Staying fit on holiday: do's and don’ts

Staying fit on holiday: do's and don’ts

1 December 2017

Holidays are the perfect times to get away from the daily stresses of life and to reinvigorate your body and mind. However, for those on a diet, or have been dieting for their perfect beach body, it can be a period of indulgence. Many allow their hidden sugar monster to be unleashed and their exercise regimes to be thrown to the wind. These are the do’s and don’ts of a holiday to avoid any traveller from forgetting about their fitness and health regime.

  1. Only diet if you intend to stick to it

Unless you are planning on taking a holiday to a weight loss boot camp, then only diet on holiday if you truly wish to stick to it. If you are not fully dedicated to keeping up your fitness and health regime, there is a chance of it spoiling your holiday. You may also find it difficult to return to your previous health regime back when you return home. It is best to set realistic goals while you are on holiday to avoid any disappointments or excuses for avoiding your diet.


  1. Plan your diets and weight loss

Holidays tend to be times of indulgence and relaxation. Thus, it can be very easy to fall out of your exercise pattern when left without a schedule. Try not to leave your schedule thinking until the last minute.  This may overwhelm you and interfere with any plans that you have while exploring your holiday destination. This may also mean that when you are faced with the temptation of a surprise meal (or dessert), you may not be able to resist. Instead, prepare a holiday diet with a diet diary, or even make plans to visit the local markets for some healthy food. You may even consider exercising in the morning with a run to discover local life and streets of your destination. Exercise and exploration can be rolled into one exciting holiday package.


  1. Use tropical life to your advantage

While holidays do provide tempting cuisine to nibble upon; you may find yourself inspired by your unfamiliar environment. Whether your holiday entails visiting a beach, a forest or river, let the tranquillity of the environment be your guide for either your yoga, stretches or gentle jogs. The rural environment may also provide you with the opportunity to rid yourself of technology and let yourself have a moment to think of yourself and your weight loss potential.  Use the opportunity to take some time for yourself so that you can feel refreshed and ready for the next exercise hurdle. The peace and quiet can do wonders for your mentality.


  1. Try not to overindulge

Whilst you should not completely avoid fatty foods and cocktails, try not to overindulge in too many treats whilst you are away. You will only feel as if you have “cheated” upon your diet and may even simply make you wish to stop altogether. A holiday is only a temporary rest from your previous schedule. Try not to fall out of It completely, or you may have trouble falling back into it when you return home.