Stay motivated to work out with these top tips

Stay motivated to work out with these top tips

21 July 2017

A lot of us struggle to stay motivated when it comes to our exercise routine, especially as the colder weather starts to creep in. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some tips to keep your motivation up no matter the time of year.

Try something new

Sometimes all you need to keep your spirits high is to try a new physical activity. Choosing an activity or sport that you know you’ll enjoy will make exercising a lot less like working out and a lot more like something you’re just doing for fun. Why not sign up for a class you’ve never tried before, such as Yoga or a Boot camp, or take a new and unexplored route on your daily jog? 


Set your own goals

Setting your own goals will give you something to work toward. The trick here is to be realistic as setting something unachievable will ultimately cause you to lose faith in your abilities. First, think about what it is that you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to train for an event? Whatever it is, you should set goals accordingly and have a way of knowing when you’ve reached them. That way you’ll be able to reward yourself, and that’s often the best part of exercising, right?


Be a team

Often, working out with friends can be just the motivational boost we need to get going. Research has shown that those who attend classes or go to the gym with a friend are more likely to push themselves harder than if they went alone. It may have something to do with the competitive element of keeping ourselves fit, but this is definitely a tip you should try if you struggle to motivate yourself to get up off the couch. 


Stick to a schedule

It might be easier said than done, but schedules are a great motivator when it comes to our physical wellbeing. Setting aside the same time each day to exercise will mean that it slowly becomes part of your normal routine and after a time, you’ll be struggling to change it. Of course, the best way to ease yourself into an exercise routine is to start slow so you might want to dedicate a little longer to your workouts as you start to get fitter.


Document your achievements

If you’re looking to shed those extra inches off your waist, the last thing you might want to be doing is taking photos of your wobbly bits. However, doing so will allow you to see just how much improvement you’ve made over the course of a couple of months or even weeks. Being able to clearly see changes will give you the kick you need to keep it up.


So, if you’re a regular couch potato, you should find some motivation in these tips we’ve provided. There are no longer any excuses to be sedentary, so what are you waiting for?