Set Targets for 2017 Now

Set Targets for 2017 Now

12 December 2016

With the New Year comes the age-old promise of kick-starting your diet and shifting some pounds

But the chances of maintaining a newfound healthy lifestyle after the first week of January are pretty slim without motivation and a solid plan. However, if you set your targets in advance and make some healthy life choices, it’s easy to lose weight and feel great in 2017.

Be realistic

According to new research, women tend to have unrealistic weight-loss expectations when they start a new diet, so buck the trend and find a realistic, achievable goal that won’t disappoint you. Whether that’s getting into your little black dress or losing six pounds in time for Valentine’s Day, being realistic makes sense – and it allows you to stay motivated throughout the process.

Organise a review

Schedule a ‘target appraisal’ for your body at the end of January. While you may be more familiar with such techniques at work, taking time out to analyse whether or not you’ve really worked hard on your body is a great motivation booster – and it gives you a goal and timescale to focus on.

Start early

You don’t need to wait until January 1 to start eating healthy and exercising more regularly. Despite weight loss being the most popular New Year’s Resolution, there’s no reason to be a sheep. Starting early will mean that you can enter the New Year with a clear head and a healthy attitude to life.

Think about Christmas celebrations                                                                                          

While you may want to treat yourself to the occasional mince pie and stuff your face with turkey on the big day, Christmas doesn’t have to be a time for over-indulgence. If you eat too much and don’t move during the festivities, you’ll have to work even harder to shift the pounds and get your body where you want it to be. Set diet goals at parties and celebrations, tell your friends and family that you’re trying to be healthy and don’t succumb to the biscuit tin.

Get away from it all                                                                                                                                           

Christmas is the time for relaxing with your friends and family and waving goodbye to another year, but life isn’t always that easy. Whether you’re busy working or you just haven’t had a chance to relax after spending December partying and eating too much turkey, getting away from it all and booking a break is a great way to kick-start your new lifestyle goals. The fitness boot camps at Prestige Boot Camp offer the perfect opportunity to relax, boost your diet and learn which exercises work best for your body. We can’t all afford – or find time for – personal trainers, so taking part in a boot camp is the next best thing, and is an excuse for an early 2017 holiday!

Improving your diet and fitness doesn’t have to be a challenge, and with the New Year just around the corner, now is the time to plan ahead. Set realistic goals, don’t overeat this Christmas and consider getting away from the grind with one of our fitness holidays.