Start your Post-Christmas Weight Loss Now!

Start your Post-Christmas Weight Loss Now!

16 December 2016

If you’ve eaten too much turkey and Quality Street this festive season, it’s understandable if you are now considering enrolling on one of our weight loss retreats.

They can certainly help – but you don’t have to wait until that course begins before you can start shifting that excess bulk. Here are several quick and easy tips for getting started sooner.


Make sure that you’re drinking the right amount of water


The next time you feel hungry, stop and consider whether you could actually just be thirsty instead. Many people can benefit from heeding this warning; some experts even recommend drinking a glass of the clear stuff before tucking into a meal. To make sure that your water consumption is at the right level, regularly look at your urine; it should be clear. Urine of dark colour is a sign that you’re not sufficiently hydrated.


Be patient and realistic about your weight loss goals


Rome wasn’t built in a day, so the saying goes – and, for this reason, you shouldn’t expect to gain your dream body so quickly, either. Okay, so you probably weren’t seriously expecting your weight loss efforts to take just a day – but, if you’re feeling impatient about losing the pounds, learn to relax and take the long term view. Aiming for unrealistic goals can just leave you regularly failing and feeling hopelessly frustrated. Besides, you’re more likely to keep that weight off if you lose it gradually; aim to lose about one or two pounds weekly.


Relax and relieve more general stresses of life


In fact, keeping general stress in check can be a good idea. That’s because not only could stress lead you to inadvertently eat more than you should, it could also prompt your body to release a hormone, cortisol, resulting in further storage of fat. You can relieve stress through such practices as yoga or meditation. You might have other ideas of what you could do to relax – which leads nicely onto our next point…


Regularly engage in exercises that you genuinely personally enjoy


Are there any particular exercises where, upon thinking of them, you immediately think “Wow – I’d love to do that”? Good – you should seriously consider engaging in those exercises regularly. Want to try swimming? Book a session at your local swimming pool once or twice a week. Like tennis? There could be some nearby tennis courts available for common use by the public.