you increasingly rewire your attitude.

Happiness: the greatest gift that you possess?

It looks like Ken Dodd is right to sing so enthusiastically about happiness. One reason why we encourage you to find ways of feeling perkier is that it can bring physical health benefits in itself.

There is actually backing for this from scientific research. Over 200 studies cited by CNN found happiness and other favourable psychological attributes to be associated with a lessened risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as healthier blood fat profiles and lower blood pressure.

Take issue with your own negative thoughts

CNN notes that a positive attitude can ease your maintenance of such healthy habits as regularly exercising and getting sufficient sleep, as you could perceive such behaviours as genuinely helpful.

So, if you find yourself thinking "I don't have enough time to exercise", see if you can rearrange your schedule before booking a place on one of our own fitness camps.